Welcome Back

9th September 2016
How do you want to feel when you come to school?
This was the question we shared in  our first assembly, and then in class this week as our introduction to Philosophy, and to begin to work towards our shared vision for our school.
Each child in KS1 contributed their ideas to a mind map, and KS2 children wrote their responses independently.
Having collated these responses, the top three feelings were:
1. Happy
2. Excited/joyful
3. Safe and welcome
More than 50%of children said they wanted to feel happy at school, and so we will explore the meaning of happiness over the next few weeks, discussing the ingredients of happiness and how we can support each other to be happy.
Week Two: 16th September
This week ,following on from our discussions about creating a happy school, we have been asking: 
"What does the word happy mean?"
Meeting and talking during Thursday Thinking Time with the children in years 1,2 and 3 was great because they had lots of ideas to share and these were recorded by Ioana and James, two of our Y6 prefects:
"It's finding friends that are caring to you and you care for them. " (Lyla)
"Good inside, having a warm feeling. " (Garry)
"Respecting each other. " (Ollie)
"Having friends and being safe."  (Riley)
"About trying your best and feeling you have done well. "  (Lucy)
Similarly, in our meeting with with Years 4,5 and 6, children were keen to share their thoughts about happiness.
Darcie and Harley, two of our prefects recorded:
"It's when you play with friends."
"Happy is sunshine in my heart."
"Happy is deep inside you."
"It's about feeling safe."
 "I feel happy when I help someone."  
"Happiness is about feeling loved."
"When others smile it makes me smile."
"Being able to talk to someone makes me happy."
Lots of children mentioned friendship as a key to happiness- a way to our own happiness is through positive relationships with others. This is something we will continue to explore through our Thinking Thursday assemblies.