The Golden Table

25th November 2016

In our Thinking Thursday assemblies, we have been talking about how we can work together to improve lunchtimes. For the hall, children have agreed a set of rules which they will follow to encourage to show good manners, use quiet voices, and to be thoughtful to others.  These are now on display in the hall.

Children who have been following these rules consistently have been given golden tickets, and 8 tickets were drawn in our raffle on Monday : these children have been invited to the Golden Table.

Our first Golden Table event will take place today - pictures to follow! Well done to Georgina and William in Y6, Erin in YR, Evie C in Y4, Lexie, Millie and Danny in Y2 and Jasmine in Y1 for being the very first diners at the Golden Table!

This week, well done to Golden Ticket Holders   Koby (Y5), Joe, Cailan and Maisie (Y1) Macy (YR) , Marshall and Teagan (Y4) and Lauren (Y6).

All ticket holders will have a chance to win a raffle prize in a grand draw at the end of term.