Class R: The Turtles

Class Teacher – Mr Gill

Learning Support Assistant (LSA) – Heather Smith, Julie Perkins and Michele Rundle

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Class Blog

Monday 23rd July 2018
Today we performed our 'Summer Concert' to the school and staff. We had 2 very special guests from Holwell Villa Residential Home...... Geoff and Ann. They both came to our performance and even took part in the singing and instrumental parts of our songs. It was amazing to have them with us for our performance. The school welcomed them into our family. Thank you to everyone that managed to come to our performance last week, the children loved having the support. It has been a wonderful year and we wish you all the best in Year 1.
Thursday 5th July 2018
Our 'Book of The Week' has been 'The Stickman' which the children have embraced. We have made some beautiful 'land art' using leaves, flowers and sticks from the forest floor. The children have also been discussing important family members and writing lists of people that are important to us. Today we are storymapping 'The Stickman' using a range of different materials and resources with the childre retelling the story as they create! Yesterday some of us visited Holwell Villa Residential Home to play with our friends. We sang songs, painted, read stories and played. I highlight for most of us was on Tuesday however as we made some instructions on how to make fires. We then used these instructions to light the fires with only a little support from adults. Enjoy our pictures and video...
Friday 18th June 2018
'The Very Busy Spider' has been our book of the week this week. We went to Forest School on Monday and enjoyed fabulous weather. Since then we have made our own story clocks in order to re-tell the story of 'The Very Busy Spider, researched spiders, their habitats and how they survive. The children have researched information about spiders and written their favourite facts today. These pieces of writing are displayed on our writing wall......come and have a look! The video below was taken this morning and shows children role-playing a spider and insect game. Insects have been caught in a web and are being wrapped up in silk and eaten. What wonderful imagination........
Friday 11th May 2018
A short week comes to an end today with a visit to Forest School. We have finished our weather investigations with a focus on rainbows. We learnt how rainbows are formed, made our own rainbows and enjoyed the story of 'Noah's Ark'. On Wednesday we pretended to be 'Noah' and wrote some fabulous lists of the animals we would take into our ark. Next week we will be attending Forest School on Monday so please come prepared. Have a fantastic weekend.
Friday 4th May 2018
Another week comes to an end and we are back at Forest School today. Last week we were unable to attend due to the dangerous winds at Berryhead, but this week the weather looks much improved. We have been investigating the different types of weather we have experienced lately in Brixham this week. The children have experimented by being 'weather forecasters' this week after watching forecasters on TV. We have learnt about different symbols on the weather maps and how they can affect the weather patterns. On Tuesday we began discussing the water cycle and the children designed their own interpretation of the water cycle using a range of different resources. Enjoy the long weekend and we will see you all on Tuesday.
Thursday 19th April 2018
A big welcome back for our final term in Class Reception this year. The children have settled back into our routines with ease. We have been extremely lucky with the fantastic weather that has greeted us every morning this week. We have followed up our interest in Spring/ Summer that the children had before Easter by planting our own runner bean seeds this week. We had to follow a set of instructions in order to do this. We will be looking after the seeds everyday until they are ready to be planted in our flower bed in the school grounds. This activity led on to discussions about plants and how they grow. We watched a fantastic time lapse video on how a flower grows from the moment it is planted. We drew our own plants, labelled them and recounted what different parts of the plant are for. We have put them in the children's learning journals for you to see. 
Friday 23rd March 2018
As this has been the first official week of Spring, we have been looking at our local environment and how it is changing around us in the season of Spring. Our discussions led us to chatting about flowers and new life in the countryside. We then decided to grow our own 'cress heads'! These are growing by the day and the children are having a race to see who's cress grows the fastest! Forest School was great fun today and we were really lucky with the weather. Pancakes and toasted marshmallows were the order of the day.  
Wednesday 14th March 2018
Today we have been lucky enough to welcome 2 musicians into school. One of our visitors played the harp and the other played the flute. Adults and children alike were absolutely mesmerized by the beautiful sounds from the harp and flute. We listened to the musicians play and then had a 'question and answer' session with our visitors. We also have 4 Austrian students with us this week who we are looking after. This has enabled us to learn about other cultures, play some Austrian games and make new friends. Our investigations this week have also  led us to finding out about the life-cycle of a frog. We found frogspawn in the school pond and have been investigating how frogs live in our pond. We currently have some frogspawn we are looking after but they are beginning to turn into tadpoles! Come in and have a look...  
