Class 6: The Sharks (2015-2016)

Class Teacher – Mrs Perring

Learning Support Assistant (LSA) – Fiona Clark

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Class Blog

11.7.16 Sports Day

On the 11th July, at Brixham C of E Primary, the pupils competed in a sports day with 8 different stations (Jos and Alfie S). First all the groups gathered up in the hall (Dylan).


Everyone turned up in their PE kits, we all got into our sports houses and went to the field (Conor).


For the standing jump, we had to stand still and jump as far as we could. Most of us went twice. I managed to jump 2m 10cm and get double points (Archie).


Next we prepared to get ready for the 100m sprint (Konrad and Kameron). 


On the next activity, we threw the javelin as far as we could (Louis and Josh).


We threw frisbees through hula-hoops which were hanging from the rugby posts (on the right and left side there were 2 big hoops and in the middle there was a smaller hoop). We were aware 80 points for the bigger hoops and 100 points for the smaller hoops (Donnie). The frisbee was the difficult (Khan).


The Illinois Test was an activity to test your speed as well as showing off your skill in turning (Nic).


In the obstacle course you had to run around cones, then crawl under a pole then run through hoops and a ladder. It tested our speed, accuracy and reactions (Alfie LE).

8.7.16 Sponsored Walk
Today, Class 6 completed our sponsored walk. We have been raising money towards the cost of our trip to Warren Barn. The route took us to Berry Head, down the lane to arrive at Breakwater Beach. Then we walked past the harbour through town and on towards St Mary's Park. After this, we walked back up the hill to school. 
Before we arrived back, we popped to the new play park at Astley Park to try out the newly installed equipment.
Any donations/ sponsor money needs to be returned to school by Friday 15th July please.
June 2016 Warren Barn!
The class had an amazing adventure at Warren Barn last week. We enjoyed the following activities:
  • BBQ with Mr Keenan
  • Team building games in the woods (including building a rope bridge, a makeshift camp and across the bog)
  • Den building in the woods
  • Making pizza at Occombe Farm
  • Meeting the animals at Occombe Farm
  • Visiting the Model Village in Babbacombe
Please take a look at the photos!
17.6.16 Roots to Foods
This week Darren, from Roots to Foods, visited the school to teach us about healthy eating. He hosted a Ready, Steady, Cook! style competition in the hall for KS2. Mrs Perring and Miss Tyrrell were the head chefs for the green and orange teams. The second chefs were Jack and Paris (Y6) with the additional help of Nicole and Luke (Y5), Koby and Ellie (Y4) and John and Nuala (Y3). Each team had 15 minutes to make a healthy dish which contained food from each of the food groups. Miss T's team made pasta with griddled chicken and ragu sauce. Mrs Perring's team made salmon fish cakes with stir fried vegetables and lemon rice. Everybody really enjoyed the morning. Afterwards, year 6 reflected on what they had learnt.
Now we know:
  • You need to eat one portion of oily fish each week which contains omega 3 (great for your brain)
  • Cucumber is a fruit because its seeds are on the inside
  • How to make a fishcake
  • What the French word for grapefruit is!
This week we have planned our own ficticious parties for the Queen's 90th birthday. We collaborated to plan and design party invitations, posters, seating plans, menus and entertainment. We had to stick to a budget and used the ipads to check out the real prices of food and other purchases on the internet. Then on Friday we participated in a whole school tea party, after making our own tea party food in the morning. Throughout the week we have also undertaken other Queen related activites, such as designing a celebratory coin and Queen Elizabeth II pop art (inspired by Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe). 
The class have also been lucky enough to work with the team from Premier Sports, which will continue until the end of term. This week they worked on running for speed and recorded their sprint times.
Miss Tyrrell has started her work on SRE (Sex and Relationships Education) with the class, which will also continue throughout this half term.
This week we concluded our science work about the heart and circulation by undertaking our own investigation. We collaborated to ask and investigate our own questions linked with exercise and heart rate. They included:
How much does our heart rate increase after 2 laps of the playground?
Do our heart rates all increase by the same amount after exercise?
How do different exercises affect our heart rates?
We planned and carried out our investigations over two days, then recorded our results in a table and line graph. Lots of the class used the mean to see an average across their group. Finally we concluded and evaluated our science work.
On Friday we all dissected lamb's hearts. This helped us to understand what a real heart looks like and how the chambers differ. Did you know...? The left side of the heart is much thicker and more muscular as it has to pump blood around the whole body. Whereas the right side of the heart is thinner and less muscular as it only has to pump blood as far as the lungs! Take a look at the pictures below!
This week we have been enjoying being the 'guinea pigs' in using our new Learn Pads. We used them to begin to research and write our own e-books, with the theme of 'Biomes and Invisible Lines on the Earth'. 
In our science lessons we have been learning about the heart and circulation. We have:
  • identified and described the function of the heart, blood vessels and lungs
  • used a model of a heart to explore how the the heart has two functions
  • learnt about the impact of alcohol, smoking and drugs on our bodies
  • planned our own investigations into the effect of exercise on our heart and circulation
We have created a very 'eye-catching' display of impressionist style oil pastel images of a human eye. Using this as a starting point, we have begun working on our next project... watch this space!  
15.04.16 Welcome Back!
Firstly, many thanks to those parents and children who supported our Easter Booster classes over the holidays. The children enjoyed a variety of activities designed to revise and support their needs in English and maths.
