Life in all its Fullness

20th October 2017
Life in all its Fullness
In our Thinking Thursday Act of Worship this week, we reflected on the vision we have for the school family - Living life in all its Fullness.
We remembered the elements, or ingredients of that vision:
  • Wisdom
  • Hope
  • Life Together
  • Dignity
Then we talked about what these elements look like.
Lots of children in our school demonstrate these elements but today we congratulated:
  • Issy in year five who constantly focuses on her own learning whilst also amazingly supporting others in her group! A fantastic role model.
  • Lexie in year five who never gives up even when she finds things tough. Having scored 3 out of 40  in her times tables test a couple of weeks ago, she was extremely despondent. However, she decided to practise at home with her nan. The result - this week she scored 31 out of 40: a fantastic example of resilience and hope!
  • Koby in year six who constantly demonstrates compassion and friendship across our school community: an excellent prefect for Year R, and a supportive lunchtime helper.
We continued our discussion around dignity - we are all special and important in our school, and each of us has special gifts and talents.
In recognition of this 'specialness'  we are inviting everyone to participate in our Young Citizen award.
Last year Cheyenne was the worthy winner, being an excellent role model both at home and school.

This is an annual award offered by the British Legion in Brixham, and is designed to recognise the contributions made by the young people in our community.  

We are now collecting nominations for this award, and we would like you to nominate your own child or children! A nomination form was sent home yesterday, following discussion at our Thinking Thursday Act of Worship. We also have spares in the office and there is a form on the News section of the website that can be completed and emailed (see above). 

Please complete the home and community section together- it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the children in our school, and to recognise the special qualities of each and every child.

Once you have done this, please return the form to the office and staff will work together to complete the school section.

Once all sections are completed we will forward all the entries to The British Legion, and they will select a winner who will receive the award at a special celebration assembly later in the term.