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Collective Worship

Collective worship gives children at Brixham C of E the opportunity to gather together as a community to stop, celebrate, learn, reflect and share. It is an opportunity to rejoice our love of God and explore the Church of England’s vision for Education. Here we promote the Christian values and work together to empower our pupils to flourish allowing them to ‘live life in all it’s fullness’.

Through our school’s vision, gateways and values, we share a language that develops our children socially, morally, spiritually and culturally. Our school worships are an integral part of daily life, whether we are in our classrooms, our school hall, outside, in church or welcoming guests from near or far.

Each half term we focus on one of our school values, spending time unpicking what this means to each of us and how this can be developed and deepened. We link this closely with theology and use the Imaginor Roots and fruits to support this.

Acts of Collective Worship Policy - Oct 2026

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