Our Prefects



My name is Beth and I am one of the Brixham C of E year 6 Prefects. As part of this position I will make sure that everyone is happy and enjoys their time at Brixham C of E.

I hope that I got this role because I am kind and I enjoy making people smile. I also enjoy helping people with any problems that they may have and I am a good listener, so people can always talk to me.

My favourite subject at school is History. I enjoy this because I like learning about the world and all that has happened throughout the ages. I also enjoy Art and Painting because I can be creative.

I am a very honest person and I can talk to anyone with respect. I believe that everyone deserves to be heard no matter who they are and I can help others find their voice. I hope that I can help make everyone's week the best week possible so that they come into school on Monday mornings happy.

When I am at home I enjoy spending time with my family and our dog Bear. I also like listening to music and Swimming.



My name is Sienna and I have attended Brixham C of E Primary School since the age of 4. I have enjoyed every second of my experience and could not have enjoyed it without the support of my teachers, friends and other members of the school community.

I consider myself to be a kind, caring and positive person who will be a good role model to the younger children within the school. I will also ensure that I promote the school values wherever possible. I enjoy working as part of a team and I am thoroughly looking forward to my new challenge.

If you ever need to talk then I am one of the Prefects who you can always approach. I am a good listener and will always try to make you smile.



My name is Cailin and I am one of your new year 6 Prefects. As part of my role I will make sure you are happy and enjoy your time here and with me doing sports at Brixham C of E Primary.

Feel free to ask any questions and to talk to me. 

My favourite subjects are PE and Maths. I'm honest and I can talk with respect. I am glad to listen to new ideas.

In my spare time I like to play football and I play for Brixham AFC.



My name is Asia and I am one of the Year 6 prefects. As part of my role I will do my best to help you learn and enjoy your time at Brixham C of E. I really enjoy our learning experiences at school, they give me an opportunity to help and explore new ideas, but also to discuss them and build on my original thinking. I also love P.E.  I am honest and show compassion. I believe in and follow our school values and am excited about the opportunity to help others at school.



My name is Stanley and I am in year 6. I started Brixham C of E in year 3. I was very nervous but soon made lots of new friends.

I hope that by being a Prefect I can make the younger ones feel happy and help them where I can if they feel nervous.

In my spare time I play Rugby and I'm in the U11s team at Brixham which I really enjoy.

I also like to go to the skate park on my scooter and walking my Boxer dog Rocco.

I hope I can be a good role model for others.



Hello, my name is Bailey and I am a new Prefect. Before I joined C of E with my sister I went to a school in Torquay. When I started here in year 2 I was asked if I wanted to stay and I chose to stay until year 6.

I wanted to be  Prefect because i feel I can make people feel happy  and if they have time I can help.

I'm 10 and I am a healthy and sporty child.

I look forward to seeing you all at school.



My name is Byron and I have been at this school since year 4. When I looked around at this school I was nervous at first but later on I realised that this school was good for me. I have had the opportunity to do the stuff I enjoy, this has included fun activities and getting on with the children and teachers.

In my spare time I like playing football in the garden and watching TV.

I have chosen to be a Prefect because I believe that every child has a voice that should be heard all the time. I like to respect the school environment and let everyone do things that makes them happy.

I love recommending books to people because I hope they enjoy them as much as me.



Hello I'm Charlie. I am one of the new Prefects this year at School.

I became a Prefect because after 6 years at this school I am in a perfect position now to help you all have fun, play safely and enjoy the school as much as I have.

I love PE at school because I like keeping fit for Rugby and I get to run around and to burn energy.

I am honest, trustworthy and also very friendly - so if you ever need any help come and ask me.



My name is Sennen and I have been attending this school since the age of 4 years old and I am 10 now and I have enjoyed every single second.

Now I am a Prefect and I will do my role and I will make sure everyone is happy at this school.

Also I very much like cheering people up and making them smile. I am a good listener and like to help others if they have a problem.

In my spare time I am very adventurous and like spending time swimming in the sea with my family.



My name is Codei and I enjoy playing outside with friends. During lockdown I did play on my Xbox because I was able to still chat with friends and not feel so lonely.

I also play Rugby for Brixham Rugby Club U11s team. I am interested in the fishing industry as my Dad is a Fisherman.

When I leave school I don't want to work as a Fisherman, I would like to join the Army.

I really like paddle boarding with my friends which is really fun and I like Swimming in the Sea.



My name is Hedley. I have taken on this role because I'm ready to take on a challenge. I will use the school values to keep the game fair and fun.

I am the captain of my Football team and I am a good role model with a positive and responsible attitude. I hope to encourage others to like sport as much as I do.



My name is Haydn and I am a year 6 Prefect. I wanted to be a Prefect to help others.



My name is Sophia and I'm one of the Librarian Prefects.

I chose this role because I'm very passionate about books and I want others to be passionate about them too.

Growing up books have always been a huge part of my life.

I also enjoy Swimming, Writing, Cooking and Drawing.

I hope to start my Library duties soon and maybe see some of you there? 



My name is Olly and I have been at Brixham C of E Primary School since the age of 3. I have loved every single minute of it. My favourite subject at school is Maths and PE, I enjoy these subjects because I am good at both and I am confident with them.

When I am at home I like to play Football. I like walking my dog and spending time with my friends and family.



My name is Maisie and I am your new year 6 Prefect. I enjoy Forest School and I hope you will too.

My favourite subjects are Art and Science because you can make all kinds of fun and educational things. I really do hope you will enjoy it at the C of E?

I am loyal and shall talk to you if you need me.



Hi my name is Jade and I am a year 6 Prefect. I have decided to apply for this job because I think I am a good role model to younger children and I have a positive attitude to learning.

I like Art and Crafting new things. I also like Reading and Science.

I am there if you need to speak to someone if you are upset or if something concerns you.



My name is Clayton. I have attended Brixham C of E for all of my primary years.

I have always shown citizenship and I am compassionate.

If you need someone to talk to about something I'm always here.







My name is Finley and since I started school at Brixham C of E I have had a lot of experiences such as going to the Geopark on a steam train for a trip, Swimming lessons and doing Maths which is my favourite.

When I'm not at school I like to play football and going on bike rides.

I like looking after other people and making sure they are happy as I don't like to see people sad.



My name is Lucas and I am a year 6 Prefect. I am looking forward to this because it gives me the opportunity to explore new ideas and help others.