Brixham Church of England School is a large family of staff who all work together to create a safe environment for the children to work, play and learn together. The current staff include:  

(*Leadership Team)

Head Teacher

Mrs C Nelson* - DSL, Curriculum Development, Assessment Lead

Year 6 

Mrs K Perring*-  Maths Co, KS2 lead

Year 5

Mrs Reevell - Science Lead

Year 4 

Mrs Matthews

Year 3 

Miss Tyrrell *- DDSL, PHSCE, SENDCO

Year 2 

Mrs Akery* - KS1 Lead

Year 1 

Mr A Mcfarlane 


Mr S Gill*  - FS Manager, SLE Early Years with Teaching Excellence



Ms Synnott - Key Stage 1 Science Co, Geography/History  -  PPA / Ducklings Teacher

Mrs T Williams


Mrs M McEwan

Mrs J Iszard

Mrs S Boone

Mrs K Langley

Support Staff

Mrs J Castle 

Mrs J Parkes   

Mrs J Hayden   

Mrs H Smith    

Mrs S Roberts   

Mrs R Sewell (Pastoral Care & Safeguarding)   

Mrs J Barwood   

Mr J Hannaford   

Mrs F Clark     

Mrs M Jones   

Mrs J Johnstone         

Mrs S Moore

Miss H Faulkner

Mrs C Evans

Mrs L Lucas

Mrs S Perkin

Speech & Language


Mrs J Castle


Mealtime Assistants

Sarah Perkin, Jo Idnani

Chair PTFA

This is now jointly run by all members of the PTFA Committee

School Rector

School Chaplin

Reverend John Gay 

Martyn Hodge


ISS Food & Hospitality


Mr A Miley

Crossing Patrol Officer