Language Enrichment

1st October 2017

Language Enrichment activities

This will be a major focus for us this year, our aim being to raise attainment in reading and writing across the school.

Research has shown that

“Children with less-developed vocabularies suffer academically. Principally, this is because their limited vocabularies hold them back from fully comprehending what they read, and thus from learning from their reading.

Students’ lack of comprehension affects their performance not only in reading and writing lessons, but also in social studies and science.

However, what we have seen is that students with limited vocabularies are well able to learn new academic words when they are taught in a robust way. That is, when the words are introduced in student-friendly language, exemplified in various contexts, and students are given opportunities to use and play with the words.” (Dr Isabelle Beck and Dr Margaret McKeown)

Class Five have been working on enriching their vocabularies through exploring new words they meet in their whole class book Kensuke’s Kingdom.

First of all the children worked with their team to investigate the new words in context.
Then they worked with their collaborative groups to create a poster or an  action to demonstrate the definition of their word.
Can you guess the words ?
Class Five is  a language rich environment.