Fruit at Playtime

2nd November 2016
Fruit at Playtime

Children have been bringing fruit and vegetables for their playtime snack this week. Year Six have helped to promote our healthy eating policy by making and selling Fruit in a Cup. In addition to helping their fundraising for their trip to Battery Gardens, this was a great chance to try some new fruits like kiwi and mango.

Eating fruit is beneficial for many reasons:

  •          Counts as one of their 5 a day
  •          Contains vitamins, minerals and fibres which are essential for a healthy diet

Different coloured fruit and veggies have different health benefits so try and have as many different colours as you can!

Foods high in fibre such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds and beans are great for concentration and motivation. The reason for this is because they help to sustain a regular level of energy, because they keep blood sugar levels stable. 

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