Class R: The Turtles 16-17

Class Teacher – Mr Gill

Learning Support Assistant (LSA) – Heather Smith, Julie Perkins and Michelle Rundle

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Class Blog

A big warm welcome to Class Reception to all of our families. We are looking forward to the start of school and welcoming yourselves and your children. See you all on Monday 5th September!
Tuesday 11th July 2017
Our 'Whatever Next' story was so popular last week that we have continued our 'Space' investigations into a second week. In between the children having two 'moving up' mornings we have loved exploring our Solar System. Last week was spent finding out about different planets, their names and facts about them. We made our own planets and ordered them using foods to represent the different planets. The children have written lists of all the planets they know and we have watched some amazing videos of astronauts on the moon. This week we will be finding out about stars. We have some fantastic activities planned, so watch this space....
Friday 7th July 2017
Our 'Armed Forces' celebration were a big hit with all our children last week. Celebrations of the fantastic job that our Armed Forces do were shared with the children throughout the week. We were lucky enough to have 2 visitors during the week from a soldier called Henry and a Navy Officer called Nick. Both visits were fantastic and gave the children a real insight into what life was like in the Army and Navy. The role-play last week was very much based around our visitors! We also designed our own army shields, made tanks and aircraft from junk modelling and made lists of what we would need if we were in the Armed Forces. Gwen's dad brought in his old Army pack which included helmets, army clothes and rucksacks for us to wear. Enjoy the pictures...
Friday 16th June 2017
WOW! What a fun hot day at Forest School..... We have had so much fun den making, tree climbing, designing see-saws, making rope swings, etc. Here are some of the pictures from our last 2 weeks at Forest School. What can the children tell you about our visit?
Monday 5th June 2017
Welcome back after half-term, hopefully everyone had some lovely family time together. We have 'hit the ground running' this week with a very busy start to the week. We welcomed 'Animal Man', Simon Kite to school today and all of his wonderful friends. The children have shown a real interest in minibeasts lately have and loved finding out about different creatures in our local environment. 'Animal Man' brought in lizards, gecko's, tarantula's, cochroaches, stick insects, degu's, guinea pigs, rabbits, snakes, chinchilla's and giant snails among others. We were so proud of our children for showing empathy towards the animals and handling them with respect. Everyone took part and some even had snakes around their necks... 
Wednesday 17th May 2017
Our 'book of the week' by Eric Carle is 'The Very Busy Spider'. The illustrations and text are fantastic and providing us with terrific learning opportunities. We have made our own spiders and story maps already this week and today we are discussing 'doubling' using playdough spiders. Yesterday we used our story maps to retell the story in small teams. I am sure the children would love to retell the story to you at home! Today we are finishing our colourful spider webs by scratching off black paint that we covered our wax designs in. Later this week we will be using non-fiction texts to investigate a range of other minibeasts and find out interesting facts about them.
Wednesday 8th May 2017
We have been enjoying 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' this week in Class Reception. Story maps in the shape of hats, symmetry, butterfly paintings and welcoming 5 baby caterpillars into our class have so far been the highlights. We are now looking after the caterpillars which are growing by the day and waiting for them to build their cocoons. Come in and have a look if you have time. Here are a selection of our favourite photos from the week...
Friday 28th April 2017
Today saw our first 'Stay and Play' session of the term. Thank you to everyone who came to the session, the children loved welcoming you all into our school. These sessions will run through this first half of the Summer term every Friday so pop in if you have time.
Wednesday 26th April 2017
This week we are investigating the story of 'St George'. We have learnt how 'St George' is important to our country and what he represents. The children have designed their own story map of 'St George and the dragon' and are able to retell the myth independently. We have designed our own shields to use in our role-play, with some children making their own dragon's den outside! We have had some lovely discussions around knights, soldiers and princesses this week too. Our outdoor classroom has been in full use as our knights, dragons and princesses have been role-playing the story of 'St George'. A reminder that 'Stay and Play' begins this Friday with all welcome. 
