September 2018

5th September 2018
Our First Week Back...
We have had a great start to our new school year.
All the children have settled well into their new classes and enjoyed their first week of getting to know their new class staff and classrooms. 
All staff are happy with their first week, which is lovely to hear!
6th September 2018 - Thinking Thursday
We started our new school year with a Thinking Thursday based on Growth Mindset.
The children shared their ideas of what it was (Marshall was spot on!) and then we looked at a PowerPoint together (attached below) to learn more and see how we could start to build our Growth Mindset as individuals, but also in our classes and in the school.
The children had some fab ideas (picture below) and some were amazingly insightful (Frank had fab ideas!). 
Wednesday 19th September 2018
What a busy assembly we had today!
We started with the Open the Book team and their story about those who help others, followed by lots of awards, including: pen licences; gold cards and year 6 jobs.
We then invited our Head girl and boy and the deputy Head girl and boy, as well as their families, to the front to sign the declaration to uphold the values of the school in their term as head girl or boy or deputy.
All four have already led a school tour for our special visitor on Friday 14th September, who said she was very impressed at how well they represented the school and shared their knowledge with her. What a fantastic start!