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Design Technology – Our content, aims and concepts

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Design and Technology

At Brixham, our DT curriculum provides pupils with a first-hand understanding of the importance of design. Our progression model helps pupils develop practical skills and effectively joins the knowledge, skills, and attributes learned within school to wider society and the world of work. Our Design technology learning experiences are carefully planned to ensure we are building on previous knowledge and that children are increasingly developing their DT knowledge and skills. We begin developing these skills from the moment children enter our school. Our reception children understand how to 'plan, do review' their activities and in our construction areas there are always models being created waiting for the reviewer to give the 'approval' stamp! We are very fortunate to have a shared area where children can develop their cooking skills as part of our design technology curriculum. We ensure all pupils learn to cook at least twice a year, developing a range of cookery knowledge and skills.

DESIGN TECHNOLOGY– Examples of Design Technology Experiences at Brixham (Photos coming soon)

DESIGN TECHNOLOGY – Examples of Design Technology Learning Journals (Examples coming soon)

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