Our Prefects


Hello my name is Lexi and I am a School Prefect. I think I’m an inspirational role model to loads of children (I hope). I feel a standard Prefect should have these qualities:-




Friendly and Forgiving




The reason I feel I’m a good Prefect is because even without a badge I still feel I have all the qualities you’re looking for – thank you so much for reading this – bye.


My name is Robyn and I am one of your new Prefects. As part of this role I will make sure you are happy and enjoy your time at Brixham C of E Primary. I think that I got this role because I’m caring and helpful. Feel free to talk to me and I will not judge; I am easy to talk to. In my spare time I enjoy swimming, seeing friends and Sea Rangers, learning things about Space and drawing and colouring. I am honest and can talk to anyone with respect. I also enjoy making people laugh and smile. I believe everyone has a voice and that we all deserve to be heard no matter who you are. I am happy to listen to you all.


My name is Chloe and I have enjoyed my time at Brixham Primary so I feel like this is my opportunity to show more of myself. I am also a good listener and I am a good person to look up to. In addition, I am excited to work with Prefects around the School and help others along the way. During my time in Brixham C of E I have enjoyed learning about the planet and how we can all help save the environment which will save animals too. When I am at home I enjoy spending time with my family. I like going on walks with my Mum and my Dad and dog Bailey. I also enjoy going to see my horses Connie, Lizzie, Mario, Honey, Harry and Coco and enjoy seeing my family and animals every day.


My name is Amelia, I am 10 years old and am in year 6. Outside of school I like tending to my allotment and going on walks with my family and my dog. I enjoy being a prefect and show compassion at all times.


Hello, my name is Lois and I am a year 6 prefect. I am a good prefect because I like helping people and I show passion in everything I do. I live in Brixham and enjoy playing with my dog. I like swimming and bike riding. I enjoy doing art in my art room, especially painting.


My name is Cali, I live in Brixham and go to Brixham C of E Primary school. I am keen horse rider and have my own horse who I have to look after, this has helped me learn responsibility and taught me how to take care of others. In my role as a prefect I have to help take responsibility for making sure the school is a nice environment. As well as horse riding I love going on adventures with my dog.


My name is Henry Bowles and I am one of your new Year 6 Prefects. My favourite subjects are Science, Design and Technology and English. I enjoy learning and exploring new ideas. In my role as Prefect I will be here to help and support you. I am a good listener and like to help others. I believe we all have voices that deserve to be heard no matter who you are. I am excited and look forward to fulfilling this role and promise to do this to the best of my ability. In my spare time I enjoy being with my family, swimming with my Swimming Club and going on long walks.


My name is Billy and I am 11 and one of the new School Prefects. I live with my three brothers, Mum, Dad and my cute dog Bonnie. My favourite

hobbies include playing football, building Lego, watching football and walking to Berry Head with Bonnie.

I look forward to representing Brixham C of E in any way I can and helping the community thrive.


Hello – my name is Thomas, I have attended this School since Nursery and have had amazing opportunities and places to visit with our amazing School. I am sure that you will get these experiences too and will thoroughly enjoy them. In my spare time I like to represent Brixham and Torbay in sailing competitions and meet up with friends in both the virtual and ‘real’ world. I believe that I am a role model and can be used as an example in School. I pay attention to all parts of School (especially in lessons), I like to help others in School too so that they also feel safe and feel that they are a true part of our School community. I look forward to working with all of my fellow Prefects and teaching staff in the School and, most importantly, look forward to working with you.


Hi – my name is Grace and I’m one of your new Prefects. As a part of this role I will make sure that you are happy and enjoying your learning. I think I got this role because I have honest and friendly and I will be there if you need to speak about anything. I show compassion to all the School I possess a positive attitude. My favourite subject is English, especially writing to express the characters’ feelings. I’m really excited to be helping the Teachers to excite the children about learning. When I’m at home I like to be with my Dad and my brother watching the Simpsons or going to see my friend Taylor that lives close to me. I also like to call close friends for example Tyler, Mia and Ava. I enjoy making children laugh and smile. Once again my name is Grace and I am a new Prefect and I’m here for you.


I am Crystal and I am one of the prefects at school. Being a prefect is important to me because the whole school is like a family to me. I feel passionate about being a part of the community and helping people whenever I can. I really enjoy making loom bands, drawing and reading. At home I have lots of pets and enjoy walking my dog.



Hello, my name is Kacey and I am one of your new Prefects. I went to a School in Torquay before joining Brixham C of E. When I started Year 4, I was scared but for the rest of the day I was happy and made lots of friends. I was trying to get used to my class and the rest of the School. I am easy to talk to, if somebody is upset I would try to make them happy. My favourite subject in school is Art. I enjoy this because it gives me the opportunity to explore new ideas. I like Art because I can make my drawing skills better. Brixham is a nice little town full of decorations and also lots of nice restaurants. Brixham has lots of interesting places to visit. I have a brother who is in Year 5 and he enjoys the School with his friends. I like going on trips and doing stuff with friends. I have a loving family. I have a great personality and a nice smile. I look forward to helping everyone at the School.


My name is Cameron. I have attended Brixham C of E Primary School since the age of 3. My favourite thing to be is singing and dancing. I am very kind and compassionate and I like to help people. I inspire people to be kind and polite. I like being happy.


My name is Faith. I have been attending Brixham C of E Primary School since the age of 4 and I have enjoyed every moment of being at this School. I have had the opportunity to go to Bristol Museum and that was fantastic. In my spare time I enjoy riding my bikes. I believe I am a good role model to look up to. I am a good listener, I like to help others and I am very good at cheering people up. I like working as a team and I am looking forward to working with other Prefects and others in my School to support them towards their journey to excellence.


Hello, I am Rebecca and I am a prefect in year 6. I love living and going to school in Brixham, as it is by the sea. In my spare time I like to play board games with my family, but most of my time at the moment is spent playing with my new cockerpoo puppy. I am happy being a prefect because I like helping people in my school. I hope I can inspire the younger children to be kind and helpful.


My name is Leo, I am 10 years old and I go to Brixham C of E Primary school where I am a prefect in year 6. I think I make a good prefect because I am passionate about everything I do and to try to inspire younger children to always do their best. I love playing football, riding my B.M.X and mountain biking. I am very sociable and like spending time with my friends when I can.


Hi, my name is Ava and I am one of the prefects at Brixham C of E Primary school. I wanted to be a prefect because I like helping people and like to show compassion to other people both in and out of school. I love doing art, my favourite part of art is sketching. I also enjoy riding my bike and playing with my friends.