Easter Gardens

29th March 2018
Easter Gardens
Easter is such a special time.
In our Thinking Thursday Act of Worship we reflected on the symbols we might find in an Easter Garden. The children came up with lots of ideas: 
  • A cave to symbolise the tomb that Jesus was buried in.
  • Three crosses to symbolise the robbers and Jesus who died.
  • Flowers and grass to represent new life.
  • Eggs to represent new life and new beginnings.
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The children were challenged to make Easter gardens in groups in their classes and to make a garden with their family at home.
We discussed some of the learning skills  that the children would need to use as they worked in their teams:
  • Listening to each other.
  • Deciding which resources they would need.
  • Reflecting and amending their garden as they worked through the task in order to improve it.
  • Persevering when things get tricky!
We all shared our gardens in the final Act of Worship of the term- our friend Martyn and the Open the Book team came along to see what we had made.
Children from each class shared the work they had been doing. Class Reception retold the Easter Story using a story map.
We also made an Easter egg tree - another symbol and celebration of new life!
All the gardens, and the tree,  were displayed in the quiet courtyard at the end of the day for parents and carers to view.