Love your Neighbour

10th January 2019
Love your Neighbour as Yourself
In our worship today we explored this commandment through the parable of the Good Samaritan and asked 
  • What do we mean by the term 'neighbour?'
  • Who are our neighbours?
  • How did the Good Samaritan show he was a good neighbour?
  • Which values can we find in the story?
The children had time to share their ideas with each other and then to share with the school. Their observations were thoughtful and they identified many values - Love, Compassion, Respect, Hospitality, Friendship and Forgiveness. They were able to justify their ideas with reference to the story.
Xyron in Year One defined love as, "Helping others and being kind."
Imogen believes that we should strive for, "Harmony - everyone in the whole wide world loves and cares."
A  film version of the story for sharing and discussion at home can be found at
As we move through this term we will continue to explore the value of love (loving kindness) and how we can make links to our own school vision to Live Life in all its Fullness.