Friday 9th March 2018
This week we have been investigating the exciting snow and ice that we saw last week. We have looked at how water freezes and then melts and how snow is formed. The children conducted their own experiments by finding small objects in the classroom and placing them into containers. They then filled the containers with water and placed them in the freezer. The next day we went to the freezer and the objects had been frozen with the water. We then spent the morning trying to break our toys out of the ice blocks. Experimenting with different ways of melting the ice block was great fun. We used the heat from the sun and the heat from our bodies. Some of us even used brute force to break the ice!!!
Friday 23rd February 2018
This week we have been investigating the Chinese New Year. We have made Chinese New Year hats, been learning how to write in Chinese, tasted Chinese food, use some Chinese greetings and investigate different cultures in China. On Wednesday we visited Holwell Villa Residential Home where we enjoyed some play with the elderly residents. On Thursday we went to the college next door to play some fun games with the GSCE students who had planned activities for us. On Friday we went to Forest School, celebrated Reuben's birthday with cakes and enjoyed a Chinese lunch cooked by Xyron's mum!!!! What a day!!!
Friday 2nd February 2018
The end of our first week investigating 'Space'. The children have loved the theme this wee finding out about planets and stars. We learnt the names of the different planets and the order in which you find them in our solar system. We then made 'space hats' where the children sequenced the planets. The children ended up wearing them for the rest of the day! On Tuesday we then used different foods to represent the planets and again sequenced them in the correct order. This was probably the most popular activity of the week! On Wednesday some of us went down to Holwell Villa Residential home to meet our new friends and play some games. Please enjoy the photos... 
Friday 19th January 2018
Mud! Mud! Mud! Forest School in the mud! Our favourite visit so far. I am going to let the pictures and videos do the talking...
Wednesday 17th January 2018
Our 'Book of the Week' this week is Hairy Maclary! The children have loved investigating the various breeds of dogs in the story and we even have a visit from Jo's dog Luna on Thursday. We have designed our own 'Bottomley Potts' characters on Monday and today we have been story-mapping Hairy Maclary. The children have been able to re-tell the story independently today! We have also been investigating numbers on houses and where we all live. The story has enabled us to investigate numbers and design our own street, writing numbers on the doors for the postman to deliver our mail! 
Wednesday 13th December 2017
Today we visited Holwell Villa Residential Home with a group of children from Class Reception. 11 children visited in the morning to make new friends, play games, make Christmas cards, sing songs and spread our 'festive cheer'! Heather, Jocelyn and Mr Gill went with the children are we could not be more proud of the children. They showed empathy, respect and kindness to the residents. When it was time to go the residents didn't want us to leave as we were all having such a fun time! Our next visit will be in the New Year...
Friday 8th December 2017
The end of another successful week at school celebrating Christmas! Both Nativity plays this week were amazing! Thank you to everyone that came to support us, we hope you enjoyed all of the children's hard work. Please enjoy the pictures of the children in their outfits...
Thursday 16th November 2017
Our 'Book of the Week' this week has been 'Rosie's Walk'. The children have made story maps of 'Rosie's Walk' and used them to re-tell the events of Rosie's journey. We had a visit from a folk band on Monday where we were able to perform our Dartmoor Broom Dance to the rest of the school and teach them some of our 'moves'!!!! We also used Rosie's Walk as a starting point to teach the children about positional language and our fantastic outdoor classroom came in handy as we pretended to be Rosie and move around our 'farmyard'! Hopefully everyone has received their letters about our Christmas play as the children are VERY excited about performing. Not a day goes by without us singing our songs!
Friday 3rd November 2017
Our book of the week has been 'Charlie Crow In The Snow' which has led us to some fantastic discussions around Autumn. We have been on leaf hunts, made a collage using leaves from our local environment, investigated animals that hibernate, designed our own leaf photographs, made bird feeders for the Winter and painted our own Autumn tree using cotton buds! Forest School at the end of the week provided us with the opportunity to make new friends, team build and explore more 'Autumn treasures.' Enjoy our photos...
