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Our Prefects

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My name is Izzy and I am a Year 6 Prefect.  Because I’m a Prefect I am more responsible than others.  I work at the Deli Bar nicely serving people and children when it is lunchtime and which takes some of my learning time,  during my time in Brixham C of E I have enjoyed Art, P.E. and learning in general.  Outside of school I swim two times a week in swim squad.

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My name is Ted and I am one of your Year 6 Prefects. I have been in this school since I was 3 years old. At school I like going to forest school and doing art and science.  In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, going for walks and swimming.  I have also joined the Brixham Archery Club.  I wanted to be a Prefect because I like helping and being kind to others and feel I will be a good role model to other children.

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Hi, my name is Erin and I am in Year 6.  In school I love playing with all my friends, even the little ones in reception.  Out of school I am very active, I like going for walks with my mum and my family.  I like going on bike rides.  In school my favourite subject is art.  I feel in art you can be free in the way you draw and express your feelings to the limit, well not to the limit because there is not one, you are just free.

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My name in Matilda and I am an artist/author and I am the Year 6 Librarian Prefect.  When I am not in school I like to read and draw and my favourite book genre is mystery/horror.  I also spend some of my free time either playing Roblox, drawing or reading.  My goals are to achieve happy readers and drawers.


Hi, my name is Ellie and I’m one of the Prefects at Brixham C of E Primary School. My hobbies include art, walking my dog Mabel and writing stories. In the summer I like to go to the beach and go paddle boarding with my Dad.
I am kind and caring to others and I like to help people when things are tough in their lives.
If you need to chat I’m here for you.

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My name is Macy.  I have been a part of the school community for 8 years.  I have always put 100% into whatever challenges I am faced with.  I am always happy to help anyone, no matter how big or small it is, that is why I applied to be a Prefect.  My hobbies are: basketball, reading, writing short stories and science.  I really hope you enjoy your time at the C of E.

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My name is Kruz, and I wanted to be a Year 6 Prefect because I like to help people and be kind to people.  I love football and boxing. I have been at Brixham C of E Primary since nursery.  There is a place in the school that I like most is the playground.

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Hello, my name is Casper and I am one of the new Year 6 Prefects.  I like to tell jokes and play tag.  I wanted to be a Prefect as I want to spread a good mood around the playground and make sure everyone enjoys their breaks.  My goals as a Prefect are to see every child smile and to help them be compassionate and flourish in the playground.  I look forward to getting to know all of you, and see you around!

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Hi my name is Iris.  I came to this school in year 4.  My favourite subjects are maths and history, I really enjoy learning new things and the teachers here make learning fun. 

I am very arty and love to draw and create new things.  When I am at home I love swimming in the sea, listening to music, being with my family, three dogs and four budgies and exploring new areas in our campervan.

I applied to be a School Prefect to help others when they need it.  I am a good listener and trustworthy, so if you ever feel sad, need someone to talk to or play with, you can find me at playtime and lunchtime on the playground.  I hope I can make a difference to any of the younger children that lack confidence in coming to school and learning.

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My name is Keenan and I wanted to be a Year 6 Prefect because I enjoy helping others.  My hobbies include football and basketball.  I mainly help people in the playground and with peoples work.

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Hello my name is Eban.  My hobbies include swimming, basketball and parkour.  I wanted to be a Prefect because I really like tech, so I applied for digital leader.  My goal as a digital leader is to continue helping in the assemblies.

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My name is Jimmy and I have been at Brixham C of E since Year 2.  The reason I like the school is that there are large open spaces to read or play, which I find very enjoyable.  It means that there is a place in the school for everyone to have fun. l  I like to read books and play computer games, especially games that require me to use my imagination like Minecraft.  I like playing with my sisters, who sometimes can be quite crazy.  I have been chosen to be a Prefect for the role of Digital Leader because I like using computers and all things digital.  As Digital Leader I will show responsibility to younger pupils and help with any questions about the digital world.

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