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PE – Our content, aims and concepts

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Soccer Players

Sports Pupil Premium Plan 2020 - 2021

Sports Pupil Premium Plan 2022 2023

PE at Brixham

At Brixham, our aim is to provide a sports programme based on enjoyment, learning and performance. We encourage children to engage in a healthy lifestyle and understand the importance of physical activity.  Through Physical Education the children are given many opportunities to practice and display our school gateways such as citizenship, leadership, expression, exploration and flourishing. Our after school clubs and residential visits also allow opportunities to learn new sports and explore new ways of living healthy lives.

Our PE Curriculum aims to provide high quality PE for all children in line with National Curriculum guidelines. In Key Stage 1 pupils learn about Competitive games, Dance/Gymnastics, and Athletics. In Key Stage 2 pupils learn through Competitive games, Dance/Gymnastics, Athletics, Outdoor adventure activities and swimming.

Learning to Swim

Our children have regular swimming lessons in Years 3 to 6. We aim to develop the skills, understanding and knowledge necessary for pupils to become confident swimmers and safe around water. Swimming is great for fitness and an extremely sociable and fun leisure activity. We take this part of the curriculum given our proximity to the coast.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION – Examples of  KS1 PE Learning Experiences at Brixham (Photos coming soon)

PHYSICAL EDUCATION – Examples of  KS2 PE learning experiences (Examples coming soon)

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