Friday 31st March 2017
The children have loved finding out about Easter this week and we have been retelling the Easter story. We have designed our own Easter patterns and made some repeated patterns using finger painting. We have welcomed 2 friends from Austria over the past 2 weeks, Korina and Anna. They have been helping around the class and teaching us some German songs. The children have loved having 2 new friends to play with and we have learned some interesting things about Austrian culture. We hope you all enjoy Easter and look forward to seeing you again on Wednesday 19th April.
Monday 13th March 2017
This week we are continuing our 'Spring' investigations from last week by exploring our local environment and in particular, how to grow seeds. Today we have been following instructions in how to plant seeds, learning about the main parts of a flower and learning how to take care of our seedlings. Please enjoy these pictures they are terrific...
Friday 10th March 2017
Our investigations this week have led us to the school pond! The children have been exploring the life-cycle of a frog and finding out about how our school environment supports local wildlife. We found some frogspawn in the pond and researched how to look after them and nurture them into fully grown frogs. We have visited the pond to clean it from algae and rubbish that had been blown in by the wind. Today we have been investigating 'measure' by seeing how far we could jump like a frog! We them measured our jump and compared lengths with our friends. On Tuesday the children made their own lily pad number lines to hop along. The children also enjoyed designing their own life-cycle pictures and then talked this through with their friends. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures and videos...  
Wednesday 1st March 2017
On Thursday we are celebrating 'World Book Day' at school. This week we therefore decided to investigate a different form of text each day. On Monday we enjoyed listening to some Roald Dahl poems and investigating rhyming words. The children had great fun matching pictures that rhyme as well as making up their own rhyming words! On Tuesday the Pre-School were having new windows fitted so therefore they were unable to use their room. We spent all day on Tuesday together as a Foundation Stage in Class Reception having some 'pancake fun'! The children showed fantastic empathy, teamwork and care for one another all day. It was lovely to see the older children interacting with the Pre-School, showing them around and helping them in their play. We managed to make some pancakes, write our own instructions for how to make pancakes and the best bit was tasting them at snack time! Today we have been exploring St.David's Day in Class Reception. We have found out some facts about Wales, danced some traditional Welsh dances, tasted some Welsh food and hand-painted some amazing daffodils. What a busy week already... 
Thursday 23rd February 2017
Our first week back after half-term has been about recycling. Our 'book of the week' has been 'Michael Recycle' which is about a superhero who saves planet earth by teaching people to respect the planet and where they live. The children have recycled different materials as well as investigate recycling yards. We have explored how metals are recycled at scrap yards and the children particularly enjoyed watching how cars are crushed and then used to  make other objects around us. The children have carried out their own recycling and written amazing lists of things that can be recycled around us. We chatted about how to respect Brixham and make sure we keep our environment safe. Our book has lent itself to singing '5 green bottles' which in turn led us to explore calculation, especially 'take-away'. This afternoon we will welcome Mervyn our 'music man'. This is always one of the highlights of the week...  
Friday 3rd February 2017
On Thursday afternoons we enjoy a visit from a friend of the school called Mervyn who is a music teacher. The Foundation Stage enjoy singing, dancing, stories and teamwork opportunities with him in the hall. It is a fantastic opportunity for the Foundation Stage to get together and learn alongside having fun. Last week Mervyn began teaching us a song about the water cycle which sparked an interest in many of our children. This week we therefore decided to investigate the weather. It just so happened that the weather this week has been horrendous! This has been really helpful as it has given us opportunities to discuss and explore wind strength, precipitation, evaporation, rainbows, maps, temperatures, etc. The children have loved finding out about all the different types of weather. Today may even bring a storm to Brixham!!! Our highlight was probably on Wednesday when we conducted our own water experiment and made it rain indoors! Ask your children if they remember how... 
Thursday 26th January 2017
This week our investigations have led us to the Chinese New Year which begins this Saturday. The children have explored the Chinese New Year story and we have enjoyed role=playing the story. We have made masks to represent the animals and hats to re-tell the story. The children have certainly enjoyed investigating the differences in cultures between England and China, especially the different writing! We have attempted writing our names and Zodiac symbols in Chinese using acrylic paints. Ted brought in an amazing 'show and tell' of his name written in Chinese. This then prompted his friends to have a go at writing their own names in Chinese! Another popular activity this week has been making Chinese dragons. We used paper chains and designed dragons heads before connecting them both together. This afternoon we are enjoying some Chinese dancing and tomorrow we will be tasting some Chinese foods......phew!!!!!
