Nurture and Pastoral Support

Nurture and Pastoral Support
Here at Brixham Church of England Primary School, we are very lucky to have great Nurture and Pastoral Support for those children that need it at any point throughout their education.
Our Nurture and Pastoral Support is offered in a variety of ways, through individual sessions if/when needed, regular individual sessions, small groups and larger groups (including Young Carers). The support given is dependent on the child and their needs and is tailored accordingly. Some children may only access some areas of Nurture and Pastoral Support, whilst others may have a more structured and prolonged support package, needs dependent.  
We believe that, like within every area of life, sometimes a child's emotional and social health may need support, modelling and specific teaching, due to different circumstances and issues that occur. We feel that it is essential to put this support in place, as and when relevant, to ensure children are able to cope with daily life and ultimately be able to learn successfully by having a safe environment in which to share and explore their feelings, with trusted and caring adults.                                            
We aspire to help the children to develop into successful adults, whilst developing their emotional and social health, so they are able to enjoy life, face it in a happy and positive way, with an emotional resilience, self awareness and confidence, whilst fostering attitudes of understanding and acceptance, to go on to be caring citizens of the future.
It is essential that families and school work in unison to ensure the best package of care for all children, especially those who are going through difficult times and need extra Nurture and Pastoral Support. We therefore encourage families to come in and talk to relevant staff about their child's needs, to ensure we are working as a team to give the child the best support possible.                        
We also believe it is important for parents/carers and families to be supported, in times of need or when going through difficulties, to ensure they are also assisted and then feel able to provide the best support for their child. That being the case, when possible we encourage parents to come in for a meeting to discuss the support package that can be provided and how we as a school can offer any extra support in or out of school, or try and access more support from other agencies (including: Early Help, CAMHS, School Nurse, Family Support Workers, etc).
If you feel your child could benefit from our Nurture and Pastoral Support, or if you want to find out more about the support school can offer please contact Miss Tyrrell, our SENco and DSL, via the office or on (01803) 882575.   
Nurture and Pastoral Support
We are lucky to have a dedicated Nurture and Pastoral room, called 'The Escape' where the children can 'get away from it all' and enjoy some individual or group time with trusted adults, who will listen, help and support them. See pictures below.