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Learning Support Assistants (LSA)
Mrs Heather Smith
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Home Learning for Pre-school Class
w/b 13th July 2020

Dear Children,

This week we have created your class blog home learning page with Miss Smoothy (if you are going to Reception) and Mrs Grosvenor (if you are staying in Pre-school), your teachers for next year. If you are staying in Pre-school, please don’t worry about the optional challenge.

Mrs Grosvenor will be hosting a zoom meeting on Tuesday 14th July at 2pm and adding a video to the website in due course. She can’t wait to meet you all and get to know you and your families.

Miss Smoothy is really excited to meet her new reception class in your Zoom meeting on Wednesday 15th July at 3:45pm. We are also looking forward to seeing you in our last Zoom meeting on Thursday 16th July at 4:30pm

I hope that you have a wonderful summer holiday. We are all very excited to see you all in September.

Mrs Williams and Ms Synnott

Home Learning for Pre-school Class
w/b 6th July 2020
Home Learning for Pre-school Class
w/b 29th June 2020
Home Learning for Pre-school Class
w/b 22nd June 2020
Home Learning for Pre-School W/B 15th June 2020
Home Learning for Pre-School W/B 8th June 2020
Here you can find previous units of home learning. If you have any questions, please ask us on our online learning journal, Tapestry. Keep safe!
Home Learning for Pre-school Class
w/b 1st June 2020
Thursday 21st May 2020
Thank you for keeping us updated with the amazing things you have been doing over the past few months. We love seeing everyone and miss you all! Next week is half term. We would love to see what you get up to so send us a message on Tapestry. Mrs Nelson and the staff at Ducklings have send you a letter which you will find below. There is also a message about key worker provision for after half term. Have fun and keep safe!
Home Learning for Pre-school Class
w/b 18th May 2020
HOME LEARNING for Pre-school Class
W/B 11th May 2020
Pre-school Class
w/b 4th May 2020
Pre-School Class 
w/b 27th April
HOME LEARNING for Pre-School Class
w/b 20th April
HOME LEARNING for Pre-School Class
w/b 13th April
Pre-school Class
w/b 6th April
28th November 2019
Exploring colour mixing for Art Week
This week, classes across the school have been focusing on art. Our focus was 'colour'. The children explored autumn and winter colours and linked it back to the welly walk the children went on a few weeks ago. The children also designed some fantastic Stickman pictures using sticks collected on their walk. We read Mouse Paint and explored how colours could be mixed. Finally we listened to and joined in the story Brown Bear, brown bear, what do you see? which explores colours and animals.
25th November 2019
Upcoming 'festive' events
It's a busy time of year and as we get closer to Christmas, there are some fantastic events happening around school. All school newsletters are sent by email so if you are not receiving them, please update your email address with the school office.
4th December - 'Maurice the Mule' Nativity play @10:30am
5th December - 'Maurice the Mule' Nativity play @2pm
6th December - Parent Cafe (between 2-3pm), wear 'Christmas clothes for the day' in exchange for chocolate for the tombola and the school Christmas Fair after school. (see PTFA Newsletter below for details)
9th December - Christingle Service @2:45pm
13th December - Christmas Jumper Day: please bring in £1 for charity.
18th December - Children's Christmas lunch and Tree Service @2:30pm
20th December - Last day of autumn term
Tuesday 7th January - Children back at school
22nd November 2019
Preparing for Christmas and shopping...
This week, we have been busy practising our Christmas play called 'Maurice the Mule'. Our performance dates are Wednesday 4th December at 10:30am and Thursday 5th December at 2pm. We would love to see you there!
Last week, some of the children showed an interest in shopping and set up a little toy shop with a till. Building on those interests, we read The Shopping Basket and Supermarket Zoo. We also played the memory game, "One day I went shopping and I bought...". 
Finally, we have been preparing for the Brixham Lantern Festival and made our own lanterns using junk  and tissue paper. 
22nd November 2019
Brixham Lantern Festival
Come and join us in the Brixham Lantern Parade tomorrow at 4:45pm. We will be meeting outside Rockfish. Bring your lantern that you made in school or one from home!
14th November 2019
Children in Need
Tomorrow, children can come dressed in 'sporty' gear. Please bring £1 as a donation.
14th November 2019
Welly walk and fine motor skills
This week, the children explored the local area on a 'welly walk'. After that, we read Rosie's Walk and made a map which is displayed above the coats area. We have also been focusing on improving fine motor skills and made 'ribbon wands', 'straw necklaces' and enjoyed cutting gloop, jelly and spaghetti.
8th November 2019
'Welly walk'
Next Wednesday, 13th November, we are going on a 'welly walk' around our local area. The walk links in with our whole school geography focus of exploring our local area. The letter is included below.
8th October 2019
