September 2017

7th September 2017
Our New Hall
Over the summer holidays, Tony has been busy repainting the hall with a little help from Garry and Mr Hannaford. It looks lovely and we spent time this morning, in our Thinking Thursday act of worship, reflecting on the changes we can see. We now have a new painting of a tree which is our special symbol, and helps us to remember our vision for Life in all its Fullness and our core values:
  • respect
  • compassion
  • friendship
  • forgiveness
  • truth
  • love
We collected lots of feedback and thoughts about the painting - Olly and Theo in Class 4 had lots of ideas about how we could further decorate the hall with trees, and are going to present me with a plan!
At the end of our Act of worship, each class was given a present to take back to class ........
.... can you guess what it was?   Look carefully in the photos below to see if you can spot the gift.