The Best Bits of 2011-2012


A lovely visit from Dr Gray!

On Friday (21.10.11) Dr Gray came into visit the Nursery. Dr Gray spoke told us all about being a doctor. We played a great game where we had to guess where our brain, heart and lungs are. We spoke about how important they are and how they work. We were really excited when we learnt how to find our pulse; if you ask your child we are sure they will be able to help you to find yours! Our exciting morning lead to lots of games of Doctors and drawing hearts-what a fantastic morning! Thank you for coming to visit Dr Gray!

Reception Class

Fire Station Visit – November 2011

Welcome back after half-term! We hope you had a great week off, despite the weather! We have ‘hit the ground running’ this week with Halloween investigations and today’s visit to Brixham Fire Station. I can say with confidence that our visit today was a huge success! Richard the Chief Fireman showed us around with his assistants Josh and Tim. We learnt about fire safety, the role of a fireman and all about the day’s main attraction – the fire engine!!! Richard showed us all the resources and equipment that the fire engine carries. We were allowed in to the fire engine and pretended to be firemen and fire-women! Josh was dressed in his fireman’s outfit as well. However, by far the most popular activity was the opportunity to use the fireman’s hose! Even the adults couldn’t resist joining in the fun!

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Year 4

Evacuation Day

Class 4 came in dressed as ‘evacuees’ for the day.  They were ‘evacuated’ to the countryside.

They travelled on the steam train from Totnes to Buckfastleigh, the children were given letters to read, written by someone at home, as though they had been away from home for some time.

When we got to Buckfastleigh train station, we were able to look around the authentic World War II museum, which included an amublance and a dig for victory garden. Photos coming soon …

Year 5

Tudor Explorer visits Class 5

On Monday 26th September Steve Manning will visit our class for the day in role as a sailor from The Golden Hind. He will talk to the class about his experiences on board ship in the service of  Francis Drake!

The children will have opportunities to ask questions, listen to stories, learn more about life in Tudor times and take part in drama activities linked to Drake’s circumnavigation of the globe.

You can find out more about him at

Dart Harbour Young Champions Award

Class 5 enjoyed a fantastic day out on the River Dart on Friday 7th October on board the Dartmouth Castle Riverboat.

On the voyage the children enjoyed listening to tales about trade on the river in Tudor times, and the exploits of Walter Raleigh and Humphrey Gilbert, from Phil Scoble, the project co-ordinator.

As they sailed from the castles at the mouth of the river, past Greenway to the outskirts of Totnes, the children drew maps to show the changing features along the banks of the river. They sketched places of interest, looking for links to Tudor times, and took photographs to support their planning and research.

The children really enjoyed the day and learned so much from the trip. It was a fantastic opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of River Dart at first hand. The  on board research will underpin our project and provide a springboard for ideas when we begin our follow up work in  school.  The plan is to develop the children’s  interest in maps, Tudor exploration and trade links to Dartmouth and the Dart through art, design, music and poetry.

David Lawrence Jones Visit

The children in class 5 have written some excellent news reports about our recent author visit. Here are two fantastic reports.

Bradley Baker visits Brixham

On Wednesday 13th June David Lawrence Jones came to Brixham C of E to show his series of books to inspire children to read more.

 First he showed us pictures of him and his family doing things together, he even showed us images of him writing books aged 9.

Next he told us a bit about Bradley Baker, like did you know Bradley has three identical freckles on both sides of his face?

All of the school asked questions like, “Would you like your book to be made into a movie?”

“It was extremely great fun,” said Danielle.

Finally some children even got the opportunity to buy the books and even got their books especially signed.

We thought that the whole day was amazingly fun!

Reporter: Henry

D.L.J is ten again!

 Discover the new boy hero! On Wednesday 13th June 2012 in the afternoon, a famous author called David Lawrence Jones came to our school in the hall! He came to tell us about his series of books!

The books were called; Bradley Baker and The Curse of Pathylon, Bradley Baker and The Amulet of Silvermoor and Bradley Baker and The Pyramids of Blood!

All of the children listened carefully to what David Lawrence Jones said.

These quotes are what some people exclaimed to other people, “It was interesting when some children volunteered to go to the front to act out the story,” said Layla. “It’s amazing how he writes his books,” said Izzy and “It was a great presentation of how David Lawrence Jones ended up in his life and books,” said Bradley.

In the first book Bradley was eleven, in the second book he was twelve and in the last book it is Christmas.

Instead of just anyone going up to the front, we actually have a Bradley in our class so he chose him instead. Bradley actually got in the bath.

After that he told us about a competition, it was that you have to write something about the third book.

Finally some people had bought money so that they could buy some books that were actually written by him and he signed them as well.

Have you ever met him before or have you read his books?

Reporter: Layla

Year 6

Author David Lawrence Jones visits C of E…

After a highly interactive dynamic presentation which was great fun for everyone, the children had the opportunity to ask David questions. Please see some of our questions below.

David also stayed for a book signing event (which was very successful) where the children were able to meet a ‘real life’ author. A reluctant reader from our class purchased ‘Bradley Baker and the Curse of Pathylon’ and has set himself a challenge to read the whole book!

David’s energy, passion and enthusiasm clearly left a positive impression on the pupils.

Questions and Answers:

How has your life changed since your first book was published?

My life has changed a lot because I used to be a sales manager for BT and when my book was published I had to quit that job because the money he was earning was enough for him to quit his job to become a full time author and fulfill his childhood dream. 

Sam White

Would you like a Bradley Baker book to be made into a film?

He would love for that to happen however it is only early days.

Did you get any inspiration from Tolkien’s works?

David purposely did not read his work as he didn’t want to copy or get any ideas from him.


How many books have you sold so far?

He has sold over 10,000 but he could not confirm the exact number has he didn’t know. He said he probably should know.

Where did the name ‘Pathylon’ come from?

He said he made it up but had to check on the internet to make sure the name hadn’t been used before.

How did you come up with the name Bradley Baker?

David liked to make up and tell stories from an early age. He was telling a story to his family in his family hotel and the name just come to him.

Who illustrates your books and how did you choose the illustrator?

David searched the internet for local illustrators in Devon and found Abie Greyvenstein in Paignton. He said the illustrations were perfect and just what he was looking for. 

Hannah Neal


Podcasting is a wonderful way of allowing the children to share their work and experiences with a potentially huge audience over the Internet. It is also a way to promote what they do, and to celebrate their achievements. Podcasting is an excellent way of doing this.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is like a radio show. However, instead of being broadcast live, a podcast is recorded and then distributed over the internet, so that you can listen to it whenever you please. There are thousands of podcasts available, ranging from general interest entertainment shows to those which focus on specific topics.

How do children benefit from making a podcast?

•It gives them a potential audience of thousands for their work.
•It’s great for developing literacy skills (writing scripts, setting up interviews etc), allows children to develop and practise their speaking and listening skills, and they also learn some amazing ICT skills.
•Podcasts can be interactive, and the audience can be invited to send their comments, giving valuable feedback to the children about their work.
•I’ve found that making a podcast is also great for developing teamwork skills. The children always work together really well, as they’re always keen to make a great show.

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Our Podcasts were developed in our SEAL lessons, the focus was- I think before I make choices that affect my health
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