PE & Sport Premium

P.E and Sport Premium

The government has provided funding of £450 million over three academic years to help primary schools improve the quality of PE and sporting activities they offer their pupils. This is in addition to the curriculum funding for PE and sport from the main school budget.

Schools are able to use this funding to:

  • hire specialist PE teachers
  • hire qualified sports coaches to work with class teachers
  • provide existing staff with teaching resources to help them teach PE and sport
  • support and involve the least active children through a range of activities
  • run sports competitions and activities
  • monitor and assess children's progress in PE

We have a PE development plan in order to continue to improve provision and raise the achievement of all pupils in PE and Sport. Our key objectives include:

  •         To improve the quality of PE delivered in lessons
  •         To increase our involvement and participation in local competitive opportunities e.g. Brixham & Churston Sports Partnership Festivals programme (inter-school festivals and leagues) and evidence the impact on pupils
  •         To offer active lunchtimes with specialist coaches
  •         To increase teacher’s confidence/ knowledge- attend CPD opportunities offered in our Sports Partnership
  •         To raise the profile of sports and encourage all children to participate in sports
  •         To continue to improve the quality of the space provided for sports activities
  •         To ensure that PE is adequately resourced
  •         To ensure that attainment and progress in PE is monitored
  •         To encourage children to participate in a wide variety of sporting opportunities



Year 6 Swimming Attainment
For the year 2017-18, 100% of pupils are able to swim confidently over a distance of 25 m.
PE and Sports Premium Funding
For details of how the funding was spent, please see 2017-18 Final impact report below.
Our main partner for the academic year 2017-18 was Brixham and Churston sports partnership, with whom we worked to create a range of sporting provision including lessons and festivals. 
The range of provision offered between September 2017 and July 2018 and taken up is shown in the Summer Festivals Graph. This includes data for the whole year.
For details of the plan for 2018-19, see plan below.
We will continue to work with Brixham and Churston, with children in Years 1-6 receiving weekly lessons from a qualified PE teacher in the two terms when they are not at Forest School.
Children across the school (Recption-Year 6) will also be involved in a selection of age appropriate festivals throughout the year organised by the Brixham and Churston sports partnership. Please check out classes pages to see recent pictures of relevant festivals.