13th March 2017

Exploring Symbols

Last Thursday we agreed that our painting in memory of Sue – ‘Star of Brixham’ – will be displayed in the hall alongside our vision and values display. Thanks to Olly in Year 3 for the initial idea!  I have asked the children to help me to write a plaque that we can place alongside the painting to explain the symbols within it.

We have also been linking the idea of symbolism to creating an image or symbol to represent our school, as we learn, grow and flourish together. There were some great ideas, but we all agreed that a tree would be an excellent symbol for us. We are planning to decorate our reception area with images of trees, so that we all share an understanding of our vision.

Thank you to Holly in year 3 for the initial idea!

A plaque for Sue
We have received some excellent contributions, all of which will be incorporated into a plaque which will be displayed alongside the painting 'Star of Brixham' by Lisa Walker:
Sue was our star of Brixham and she is the star on the lighthouse. The picture also shows that the RNLI boat was close to her heart. This beautifully painted picture also shows that Sue loved the countryside and was a frequent visitor.
In this painting we can tell that she lived and loved Brixham. The well known Brixham seas hold the gorgeous boats that symbolise her love for sailing.  
Jessica and Megan, class 5
She was a nice and kind woman.
Frayer, class 4
This is a lovely painting by Lisa. Lisa is a very talented lady. she created this picture for our school because Sue, our shining star, died last year in 2016. It was a really sad day. The star on the lighthouse is a symbol of Sue. We loved her dearly and will always miss her.
Issy, class 4
Sue was a shining star in our hearts and we will always remember her. She was kind, thoughtful and caring, always putting other people's needs before her own.
She loved the lifeboats, which meant she was generous - always giving.
We loved having her around and she will be missed so much.
Cheyenne, class 5