Science week presentation

12th March 2018
Science Week Celebration
A big well done and thank you for all the hard work and creativity you showed last week when researching famous explorers and discoverers. This was a fantastic opportunity for home learning and we had  a great response. 
Within each class children had the opportunity to show off what they had found out under the theme "Explorers and Discoverers". The range of presentations was fantastic from annotated posters to models and lego creations. 
During assembly the children shared what they had been learning in their science curriculum. Year 6 talked with knowledge and enthusiasm about what they had learned about evolution during their visit to the Eden Project, Year 5 shared what they had learned about gravity, Year 4 shared their volcanoes experiments, Year 3 talked about light , Year 2 investigated how water travels through plants and Year 1 showed us their seed mazes. Mr Gill shared what the children had been investigating in Reception connected to snow and melting. 
Finally all of the home learning projects went on display  in Year 5 showing off all the science related learning that had taken place.