We have, as ever, had a very busy first week back at school. Several of the children in Class 6 have showed off their knowledge of the school, acting as very articulate ambassadors whilst we had a range of visitors in school. In class we have enjoyed the following:
  • In English we examined the poem 'The Raven' by Edgar Allen Poe. We were exploring the atmosphere created by the poet and structured our responses using evidence from the text. Please watch an alternative take on 'The Raven' by watching the video below.
  • We have planned our own grammar quizzes. Next week we will type these into an online quiz programme called Kahoot so that we can play them together.
  • In maths we have been learning about the features of a circle and pie charts. Then we made our own revision posters to decorate the classroom. We had to think carefully about the information we would need to include and how to present it.
  • Jenny Moss joined us for a PE session, which will continue fortnightly for the rest of the term. The children enjoyed an alternative to rounders (which didn't involve using a bat) as sadly we were confined to the hall due to the bad weather!
  • In science we created biographies or biographical posters about Charles Darwin.
This term we will be working closely with Mr Keenan in the run-up to SATs week (beginning Monday 9th May). Following this, we will be working on a range of projects- designed by the children- with the theme 'One more step'. This will include work on the Mayan civilisation and the Rio Olympics. 
Maths: Continue to work on learning times tables up to 12 x 12 for rapid recall.
The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe
21.3.2016 Forest School
Over the last term Year 6 have been attending Forest School with Year 2.  They have been working collaboratively with each other.  They have made some fantastic dens, food for the birds, tables and chairs and even completed a cooking challenge!  Take a look at some of the photos during their time there.
11.3.16 Buckfast Abbey
This week, we were lucky enough to visit Buckfast Abbey to learn about the Easter story. Every child was an outstanding ambassador for our school, showing respect to the guides and to the environment itself. Each group participated in three activities:
  • Easter based crafts
  • Colouring a perspex cross using glass-pens 
  • 'Walking through' the Easter story by visiting several stops around the church and listening to each part of the events leading up to and following the crucifixion. 
The highly decorated, golden ceiling in the middle of the church has inspired us to create our own gold art work (which we will present to the school in Act of Worship next week). Please take a look at the pictures below to see some of the activities and stunning images of the Abbey.
This week we have been very busy! Here are just a few of the activities we have squeezed into the week:
  • Half of the class went to the newly revamped forest school on Monday (thank you to all of the volunteers from class 6 that attended on Saturday to plant trees and tidy our forest school land). We worked on our BLP skills of collaboration and perseverance to make triangular prism shaped supports, which were used for all sorts of fun games afterwards.
  • Our grammar focus last week was different noun types. This week we have been investigating verbs. Can you think of examples of: verbs, adverbs, modal verbs, adverbial phrases and fronted adverbials?
  • We also learnt about the subjunctive form by listening to Beyonce and Justin Bieber. Beyonce sings using the subjunctive for 'If I were a boy...', however, Justin inadvertantly sings the grammatically incorrect sentence 'It I was your boyfriend'! We used If I were... to write poems.
  • In maths we have been continuing our learning about the equivalence between fractions, decimals and percentages. Some children have written information booklets about how to convert from a fraction to a decimal. 
  • Miss Moss (from Brixham College) has worked with the class twice this week. On Thursday the children visited the DT department to continue their healthy eating lessons. They made their own healthy beef burgers! On Friday, the children went to the College to have a specialist PE lesson with Miss Moss. This half term they are playing tennis.
Please take a look at some of the pictures from the week!
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In class 6 this week we have:
  • begun our work on the classic text Wind in the Willows by analysing the opening. First we listened to the text read aloud and drew the setting we could picture in our minds based on the description in the text. Then we compared three different versions of the text and discussed why there were differences between them.
  • written letters to our partner school in India, Silver Bells. All of the children drafted, edited and produced final versions of their letters. Some of the children also produced amazing artwork based on the theme 'Brixham' to go with their letter. I am sure that the children in Silver Bells will enjoy our letters and we look forward to receiving some in return.
  • learnt about area and perimeter. Initially, we counted squares in order to tell us the area and/or perimeter. However, we then moved on to using a simple formula to calculate the areas of rectangles, squares, triangles and parallelograms.
  • made our own maths games in order to help children in our class or in a different class to learn their times tables. Class 6 had the focus of ensuring that their game helped children to recall times table facts. We will share these games with other classes over the coming weeks.
This week we have been learning about:
  • Angles: We have measured angles on a straight line, calculated missing angles and looked at the properties of 2D shapes.
  • Editing our writing
  • The style of E H Shepard's illustrations and the techniques he used for building texture
  • How Christian's show that they follow the saying 'Love thy neighbour'
  • How plants and animals have adapted to their environments over time
Accelerated Reader
