Sharing our Vision

27th February 2017
Life in all its Fullness:Hope
This week, in thinking Thursday, we talked about hope as part of our vision. Sometimes things go wrong and we need to fix them!  Sometimes, when friendships are broken, we can fix them by saying sorry and by showing forgiveness.  We know that forgiveness is one of our special values.

We shared the parable of the unforgiving servant and talked about the message in the story.

God is good and he wants all his children to know that his love and forgiveness are bigger than anything.

God gives us hope. If we fall or go wrong, we can try again. If things hurt or fall apart, it is not the end. In our school we find hope and a new start whenever we need it.

 We ended with a prayer:

Dear God,

We are sorry for the things we do wrong and for the bad things which spoil our world. Forgive us and help us. Thank you that you give us hope and the chance to start again. Help us to offer your hope and forgiveness to others.   Amen