Collective Worship

Wednesday 17th September
Jesus calls his helpers
Luke 5:1-11, 6-16
Wednesday 24th September
Jonah and the Whale
Jonah 1:17, 2:10
Wednesday 1st October
David and Goliath
What makes someone truly strong?
Wednesday 15th October
What does the word GREED mean to you?
24th October 2014
Shoe Box Appeal
Wednesday 5th November 2014
Rev John - Remembrance
11th November 2014
Remembrance - Mrs K Rushton
Wednesday 19th November 2014
The Beginning of Advent
Wednesday 26th November 2014
Wednesday 3rd December 2014
The Christmas Story Part 1.
Wednesday 10th December 2014
The Christmas Story Part 2.
19th December 2014
Our Tree Service
15th January 2015
Jesus as a young child and his Baptism.
21st January 2015
Christian Prayer Week
28th January 2015
4th February 2015
St Valentine's
11th February 2015
Christian Aid
25th February 2015
Lent - Miss Tyrrell and Mrs Perring
4th March 2015
Jesus the Story Teller - World Book Day - Fiona and Jocelyn
11th March 2015
Mother's Day - Ms Synnott
18th March 2015
Temptation - Rev John
25th March 2015
The Cross -  School Prayer - Year 6
15th April 2015
Our School Values
22nd April 2015
St George's Day - Year One - Ms Synnott
29th April 2015
British Values
Christian Values
Ten Commandments - Rev John
6th May 2015
Christian Aid - Mrs Williams
13th May 2015
Ascension Day (14th)
Mr Keenan - Dacia and Amelia
Rev John Closing Prayer
20th May 2015
Pentecost - Class 4 and Miss Tyrrell
3rd June 2015
Corpus Christi - In class
8th June 2015
Silver Bells Visit 2015 - Kavita, Mukta and Rachna
10th June 2015
John the Baptist - Class 3's Act of Worship
18th June 2015
Father's Day -  Act of Worship - Reception Class - Mr Gill
24th June 2015
Saint Peter & Saint Paul - AOW - Class 2 Mrs Akery
1st July 2015
Thomas the Apostle - Doubting Thomas - AOW - Year 5 Mrs Rushton
7th July 2015
Christian Aid - Mrs Williams
15th July 2015
Award Ceremony
9th Septeber 2015
Our Altar - The items we place on it and the reasons why.
16th September 2015
Celebration - Going for Goals
1st October 2015
Jesus Walks on the Water
What are your barriers in learning?
7th October 2015
Christian Aid - Mrs Williams
14th October 2015
The Armour of God
11th November 2015
19th November 2015
Joseph the Dreamer
The Good Book - The Storyteller Bible
25th November 2015
Joseph the Leader
The Good Book - The Storyteller Bible
2nd December 2015
The Secret Baby
The Good Book - The Storyteller Bible
9th December 2015
The First Christmas
The Good Book - The Storyteller Bible
6th January 2016
The Great Escape
The Good Book - Storyteller Bible
24th February 2016
Christian Aid
Open the Book - Jonah the Groaner
24th February 2016
Christian Aid
Open the Book - Jonah the Groaner
20th April 2016
The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration
4th May 2016
Christian Aid
Open the Book - John the Baptist
11th May 2016
Open the Book - Fishers of Men
18th May 2016
Open the Book - Down Through the Roof
25thMay 2016
Open the Book - Jesus Calms the Storm
8th June 2016
Queen's 90th Birthday
15th June 2016
Open the Book - Feeding the 5000
The Magnificent Picnic
22nd June 2016
Open the Book - The Lost Coin
6th July 2016
Open the Book - The Big Spender
13th July 2016
Open the Book - Jesus and the Children
Little Bridge House 1991 - 2016
14th September 2016
Open the Book - Jesus and the Taxman
Awards - Mr Gill
21st September 2016
Open The Book - The Great Parade
28th September 2016
Our Harvest Act of Christian Worship
What is harvest?
Reading : God made a promise to his people: 'While the earth remains, seedtime and winter, and day and night, shall not cease' (Genesis 8.22).
5th October 2016
Christian Aid - Mrs Williams
12th October 2016
Open the Book - The Dreadful Day
19th October 2016
Operation Christmas Child
2nd November 2016
Open the Book
9th November 2016
Remembrance Day
16th November 2016
Celebrating the Christian Ministry of Headship
Diocesan Board of Education
Diocese of Exeter
Brixham Church of England
Primary School
Mrs Kerry Rushton
In this service of commissioning the Exeter Diocesan Board of Education joins with the school's Governors, staff, pupils, parents and friends in welcoming our new headteacher: and acknowledging the ministry of headship.