This week children have been choosing their new reading books. Their choice of books is set as a result of a reading test taken just before Christmas. A zone of proximal development (ZPD) is then established which gives children a range of books to choose from. Children begin by reading at the lower end of their range, then progress through their ZPD after taking an online quiz for each book read. Success rates of between 80% and 100% are expected, for children to progress, so they need to read their books very carefully.
The children will not bring their accelerated reading books home in KS2, but will have access to a range of other books that they may select from, signing these out and returning them as required.
In class 6 we read our accelerated readers for 20 minutes per day, at the start of the morning.
We will still continue to read in a range of other situations: reading across the curriculum, whole class reading (where we all study the same book and ask and answer questions together), buddy reading with Y2. We will also have an extended reading session on Thursday afternoons, where children are able to read and take quizzes, read to an adult and change their books.
15.01.16 Welcome back!
This term our school theme is 'Let It Flow'. Year 6 will be learning about rivers in Geography. We will link our English to the rivers topic by studying the life and work of E H Shepard, who illustrated Wind in the Willows (and Winnie the Pooh). Please see our detailed curriculum outline below for further details.
This week half of the class visited forest school (photos below). This term the children will be acting as mentors to the year 2 children, who attend forest school with them. 
Some of the activities we have undertaken this week include:
  • Learning about multiplying two fractions
  • Writing our own short stories based on an animated short film 'Replay'
  • Creating our own river banner using tints and shades of blue and green in art
  • Identifying rivers in the UK using an atlas
  • Continuing to improve our presentation (including handwriting and colouring)
  • PE with Miss Moss (trampolining at the college) and badminton with Jo.
Please scroll through the pictures below!
18.12.15 Merry Christmas!
As the term draws to a close, we would like to wish you all a very happy and healthy Christmas. 
Here are a few of the activities we have done over the last week:
  • We made flat breads, linked to our work in RE learning about the Jewish festival of Passover. Before we could make them, we needed to use our understanding of percentages and fractions to convert the quantities of ingredients.
  • We have designed Christmas jumpers, made paper chains and worked on our presentation and colouring skills by decorating Christmas pictures.
  • We each made a Christmas card and wrote a Christmas poem for peace to go inside the card.
  • Oliver and Emily taught us how to make a Jackson Cube, following their Maths Challenge Day. Each group had been given a ready-made cube (which Emily and Oliver had made at break time) and they had to figure out how it was made and pieced together. Then they could decorate the cube with Christmas pictures. We really enjoyed the challenge- thank you Oliver and Emily!
  • On Tuesday we visited the college to make shortbread with Miss Moss, as our final activity with her before Christmas. 
Please take a look through the pictures below!
11.12.15 RE focus week
This week we have been focusing on our RE work; Beliefs and Questions. We have learnt about the festival of Passover and next week we will make flatbreads, which are eaten as part of the celebration. The class also learnt about the Holocaust and how it affected Jewish people then and now. As part of this, we found out about Sir Nicholas Winton who organised the rescue of 669 Jewish children. We looked at a film clip of 'That's Life' from 1988, when Nicolas Winton discovered that he was surrounded by the grown up children he had saved. We relfected on how this affected both him and the children. Class 6 had fabulous, mature attitude towards this difficult subject.
On Tuesday we visited the DT department at Brixham College to learn about, and make, healthy snacks. Miss Moss helped us to make stuffed, baked apples which most of us thought were delicious!
In maths we have been learning about fractions and next week will look at the equivalence between fractions, decimals and percentages.
Throughout the week we have been busy making Christmas crafts to sell at the Christmas Fair. 
We have finished reading The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips, which has inspired many of the activities we have undertaken over the past term. Next week we will be writing our own reviews of the book. 
This week we finished writing our explanation texts about Exercise Tiger, 1944. After writing our first draft and self-editing them we completed our final draft using handwriting pen. The focus of our learning this week was presenting our work using joined handwriting. Everyone tried hard to do this to the best of their ability. The finished products were mounted onto black card and illustrated- they will be displayed in class next week.
On Tuesday we all went to Slapton Sands- the setting for our class text 'The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips' and also the location of the events that led up to Exercise Tiger taking place. The class re-enacted training on the beach as soldiers from WW2. This led to superb writing on Wednesday. The class wrote a diary entry from the perspective of a soldier, using the experience they had on Tuesday to bring their entries to life. Some of the class rose to the difficult challenge of writing from the perspective of the beach; with some stunning results.
In RE, we learnt about what makes a good leader through the story of Moses and 'The Exodus', using film and drama. Next week we will retell part of the story. In Science, we concluded our electrical circuits investigations. Next week, we will add the finishing touches to our Battery Gardens models by putting an electrical circuit into the buildings.
Challenge: In class, we are aiming to read more classical books such as 'Tom's Midnight Garden', 'Five Children and It' and 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' in order to help improve our vocabulary. Try to choose a new book to read at home that has high quality language in it.


