9th February 2018

 What is Perseverance?

Yesterday we read the story of 'The Frog Who Fell Into The Cream' (re- printed below), and reflected on the importance of perseverance. During the assembly, Mrs Akery was challenged to persevere to churn a pot of cream by hand until it turned into butter – and she succeeded!

We talked about how it felt when you persevere with something and how you feel when you have achieved something tricky.

Each class took a pot of cream back to class to churn into butter, and Y4 ( who achieved this very quickly) wondered if you can turn milk into butter, and whether it would take longer than cream.

I asked children to reflect, at home, on a task or activity they have persevered with and to draw or write about the experience. If they bring their work into school after half term we will display it in the hall


The Frog Who Fell Into The Cream

A young frog lived in a muddy pond together with his frog sisters, his frog brothers and his frog parents. He liked his home and loved his family. He’d learned to swim in that small muddy pond. ‘Keep trying,’ his family had croaked. ‘Kick hard!’

Frog kicked his legs. He didn’t give in. But often when he was swimming, he longed to explore the world beyond his pond.

So one day, he hopped out of the water and headed towards a nearby farm.

Frog hopped past the sheep pens and the new-born lambs, past the stables watched by the patient horse, quickly past the yard where the hens clucked and scratched, past the shed where the cows were milked, and into the cool, damp, shade of the dairy.

All frogs like cool, damp places and the young frog stayed in the dairy until he decided that it was time to head back to his muddy pond. So he kicked his legs, and with a large leap, fell straight into a jug of cream! He kicked his legs again, but the sides of the jug were slippery. Frog kicked his legs, and kicked again (and again) but there was no escape. He began to grow tired and feared that he would sink to the bottom of the jug and drown.

He thought of his family, safe at home in the muddy pond. He remembered how they had told him to ‘Keep trying’. ‘I will keep trying,’ the frog said to himself as he kicked his legs, again and again. But what was the use? He grew more and more tired. He thought he would drown. But still he kicked hard and kept afloat, until something odd happened.

Suddenly he felt some lumps between his toes. Frog kept on kicking his legs and eventually found that he was sitting on something that looked like yellow mud. The cream had turned to butter! He gave one last tremendous leap, and was free!

Back at the muddy pond, the young frog was welcomed by his worried family. ‘I almost drowned,’ he said, ‘ But I kicked hard. I kept trying!’