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Brixham C of E Primary School Policies

Our School Policies are available to download below.
Further Safeguarding documentation can be found on our Safeguarding Page.

Further SEND documentation can be found on our SEND Page.
Academy wide policies can be found here and documentation can be found here

If you would like papers copies, please contact the school office.

Acts of Collective Worship Policy_ Feb 2023

Admissions Policy 2022-23

Admissions Policy 2023-24

Admissions Policy 2024-25

Anti-Bullying Policy_ Oct 2025 

Attendance Policy_ Nov 2023

Behaviour Policy- Jan 2024

Behaviour Policy - Statement of Behaviour Principles - Jan 2024

Breakfast and After School Club Policy - May 2023

Behaviour Principles COVID addendum

Charges and Remissions Policy -Jan 2023

Complaints Policy - Dec 2022

Collection of Pupils Policy- July 2022

Coronavirus Visitor Agreement Sign In

Drugs and Substance misuse Policy _ 

Equality and Diversity Policy_ March 2023

Equalities Statement

Exclusion Policy _ Jan 2023_

Expected Behaviour of Parents/Carers and visitors - Feb 2024

Freedom Of Information - Nov 2022

Health and Safety Policy - July 2024

Health and Safety - COVID Addendum

Medication Policy - Feb 2024

Mobile Phone Policy_ June 2024

RHSE Policy_ Dec 2022

Separated Parents Policy_ Nov 2023

Supporting Children with Medical Conditions Policy_ November 2023

Volunteers Policy_ July 2022_ Under review 

Whistleblowing Policy_ May 2023

Safeguarding Policies

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy_ Sept 2023

Child Friendly Safeguarding Policy

Intimate Care Policy _ Oct 2023

Online Safety Policy - June 2024

SEND Policies

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Final

Operational Risk Assessment for School Reopening

Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment

Privacy Notices

Privacy Notice for Staff

Privacy Notice for Students

Privacy Notice for Visitors

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