Thursday 19th January 2016
Our book of the week is currently 'What The Ladybird Heard' by Julia Donaldson. This has given the children the opportunity to design their own farmyard maps for 'Hefty Hugh' and Lanky Len'. The maps have barns, sheep, ponds, farmhouses, corn fields and haystacks amongst other things! We used a range of different materials to design them which was terrific fun. Today we have been looking at the life-cycle of a ladybird. The children watched a super video on the different stages of its life. Once we had chatted about the video the children then recreated their own life-cycle picture. We also used some cereal to represent the eggs, some 'Quaver' crisps to represent the pupa, some sweets for the lavae and some tomatoes for the ladybirds. The best bit was eating the foods after all our designing! Enjoy the pictures... 
Monday 9th January 2017
Our 'book of the week' this week will be 'Cookie's Week'. It is a lovely story about a cat called Cookie who gets into all sorts of trouble at home. We will be using the story to help the children learn about the days of the week. We have already begun by designing our own days of the week paper chains. These are fantastic and have not only helped teach the children the names of the days but also the order in which the days are sequenced.
The children settled back into school so well last week after Christmas. We used up any leftover vegetables we had from Christmas to make some 'Stone Soup'!!! The children designed their own recipes, chopped and prepared their ingredients and then enjoyed the soup that was cooked on Friday! The magical stone certainly worked for us... 
Tuesday 6th December 2016
Our interests this week have led us to investigate something we saw in our water tray last week. One morning the tray had frozen over with ice! The children loved chatting about how it got there and why. With this in mind our book of the week has been 'Charlie Crow In The Snow'. We have been scientists this week, carrying out experiments on water! Monday was spent melting ice to find hidden toys that had frozen inside the ice blocks! The children were only allowed to use their bodies to melt the ice! This was great fun and led to amazing discussions about what temperature water needs to be to freeze. We also found out what happens to water as it is heated and boils. The children were amazed when steam came out of the kettle and rose to the ceiling. The children then filled up pots with water and objects and visited Wayne in his kitchen. We placed our pots in the freezer an when we came into school today, we went to explore what had happened. The water had been frozen! We then found various ways in which to melt and break the ice independently. It has been a fun week already and its only Tuesday! Heather brought her hairdryer in today and we also watched as she melted a big ice ball with hot air! The children loved being 'scientists' as you can see from these pictures... 
Thursday 24th November 2016
Our book of the week this week is 'The 3 Little Pigs'. We have been talking a lot in class about looking after our friends and family and how to show empathy to one another. Our family of pigs in the story certainly show empathy to each other in scaring away the 'Big Bad Wolf'!!! We have designed our own houses made from different materials and talked about what makes a house strong. The classroom resembled more of a stable this week as the straw covered the floor!!! We had a lovely discussion around what makes a person 'beautiful'. Apparently high heels and make-up are important! We eventually got into a discussion about how people are special from the 'inside'. The answers the children gave were amazing. We have also been building dens outside for the pigs to hide, building towers to keep the wolf away and then finding out how many blocks we have in our towers and comparing who had the tallest and shortest towers! Our outdoor classroom floor has been filled with writing as the children are growing in confidence to write independently......chalk everywhere!!!
Wednesday 16th November 2016
Our investigations this week have led us to the story, 'The Smartest Giant In Town'. As this week is anti-bullying week across the country we decided to choose a book that is linked to empathy. This book lends itself perfectly to what we needed. The children have not only learnt the story but have begun to story map George the Giant's journey. We have also been walking and jumping like a giant and measuring how far we can jump with partners. The children then recorded how far they jumped using brick to measure the distances. On Tuesday we decided to make some giant shapes for George using bamboo canes! These were huge and proved to be a great problem solving activity. The children were challenged to construct some 2D shapes in teams using the giant sticks. The results were incredible. Hope you enjoy the pictures.... 
Wednesday 9th November 2016
Our visit to Forest School today was amazing! For some children it was the first time they have been to our Forest School site. The weather was windy and cold at times, but that didn't stop us having a great time. We travelled down to Forest School by imitating 'Rosie's Walk' and finding obstacles and landmarks to note for our story maps that we will make tomorrow. The children made dens, climbed trees, made tunnels, worked as a team, made swings and even had time for our picnic lunch! Hope you enjoy the photos...
