Brixham Church of England School is a large family of staff who all work together to create a safe environment for the children to work, play and learn together. The current staff include:  

(*Leadership Team)

Head Teacher

Mrs C Nelson* - DSL, Curriculum Development, Assessment Lead

Year 6 

Mrs K Perring*-  Maths Co, KS2 lead

Year 5

Mrs S Reevell - Science Lead

Year 4 

Mrs A Matthews

Year 3 

Miss M Tyrrell *- DDSL, PHSCE, SENDCO

Year 2 

Mrs J Akery* - KS1 Lead

Year 1 

Mr A Mcfarlane 


Miss J Smoothy



Ms N Synnott 

Mrs T Williams


Mrs M McEwan

Mrs S Boone

Mrs K Langley

Support Staff

Mrs J Castle 

Mrs J Parkes      

Mrs H Smith     

Mrs R Sewell    

Mrs J Barwood     

Mrs F Clark        

Mrs J Johnstone         

Miss H Faulkner

Mrs C Evans

Mrs L Lucas

Mrs S Perkin

Mrs J Idnani

Speech & Language


Mrs J Castle




Chair PTFA

This is now jointly run by all members of the PTFA Committee

School Rector

School Chaplin

Reverend John Gay 

Martyn Hodge


ISS Food & Hospitality


Mr A Miley

Crossing Patrol Officer

 Mr P Trayhorn