Our online learning journals are NOW LIVE. If you signed the permission slip, you should have been sent an activation email. Once you have activated your account, you will be able to see the fantastic learning opportunities your child has been exploring. Have fun!
Parent Cafe 14.10.19
Huge thanks to parents that came to support our parent cafe this Monday.  It was lovely for the children to see you and join in with our craft activities and decorating biscuits, which looked delicious at the end!  
This week we have been learning about the story of the "Gingerbread Man" and the children have really enjoyed the repetitive text running around in our outside area shouting "Run, Run as fast as you can you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man".  They have also been practicing their cutting skills making their own Gingerbread Man to take home.  We hope you all have a lovely Half Term Holiday and thank you for all your continued support.
Parent cafe
Our parent cafe this term will be held on Monday 14th October between 10:30am and 11:30am. Everyone is welcome to attend, even if it is not your child's usual session. It is a fantastic opportunity to show an interest in what your child does at pre-school, have a look around the class and chat to the staff about any questions you may have.
We look forward to seeing you!
10th October 2019
Jasper's Beanstalk and counting
This week the children have listened to the story of Jasper's Beanstalk. They practised sequencing the days of the week, learnt a 'days of the week' song and talked about the story together. We also planted our own beans and practised counting and recognising the numbers 0 - 10. Towards the end of the week, the children listened to the story of Bear Counts and continued their number work. We also had a counting challenge to see how high we could count - Noah counted to 29!
The children have enjoyed a range of child-led activities such as playing 'cats', building campfires, making 'stew' in the mud kitchen, building a dinosaur park and dressing up as princesses and doctors.
8th November 2019
Bonfire Night, Superheroes and poppies
This week the children used a range of art materials such as oil pastels, chalk and glitter to express their experiences from Bonfire Night. The fantastic display is on the wall in our back room. We also read Supertato this week and the children thought about designing their own superhero with special powers. These are displayed on our 'Learning Experience' wall in the main classroom. Your child's superhero has also been uploaded onto their 'Tapestry' online journal. Finally we watched a gentle film about Remembrance Day and painted our own poppies for the window. 
Tapestry online learning journals
Our online learning journals will soon be up and running! We are making the finishing touches to make your child's observations easy for you to access. We aim to ready by Monday 7th October.
Grounds Day on 5th October 2019
We warmly invite everyone to school this Saturday. Yes, Saturday! We love our school so much that we want to help make it as lovely as possible. Please come and help us tidy up the garden for the winter. Gates open at 9am but you are welcome to pop in throughout the day. Every minute of your time that you can give counts. 
30th September 2019
This week we have been learning all about the season Autumn. We have been making some Autumnal paintings using leaves, making hedgehogs and printing with forks to make the spikes. We also explored our our environment to see if we could see any signs of Autumn. Later in the week we went on an 'Autumn Number Hunt' and practised counting and recognising numbers 0 - 5.
25th September 2019
Little Red Riding Hood and Owl Babies
 This week we have been  reading the above stories and retelling them using story maps and our story telling figures.  The children have really enjoyed these stories especially making their pictures of our Owl babies and making jam sandwiches just like Little Red Riding Hood did and took to Grandmas with her.The children have also loved sensory play with the cars in the salt making marks.
20th September 2019
'Everyone is unique'
 This week the children have explored a range of stories. We read Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Giraffes Can't Dance, Elmer and Dear Zoo. We talked about how everyone is different and unique. The children made giraffe hand prints and decorated their own elephant. We have also showed resilience through trying new things, generosity by sharing with each other and teamwork by tidying up together!
11th September 2019
 We have continued to have lots of fun this week while the children have been settling back in Pre-school life. The children have been painting pictures of their faces looking through a mirror. Their  paintings are up in the classroom so please have a look at how creative they have been. They have also really enjoyed playing with the sharks and babies in the water tray and even had a go at writing their names! 
6th September 2019
Welcome to Ducklings everyone!
What a lovely first few days we have had at pre-school! It has been fantastic to to see our older children after the summer holidays and to begin to get know the new children starting pre-school. We have sent out class letters this week so please check your child's bag or access them on our class blog. (They are attached to the right of this blog.)