Friday 3rd November 2016
Our first week back at school after half-term has led us to investigating 'Bonfire Night', fireworks and the story of Guy Fawkes. The children have learnt all about 'The Gunpowder Plot' and have sequenced their own story of how the event unfolded. We re-told our stories to one another on Wednesday with great confidence. Designing our own bonfires on Monday was very popular, as was our finger-painting fireworks on Tuesday! On Thursday we investigated what happens when you mix different colours together like fireworks! We did this by mixing powder paints together on the school playground and adding water to the paint. We then used brushes to mix the two together. This was great fun! Hope you enjoy the pictures...
Monday 17th October 2016
Our 'Grounds Day' was a roaring success today with the school getting a much needed 'make-over' for the Winter. We worked with Year 6 to tidy the school, weed the raised beds, plant bulbs for the Winter, cut grass, freshen up the school playground, sweep leaves and collect litter. The school now looks refreshed and ready for its Winter rest. The children worked extremely hard and enjoyed the teamwork opportunities with Year 6. 
Wednesday 11th October 2016
Our 'book of the week, this week is 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea'. We have been investigating repeated patterns on the tiger and designing our own coloured patterns. We have linked this with discussing what foods are healthy and what foods are un-healthy. The children had a food tasting session on Monday where we tried mango, pineapple, kiwi and melon. Yesterday we then used bananas to make our own fruit smoothies! "They are lush," said Eban!!! The children first had to order their instructions before they could make the smoothies. Today we have been ordering the process using pictures from yesterdays activity. A very popular activity this week has also been the sound boxes that we gave the children to take home on Monday. The children have been using the letters to make short CVC words and have taken great pleasure in showing me how they have been teaching mums and dads at home!
Wednesday 4th October 2016
Please find below a copy of the phonics presentation we discussed today. As always, if there are any questions then please come and ask a member of staff.
Friday 30th September 2016
Our book of the week has been 'Funnybones' this week. This has proved to be one of the most popular books we have ever had! We have investigated skeletons, different bones in our body, drawn our own skeletons, looked at x-rays, designed playdough skeletons and danced to 'Funnybones' music. This is all as well as creating tally charts to investigate our different eye colours and measuring our feet to see who has the longest and shortest foot! In our phonic games we have introduced i n m d and started to blend sounds to form words! I hope you enjoy this weeks pictures as much as us. Please remember the phonic meeting on Wednesday next week. It will be in the school hall at 9.15am. 
Thursday 22nd September 2016
Our book of the week is currently 'The Owl Babies' in Reception. We have been hand-printing our own owls, designing our own owl snacks and today we are painting a scene from the story of the characters Sarah, Percy and Bill. Our outdoor classroom has been extremely popular this week with the mud kitchen, sandpit and 'water works' seeing lots of activity. Today our indoor classroom has also been turned into a dance studio as half the class wanted to dance and sing! It was terrific fun and we even had some children playing instruments as we danced. In between this we managed some phonic activities and maths games. Hope you enjoy the pictures... 
Thursday 15th September 2016
As part of exploring our school environment, today we focused on our outdoor music room. To introduce the children to this we made our own musical instruments and were lucky enough to have a visit from Gwen's dad Chris. He is an extremely talented guitar player who cam in and played us some nursery rhymes as well as some 'chart hits' for us to join in with! The impact was amazing! Consequently most of the children have spent the day playing our guitars and instruments while singing, dancing and forming their own bands! Here are some pictures of the fun we have been having...
Tuesday 13th September 2016
Please see the letter below regarding our upcoming parents phonics meeting.
Wednesday 7th September 2016
What a busy week we are having at school! The children are settling in well and exploring their new environment. We have been establishing some routines in the first few days and enjoying some games together. The 'outdoor classroom' is extremely popular with the children and most of our play has taken place outside so far! Singing and dancing has proved very popular, so today we made our own music bands with guitars, shakers and drums. We used these instruments to add to our singing and had great fun singing our favourite nursery rhymes.