Celebration Assembly

23rd February 2018
Friday Assembly - Celebration
Every Friday we celebrate our successes and give awards to classes, children and staff across the school who have done their best.
The councillors plan and lead the assembly, and today they gave out awards for the following:
  • A star of the week andividual children who have achieved well in their class - using their perseverance and managing distractions muscles.
  • The Head Teacher's award for an outstanding contribution to school - going the extra mile!
  • A staff award, given to someone who has supported children in school to help them in some way.
  • The fullness of life tree - given to a class who have demonstrated wisdom, aspiration, a sense of community or pride in the work they do.
  • A Golden Glow award for someone who has shown hospitality.
  • The attendance cup for the class who has the highest attendance of the week.
Class marbles are brought to the assembly (given in class for use of BLP muscles -collaboration, listening, questioning, absorption and perseverance) and collected in a jar. When the jar is full, all classes earn a reward.
We close the assembly with our school prayer:
Dear Lord
Bless our school at Brixham
That learning together
And playing together
We may learn to serve you
And to love one another