Visit To Silver Bells School, Ghaziabad

1st March 2019

Silver Bells School

On Monday this week I visited Silver Bells school in Ghaziabad to review our partnership agreement and to continue to strengthen the links between the two schools. I was able to visit all of the classes – 29 in all – and meet with all of the staff and children.


I was also able to meet with teachers who will be visiting us in June.


I took along the gifts that the children had chosen, designed and made, and we opened these during a very exciting live link via Zoom between the children in Y5 and the prefects at Silver Bells.


We were presented with a framed copy of a new commitment to the partnership, signed by the director, Mrs Sethi, and the Principal of the school, Seema Midha. This will be displayed in reception area in school.


Children had the opportunity to sing to each other, play their ukuleles and ask and answer questions of each other. All the children (and staff)  thoroughly enjoyed this experience and we hope to be able to involve more classes in the two schools in further interactions.


I will be sharing with the children the story of my day at Silver Bells on Thursday next week (World Book Day), but in the meantime I have posted some photos of the day below.

Fifi's blog
Our head girl, Fifi, has written a Silver Bells blog about the gift we received from Silver Bells which expresses their commitment to the partnership:
In the half term holidays Mrs Rushton went to Ghaziabad in India to Silver Bells School. She enjoyed her time there but sadly she had to end her time in india and was back in Brixham on Wednesday.
When Mrs Rushton led our Thinking Thursday worship, she told the school that she was presented with a lovely silver picture frame inside which it says:
The Management, Principal and Staff   of
Silver Bells School, Ghaziabad
appreciate and value the bond of friendship
with Brixham C of E Primary school since its inception in 2003.
We look forward to strengthening this enriching experience 
between the two schools
for many more years to come.
That was such a lovely gift to receive - Thank you Silver Bells school!