Young Carers

At Brixham C of E Primary School we run a Young Carers at school group. Otherwise known as THE YOUNG CARERS CREW. We meet every Thursday afternoon during school time in the ESCAPE which is purpose built secluded building near the Main Office. During our time together the children have an opportunity to to discuss their thoughts and feelings also any worries or concerns they have. We also have lots of fun. We work closely with Torbay Young Carers and can offer referrals to their service if needed.
By supporting our young carers in school we can put strategies in place to improve their home and/or school life, this will improve attendance, punctuality and the child's self esteem. They also feel included and supported by their peers, we are also able to support parents and families too and can liaise with different external agencies that may be involved.
If you feel that Young Carers may benefit your child please feel free to discuss this with your child's Class Teacher or ask in the Office for details.
Forest School Fun - May 2017
Young Carers leads in School
To aid the successful identification and support for young carers in school we have allocated  a suitable team to provide the best care that we can offer.
They are your go to people if you need help or advice or even just a chat. You can speak to them directly or make an appointment at the office.
We are here to support the family not just the child.
Senior leadership Young Carers lead  - Miss M. Tyrrell
                                                             Deputy head teacher
                                                             Designated safeguarding lead
                                                             Year 3 teacher
Young Carers in School lead - Miss R.Sewell
                                               Deputy safeguarding lead
                                               Pastoral support worker
Young Carers in School Governor- Mrs J.Castle
                                                     Safeguarding governor
                                                     Learning Support Assistant