5th May 2017
Talking about hospitality
This week we welcomed a group of international student teachers into school. They spent time having a tour of the school and working in classes with the children, asking and answering questions.

In Thinking Thursday Act of Worship, we considered the meaning of hospitality and talked about how we could show hospitality to visitors to our school. The children made some very thoughtful contributions and Y4 completed an evaluation of the worship for me to reflect on.

Thank you to Billy in Y2 who reflected that hospitality is about helping visitors to have “A warm glow inside,” and to Sophie in Y1 who said “It’s keeping people safe so they are well and happy.” 
After half term we will welcome into school three teachers from our partner schools, Silver Bells in India, who are visiting England for the first time. We will plan how we can help to give them " a warm glow inside," looking after them so they are "well and happy."