Last week we welcomed Mr Proctor and Miss Hester into Class 6, two student teachers from Plymouth University. They will be with the class throughout November.

This week, the children have written about their highlights of the week. 

During the week Year 6 have received a variety of different surprises (Ellie-Mai).


We began to learn about Exercise Tiger, I understand you might think we have gone a bit crazy (Ashley)! It was a heartbreaking event that occurred during the second world war in 1944, code named ‘Exercise Tiger’ (Abigail). This ties in with the book we are reading called Adolphus Tips by Michael Morpurgo (Abigail). Later on in the week we choreographed and performed some of our drama plays (Ellie-Mai) based on Exercise Tiger. We are writing explanation texts using conjunctions to link ideas in paragraphs (Louis).


We also learnt about a heartbreaking time of year. Remembrance day (Ellie-Mai).  ‘I really liked the remembrance poems and art because I think that I used some powerful words’ (Josh).


In maths we have been learning long division with Mr Proctor and Miss Hester, our fantastic teaching visitors (Finnley).


On Friday, initially, the pupils of year 6 appeared to be very bright and colourful as it was Children in Need (Conor). This week on Friday, Mr Keenan came in in the morning however he didn’t come in the afternoon (Archie). We did maths with Mr Keenan, it was named the Chilli Challenge (Shannon). We had to simplify fractions (Donnie). 


Emily, Evie, Oliver and Dylan attended a maths workshop all day on Friday at Paignton College. They thoroughly enjoyed the activities designed to build confidence in problem solving and reasoning and are hoping to teach the rest of the class some of what they have learnt! Well done for representing the class and the school in such an enthusiastic manner!

