Life in all its Fullness

1st February 2017
Friday 3rd February
This week in our Thinking Thursday act of worship we began to explore our vision to 'Live life in all its Fullness' (John 10:10)
. Mr Dale and Mr Hunt led the service and asked children to reflect on our Christian values. These are the strong foundations on which we are able to begin our journey to realise our vision. 
The children were confident as they contributed their ideas, made links and reflected on our growing display in the hall. Over the coming weeks we will add to this as we talk about the four elements of the vision 
  • wisdom and knowledge
  • hope and aspiration
  • community - life together
  • dignity and respect
Some contributions by the children regarding their initial ideas on a definition of Life in all its Fullness:
"Never being on your own."
"Not wasting a second" 
"It's your true potential."  (Fergus Y6)
"Never giving up. " (Rebecca Y2)
"Challenging yourself to new things." (Kacey Y4)
"Helping each other." (Ioana Y6)
"Making new possibilities." (Evie C, Y4)
"Life at it's peak. " (Ricco Y6)
"Making the most of everything." (Noah Y2)
Friday 10th February
This week I have worked with children in Y4 to create hands which will help them to remember the four key elements of Life in all its Fullness:
  1. Dignity
  2. Life Together
  3. Hope
  4. Wisdom
Each finger represents one key element and the thumb represents God.
We talked about what each of the key elements means and how it relates to us as a church school.