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MFL – Our content, aims and concepts

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MFL at Brixham

Brixham C of E teaches French as its core modern foreign language. Pupils start with simple greetings and numbers in Key Stage 1 before starting the content of the Key Stage 2 curriculum. Staff use ‘Kapow’ to support them with their delivery and development of teaching MFL – which aligns with the our design of the MFL curriculum.


We also use the Primary Languages Network to support our teaching. This programme with French speaking teachers breaks down the four modalities of listening, speaking, reading and writing into end points for each of the four compulsory years of learning at KS2. French has also developed its own progression which aligns very effectively with our 3 concepts in languages.

FRENCH – Examples of French Learning Experiences at Brixham C of E Primary (Photos coming soon)

FRENCH – Examples of French Learning Journals (Examples coming soon)

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