Parent Questionnaire March 2018

Parent/Carer Questionnaire 2018

Thank you to all who responded.

Sixty four responses were received and analysed.

The results can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Some parents/carers left questions blank and so all rows may not total 64.

The strengths of the school are widely agreed - see below.

Areas for development vary widely according to feedback,  but we will be incorporating home learning into our school improvement plan for 2018/2019 as 6 parents/carers would like more clarification around this.

We have included some of the positive comments we received for our teaching and learning provision across the school.

School strengths:

Friendly atmosphere  (school family ethos/community feel): 17

Outdoor learning (including Forest school) : 17

Friendly approachable staff : 9

Supportive of each child as an individual :8

Christian values :8




“It’s a school to be proud of.”

“Kindness, support and communication from the teachers.”

“The most important thing is they all look forward to coming to school.”

“The school is very good in the holistic approach towards the children, not only developing them mentally but also physically and most importantly emotionally.”

“Great communication between parents and teachers.”

“I love the way the school focuses on the ‘whole child’ rather than just attainment and grades. I really feel the teachers know my children and how to get the best from them.”

“The ethos and work with local and global communities.”

“Quick to praise and encourage and look for the good in everyone, as well as providing a first class education.”

“Children from different age groups mix well.”


To improve:

Nothing at all :7

Homework: 6

Improve sports day: 3

More sport:2