Friday 20th October 2017
'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' has been our book of the week this week. We have designed our own tigers using pastels, investigated healthy foods and their content, made our own fruit smoothies with a focus on instructions and even had time to fit in a day at Forest School on Friday! The children loved learning about how bossy instructions can be and enjoyed retelling them to us on Wednesday. On Thursday we had a visit from Jo's friend called Sarah. They both play in a musical band together and Jo invited her in to play her accordion. We then had a fantastic time dancing, singing and playing together. Enjoy the photos...
 Friday 13th October 2017
We have been investigating 'Zog' this week and exploring the world of dragons! The children designed their own 'Zog' dragon heads on Monday and used a range of 2D shapes on Tuesday to build their own shape dragon. Wednesday we went on shape hunts around the school and played hide and seek with shapes in the classroom....great fun! On Thursday we were lucky enough to welcome Mrs Blackler who plays the recorder with Jo for some live music. The children loved singing along and dancing to a number of songs the duet played. Today we have been searching for various coloured flowers and leaves at Forest School to make patterns with.....
Friday 6th October 2017
Our investigations led us to 'Funnybones' this week. We loved finding out about our bodies, the different bones we have, singing songs about our body and designing our own skeletons. On Monday we used pipe cleaners to make our own skeletons. We cut up the pipe cleaners for the children to arrange in order to make a skeleton. On Tuesday we went on a bone hunt around the school with the children naming different bones in our body that they found. On Wednesday the children looked at x-rays of broken bones. Daphne unfortunately broke a bone in her shoulder and brought her x-ray in to show us. She has been very brave and loved showing her friends the picture from the doctor. We then decided to use white straws to design our own x-ray of our hands. These are so fabulous that we will be making a display next week of them. Thursday was all about the 'Dartmoor Broom Dance'! Jo was teaching us how to dance in time with the music in the hall. Great fun! Today has been lighting the bonfire at Forest School and toasting marshmallows! Busy, busy, busy...   
Friday 29th September 2017
A busy week investigating the story of 'The Owl Babies'. The children loved painting their own owl pictures on Thursday, designing their own leaf animals on Wednesday and investigating nocturnal animals on Tuesday. We went on a nocturnal animal hunt around school earlier in the week which led us to discussions around foxes, badgers, bats, etc. This was all great fun but obviously the highlight of the week was 'Forest School' today. The enjoyment on the faces of the children was great to see. Den making, treasure hunts, tree climbing, rope swinging and storytelling were all firm favourites with the children. We all came back covered in mud, but nobody minded one bit! Enjoy the photos...  
Friday 22nd September 2017
Our book of the week has been 'Would You Rather' which the children have loved. It is a fictional story about making choices in life. We have read it almost every day at the request of the children! In keeping with the theme of the story, we gave the children challenges throughout the week to make their own choices between activities. On Tuesday they had the choice to try tomato soup or vegetable soup. On Wednesday they could paint with their hands or their feet.....this was terrific fun! Near the end of the week a lot of children were exploring our dressing up clothes. Spiderman, Superman, Fireman Sam and princesses were extremely popular. With the aid of some dancing music we created our own ballet and dance moves. There is a video below with some pictures for you to enjoy!
Friday 15th September 2015
What a busy week we have had! The children have been exploring our indoor and outdoor classrooms this week and getting used to some of our routines. We have had so much fun in the wind, rain and sunshine. We seem to have had all 4 seasons in one week! Hope you enjoy a selection of some of the fun we have had...
Wednesday 6th September 2017
A big warm welcome to Class Reception! We look forward to enjoying our journey this year with every family. We pride ourselves on our family inclusive ethos in the Foundation Stage. This year is the first step of what will hopefully be an enjoyable 7 years at our school. Below is a copy of our welcome letter that we sent out today.
The staff that work and play within Class Reception are Mr Gill, Heather, Julie, Mrs Jackson and Michele.
Wednesday 6th September 2017
What a successful first day at school we have had! We have been very busy in both our inside and outside classrooms. Enjoy the photos...