No outsiders in our school

8th March 2018
Thinking Thursday
Using the story This is Our House by Michael Rosen, we have today explored questions around fairness, discrimination and outsiders.
We talked about how the boy in the book (George) changes from the beginning of the story (when he won't allow anyone into his house), to the end of the story, when he agrees that this house is for everyone.
Having discussed the meaning of the word discrimination, the children were able to identify all the incidences of discrimination in the story. We reflected on what we could learn from the story:
"It's all about having a school family."
"It's about hospitality."
"It's about justice."
"There should be no outsiders - we're all welcome."
Tomorrow the children will work in their buddy groups and pairs to make a poster entitled - No outsiders here! to show how we make sure that everyone in our school is part of our school family.
"Everyone belongs here!" said Freddie.