Thank you to those parents that attended our spelling workshop. We enjoyed sharing a range of spelling activities with you and look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with you in class.
We have had a busy final week, with activities including:
  • Sharing stories with Class 2, with a focus on asking them questions about their book.
  • Collaborating to create our own models of Battery Gardens. We have spent time designing these and making nets for the buildings. This week we were using paper mache on our models, which will be painted after half term. Then we can make our electrical circuit to light up the inside of our buildings.
  • Writing a persuasive speech to convince grandfather (in our class story Adolphus Tips) to leave Slapton Village in order to allow for the American D-Day preparations. We will perform these speeches after half term.
  • Sharing our homework investigations into rationing during World War 2. Thank you to all of those children who completed this and shared with the class. We particularly enjoyed tasting Ashley's baked apples and rice pudding!
The children have all taken home a copy of their speech to learn over half term. Please encourage your child to read their speech aloud, thinking about their expression and tone of voice, as well as their body language.
This week in Class 6 we have been:
  • Practising how to edit our writing by editing a piece as a class then applying this to our own writing.
  • Buddy reading with Class 3, helping the younger children to read fluently with expression.
  • Giving each other advice about our drawing, using the BLP muscle 'noticing' to give specific constructive criticism to each other.
  • Revising how to use column methods for addition and subtraction. We created our own restaurant in the classroom and used real menus to 'order' food. We used addition to work out our total and then needed to use subtraction to ensure we stayed within budget.
  • Performing our own short scenes based on an extract from our class book 'Adolphus Tips' in order to help us empathise with the characters.
This week we have been:
  • Enjoying a production of 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' by theatre company M and M. We were also invited to a workshop after the performance, where we learned how the actors created different personalities for the characters they were playing and how the lighting and sound affected the experience the audience had.
  • Learning about evacuation, linked to our WW2 topic and empathising with the experience Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy had at the beginning of the play.
  • Working collaboratively with Year 2 in maths. We designed 'ice' palaces using multilink cubes, then made them with sugar cubes and icing to create an icey effect. Year 6 then calculated the area of the footprint of the palace and the volume of their palace. The following day we helped Year 2 to sort sweets and make links between doubling and halving. We then continued this learning back in class 6 by making our own links to expressing problems algebraically.
  • Designing information posters to warn villagers of the impending evacuation, linked to our class text 'The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips'.
Please take a look at the photographs and videos below of some of these activities. (to follow)
We had a very successful trip to the Battery Museum. The children had a guided tour around the buildings and into some of the tunnels, we were also able to try on some uniforms. 
The class collaborated on a particularly challenging maths problem. We had to make all of the numbers from 0-20, using four 4s (no more, no less) and any operation. For example, 4 + 4 + 4 - 4 = 8. We managed to make all of the numbers apart from 11, 13 and 19. Can you make them at home?
We also experimented with charcoal to imitate the work of war artist Rose Henriques. We were thinking about how to create perspective in our art work, when drawing train lines and tunnels.
This week we have been busy learning how to read and write numbers up to 10 million. We used and developed our skills whilst playing a game "Beat the Teacher". We selected a series of playing cards, one at a time. The children had to be strategic and decide where in the place value columns to place the number on the card drawn, in order that they eventually make the highest number they can. The class won points if they made a higher number than the teacher. The video clips and photographs below show the children enjoying this game.
Ask your child about this fun game, that you can play at home!
We have also written a short story, which we will peer assess before editing next week. The class have listened to and discussed the opening of our class book (and guided reading focus) 'The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips'. We challenged ourselves to summarise the opening in 5 sentences, then 3 sentences, then 5 key words. Finally we had to choose one word to summarise the opening. It was trickier than we thought!
Take a look at some of the work we have produced...
We have begun our World War 2 focus, by exploring the art created by Jackson Pollock during and after the war. We have written biographies and even had a go at recreating our own versions of his work!
We have been thinking about how our BLP muscles help us to learn and have started to create a display on the ceiling (!!) of the most used BLP words. We agreed that in order to be an effective learner, we would need to develop these BLP skills.
Class 6 worked collaboratively to create a collage depicting Slapton Sands during 2015 and 1943. Ask your child why we have used Slapton Sands as our image! 
3.9.15 Welcome To Year 6!
Please find below the outine of the curriculum activities planned for the Autumn Term. The whole school theme is 'A Journey Begins...'. Year 6 will explore this theme by making links to our local area and the journeys that some of the inhabitants made during World War 2. We will draw upon local resources such as the Brixham Battery Museum and make a trip to Slapton Sands. Our art and music learning will focus upon famous artists and musicians during the 1940s period. Year 6 will make models of the Brixham Battery in their DT sessions and will create maps and sketches during fieldwork sessions for geography. Our work in English will explore the theme of WW2 and journeys in greater depth and we will be code breakers in maths. 
Spellings we have looked at in class so far...






















Can you read them?
Can you use them in a sentence?
Can you spell them?
You can find a list of the 100 challenging words that ALL year 6 children should be able to use and spell by the end of the year HERE:
Photos and Videos
13.10.15 I can show an understanding of what I've read by formally debating.
Whole Class
I can write a persuasive speech. I can perform my speech.
Elishya, Nicholas, Evie, Ashley, Paris, Ellie-Mai, Oliver, Conor, Abigail, Emily, Jack, Katie
10.11.15 I can link ideas across paragraphs (using drama to orally rehearse)
Abigail, Ellie-Mai, Alfie L, Kameron, Finnley, Dylan, Ashley