Visit from author John Townsend

25th January 2019
Visit from John Townsend
This week we were very pleased to welcome John Townsend into our school.
He worked with all the children in KS2, sharing stories and making us laugh too.
As a follow up, 15 boys were invited to join him in a workshop where they explored a story starter and built their ideas from there.
The children in Years 5 and 6 followed this up by writing a short story of their own, in the style of John Townsend.
All children were keen to write and thoroughly enjoyed the session, confidently sharing their ideas and snippets of their work.
Below you can see some examples of first drafts of the children's writing.
What they said about the visit:
"He made writing and reading fun!" (Alfie Y6)
"Writing is not just about sitting there - it's about doing things!" (Sam Y6)
"It was inspiring - in the workshop he was more interactive - we gave him ideas." (Marshall Y6)
"He helped me to carry on my sentence and he gave me ideas." (Jenson Y5)
"He made me want to write books." (Polly Y5)
"He helped me get my ideas down." (Joshua Y5)
"He inspired me to read more of his books." (Eva Y5)
"It made me more interested in writing." (OllyY5)
You can find out more about John and his books at