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Prayer, Spirituality, Reflections & Insights

Throughout all that we do at Brixham C of E, we encourage all of the children to be reflective, this is a golden thread throughout our curriculum. We reflect on both ourselves and the wonder of the world around us.


Prayer is an important part of daily life at Brixham C of E. It is a time to be closer to God. It is a time for us to express our thoughts and feelings and to talk to and listen to God. We have our own school prayers which we say together, but also encourage children to have their own prayers.



Spiritual development allows children to be aware of and comfortable with themselves and the world around them. Through our curriculum and character development we encourage all of our children to flourish and ‘live life in all its fullness'. We hope that when our children leave us they are healthy thinkers, caring citizens, curious explorers, knowledgeable participants, confident individuals and successful learners. We aim for all of our children to be empowered to understand themselves, others and the world around them, but also understand the positive difference they can make.


Reflections and Insights

In each of our classrooms, we have a ‘Reflection Area.’ Children are able to access these to think and pray. They are spaces for quiet and calm. Throughout the curriculum, children are also encouraged to think about ‘Insights’. These are where the children reflect on what they have learnt and think about how it makes them feel, or how it has changed their views. These may also prompt further questions and opportunities to wonder and dig deeper.

Class 6 Prayer

School Prayer

Spirituality Policy

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