Working Together

11th May 2018

Working together

This week in our Thinking Thursday Act of Worship, we have been reflecting on collaboration – the ability to work as part of a team. We discussed the skills that we need to learn to be a good team member and why we need those skills.



The children were able to make some extremely thoughtful contributions to the discussion, identifying the ability to listen, communicate, encourage one another, and to have faith in our team. Joshua in Y4 made some very perceptive contributions to the discussion.


We reflected on times, both in and out of school, when we have been part of a team.  When things are going well – why was it successful, and when things go wrong – why did they go wrong? Thank you to Corbyn and Connor in Y6 for their excellent contributions to this part of our discussion.


The boys in Y2 who had won their award for fair play in football shared the skills they needed to be a good team, as did some of the swimming team from last year’s swimming galas.


Some children in Y4 have been working with Mr Akery on developing teamwork in football at lunchtimes. 

Sonny said, "We were able to collaborate and work as part of a team."

Jenson said, " He was good. We were able to sort out any problems ourselves. "

"We could display good sportsmanship - we showed respect to Mr Akery and each other, " added Fabio.