23rd November 2016
The Helper Arrives - Open the Book
Awards - Mr Gill
30th November 2016
Open the Book - Tabitha Wakes Up
Christian Aid
Mr Gill - Awards
7th December 2016
Young Citizen of the Year
Royal British Legion (Brixham Branch)
5th January 2017
The Beautiful Gates
12th January 2017
18th January 2017
Praying for Peter - Open the Book
25th January 2017
The Wise and Foolish Builders - Open the Book
1st February 2017
Hezekiah Trusts God - Open the Book
8th February 2017
Elijah and the Ravens - Open the book
22nd February 2017
A Jar and a Jug - Open the Book
1st March 2017
Mrs K Rushton
8th March 2017
Double your Money - Open the Book
15th March 2017
St Patrick's Day - Mrs Reevell
22nd March 2017
Walking on Water - Open the Book
30th March 2017
Easter Gardens - Mrs Rushton
19th April 2017
The Story of John - Open the Book
3rd May 2017
Jesus Heals a Roman Officer's Servant - Open the Book
10th May 2017
The Kind Stranger - Open the Book
17th May 2017
The Two Sisters - Open the Book
18th May 2017
Compassion - Mrs K Rushton
24th May 2017
I Can See! - Open the Book
7th June 2017
The Big Party - Open the Book
Mr Sam Gill
14th June 2017
Open the Book
Mrs Sarah Reevell
21st June 2017
Respect - Mrs Jo Castle
6th September 2017
The men who said no.
13th September 2017
Open the Book - The Helpful Servant
20th September 2017
Open the Book - The Lost Sheep
27th September 2017
Mrs K Rushton Mrs Jo Akery - Trust
4th October 2017
Snatched to Safety - Open the Book
11th October 2017
Small King, Big Task - Open the Book
18th October 2017
The Two Sons - Open the Book
1st November 2017
Our Harvest Act of Christian Worship
8th November 2017
Be Like Me - Open the Book
15th November 2017
The Bad Brother - Open the book
22nd November 2017
The Runaway - Open the Book
13th December 2017
Our Tree Service 2017
3rd January 2018
The Three Wise Men - Open the Book
10th January 2018
Adam and Eve
17th January 2018
The Sad Day
24th January 2018
NSPCC - Number - Act of Worship
1st February 2018
A Special Promise - Open the Book
7th February 2018
Christian Aid
21st February 2018
God's Friend - Open the Book
7th March 2018
Joseph the Dreamer
 15th March 2018
Joseph the Ruler - Joseph the Prisoner - Open the Book
21st March 2018
Justice - The Ten Commandments
18th April 2018
The Secret Baby - Open the Book
30th April 2018
The Great Escape
2nd May 2018
A Long Journey - Open the Book
10th May 2018
The Walls Fall Down - Open the Book
 16th May 2018
Samuel Hears a Voice - Open the Book
23rd May 2018
Friendship - Mrs Rushton
6th June 2018
The Lost Coin - Open the Book
13th June 2018
David the Giant Killer - Open the Book
21st June 2018
Jonah the Groaner - Open the Book
27th June 2018
Daniel and the Lions - Open the Book
18th July 2018
Jesus is Baptized - Open the Book
Awards - Mrs Jo Akery
12th September 2018
A Jar and a Jug - Open the Book
19th September 2018
The Two Sons - Open the Book
26th September 2018
Jesus' Special Friends
9th October 2018
The Storm on the Lake - Open the Book
31st October 2018
The Big Spender - Open the Book
7th November 2018
Jesus and the Children - Open the Book
21st November 2018
The Centurion's Servant - Open the Book
28th November 2018
5th December 2018
The Kind Strange - Open the Book
12th December 2018
"I Can See!" - Open the Book
19th December 2018
The Christmas Tree Service
20th December 2018
9th January 2019
The Big Party - Open the Book
16th January 2019
Double Your Money - Open the Book
23rd January 2019
The Boy Who Liked to Say No - Open the Book
5th February 2019
The Tortoise and the Hare - Marie Tyrrell
13th February 2019
Daniel and the Lions - Open the Book
1st March 2019
Open the Book - The Great Parade
8th March 2019
World Book Day - Reception Performed Puff the Magic Dragon
with Jo Castle on her Guitar
15th March 2019
Oprn the Book - The Story of Good Friday
24th April 2019
Goodbye at Last - Open the Book
22nd May 2019
Forgiveness - Ms Kerrie Chavner