Our Local Committee

Should you wish to contact a member of our Local committee, the school office can pass on a letter, please address either to the Clerk or Chair of Governors.
You may wish to  send an email to the Clerk  - Karen.Langley@acexcellence.co.uk- who will pass your email to the Co-Chairs of Governors
Type Date  Appointed Appointed by: Expiry
Paul Pickett ( Co- Chair) Parent 15/10/2020 Trust 14/10/2024
Cath Hayden (Co-Chair)  Co-opted 10/12/2020 Trust      09/12/2024
Cristy Nelson Headteacher 15/10/2020 Trust 14/10/2024
Marie Tyrell Staff 23/09/2020 LC 22/09/2024
Arthur Lucas Co-opted 15/10/2020 Trust 14/10/2024
Clare Powlesland Co-opted 15/10/2020 Trust 14/10/2024
Sharon Jordain  Co-opted 10/12/2020 Trust 09/12/2024 
Gemma Sardari Parent 10/12/2020 LC/Trust      09/12/2024
Maria Orton Foundation 15/10/2020 Trust 14/10/2024 
Rev Stephen Yates Foundation   Diocese/Trust  
Victoria Yates Foundation   Diocese/Trust  
Maxine Chavner  Co-opted Parent    LC/Trust  
Previous Governors
Kerry Rushton Headteacher 11/07/2016 FGB 10/07/2020 31/07/2019
Joanne  Castle Co-Opted 12/03/2018 FGB 11/03/2022 25/11/2019
Tracey Mulholland Parent 11/07/2016 FGB 10/07/2020 27/01/2020
David Watters Foundation 10/11/2017 Diocese 09/11/2021 23/09/2020
Local Committee Team  Role
Cristy Nelson Headteacher
Catherine Hayden Co- Chair, Curriculum & Standards 
Paul Pickett Co- Chair, Community Partnerships
Marie Tyrrell Staff Governor 
Arthur Lucas Co-opted , Safeguarding 
Clare Powlesland Co-opted , Curriculum & Standards 
Maria Orton Foundation, Ethos & Distinctiveness 
Gemma Sardari Parent , Curriculum& Standards 
Sharon Jordain Co-opted, Safeguarding 
Rev Stephen Yates  Foundation, Ethos & Distinctiveness 
Victoria Yates Foundation, Ethos & Distinctiveness 
Maxine  Chavner Co-opted, Community Partnerships