Class 6: The Sharks

Class Teacher – Mrs Perring

Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) – Sarah Moore, Sarah Perkin (mornings), Jeff Hannaford (mornings)

Welcome to Class 6′s page of our school website. You will be able to find copies of class letters here, examples of our learning and useful links to websites to help with your learning.


Class 6 Letters

Class 6 Curriculum
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Below are the spellings the children will be learning in class this half term. Please help your child to learn them at home and talk about (or look up) their meaning.
Your child will also be working on a specific times table. Please help them to practise it at home and the related division fact- for example, 5 x 10= 50, so 50 divided by 10 is 5.
5 minutes a day is all it takes!
Class Blog
Residential at Buddens Scout Camp!
This week we have been taking part in a range of different sports activities and team building tasks. On Monday, after travelling from Devon to Dorset, we set up camp and each group participated in a different activity. Over the course of the week, each group did kayaking, paddle boarding and bush craft. As a class, we also undertook a raft building challenge, newspaper catwalk and orienteering. It was exciting sleeping in the bell tents and being so far away from home. On the last day awards were presented to the following children:
  • Handy helpers: Breiden, Alex M, Tom, Connor and Corbyn
  • Washing up kings: Tom and Corbyn
  • Activity all-rounders: Tilly and Edward
  • Have a go heroes: Chloe and Breiden
  • Man hunt winners: Bailey and Koby
  • Noisiest camper: Jessie
  • Perseverance: Tom and Finn
  • Kindest camper: Jordon
  • Funniest camper: Alex N
04.05.18 Warm Glow!
This week class 6 were awarded the 'warm glow' award during councilor's assembly today due to their excellent attitudes to learning!
Yesterday the class thoroughly enjoyed learning about ratio by making their own 'mocktails' using fruit juices. They had to select how much of each type of juice they would like in their drink, then figure out the ration of each juice used. Today we went on to calculate what proportion of each juice was in their recipe a fraction and percentage.
Summer Term
We have been incredibly busy so far revising for our SATs. Each morning we are practicing spelling, arithmetic and key areas of reading, maths and grammar. 
Additional Opportunities

We are very fortunate to have two additional teachers assisting in class six this term.

Miss McEwan will be working with individuals and groups to support them in their SATs preparations and writing on Wednesdays. She is an English specialist and very experienced at working with children on improving their writing skills.

We also have Mr Akery joining us on two afternoons a week (Mondays and Thursdays). He is a primary trained PE specialist. He will be leading PE-based activities with those children that choose it, whilst I lead art-based activities in the classroom. He will also be working 1:1 with children and with small groups.

In addition to this, Mrs Adey will be leading two ‘Relax Kids’ sessions with the class this term and Miss Williams (from Brixham College) will be leading PE sessions on a Wednesday afternoon.

We are very excited to be able to offer these opportunities to the children!
Tag Rugby
Today the class split into three mixed teams to compete against other primary schools in a tag rugby competition. We showed excellent sportsmanship, team playing and encouragement towards each other. 
08.03.18 The Eden Project!
Today, the class visited The Eden Project in Cornwall. After leaving at 7.30am, we arrived at Eden by 9.45am ready and raring to go! Our workshop was called 'Darwin's Doodles'. We learnt all about who Charles Darwin was, what he did and a bit about his theory. Then we headed into the rainforest biome in order to re-enact Darwin's exploration. We were tasked with identifying different adaptations that plants in the rainforest have. Once we had spent time in the humid biome (and had all become very sweaty!) we made our way back to the education centre. Here, a sorting activity helped us to understand the theory of evolution and the process of natural selection. Everybody really enjoyed their day and learnt a great deal.
28.2.18 Snow!!!
Enjoying the snow! What can we investigate linked to the snow?
Ben: Would the snow weigh the same before and after it has melted?
Edward: What could we put between the cup of snow and the radiator to stop it melting?
We decided to see how the snow melted in different places in the classroom. The first place to melt was by the heater (no surprises there!). We were surprised at how well insulated the snow was under Alex's hat!
We have been busy reading our class text, 'Letters from the Lighthouse'. One of our activities has been to design and make a lighthouse. We were tasked to include a circuit with a switch in our design. Once designed, we constructed our lighthouses from junk we had collected and strengthened them using paper mache. They look fabulous now they are finished! 
We have also begun to use a new online maths software called RealizeIT. It has been helping us to identify our strengths and weaknesses in our maths understanding. Then it is teaching us how to improve.
2.2.18 NSPCC Number Day
Today was Number Day! We raised money by wearing non-uniform. Every class participated in maths-based activities throughout the day. In class 6, we became detectives and tried to solve a murder mystery. It involved us using our skills in shape, code, angles, number and more. We really enjoyed it!
Working with our class 4 buddies for the skipathon!
January 2018
Welcome back to school! This term we are visiting forest school with class 4. Please see the pictures below for the fun we had as a class in our first session. Our class focus this term is the text 'Letters from the Lighthouse'. We will be making our own lighthouses and including a circuit in the top to make it light up. 
7.12.17 PE Festival
Today we went to the fitness suite at Brixham College to test out our fitness skills! We each had to complete as much as we could on the exercise bikes, treadmills, cross-trainers and rowing machine. We had to go as far as we could on each and see if we could beat the other schools that were competing.
December: Spanish
We loved tasting some Spanish tapas as a treat from Fiona! The class also made Tió de Nadal, a Spanish traditional Christmas log.
November and December: PE with Miss Williams
With Miss Williams this term, we have been learning about fitness and how to keep our bodies healthy. Each week we completed different circuit activities and tried to improve our performance/ scores. Towards the end of this half term we have been learning about using strategy in team games. We all really enjoyed the game 'end zone'. Each time we played, we were able to improve our strategy as well as try out different skills. For example, in one week we played the game using a netball and the following week we played using hockey sticks.


Today we dressed up for Children in Need. Sarah Moore had a great idea to raise more money… she thought we could bring in pennies and stick them onto a large outline of Pudsey. She challenged us to cover the whole of Pudsey as a school. Instead, we managed to fill not only Pudsey, but all of the letters to spell ‘Children in Need’ and lots of spots.


I challenged the class to look at the display of pennies for 30 seconds and then estimate how much we’d raised. Sarah even bought in a prize for the person with the closest estimate! Well done to Eleanor who was within £1.50 of being correct.

20.10.17 A Week of World War 2 Wonders!
All week we have been engrossed in our learning about the war. We visited Brixham Museum, where we took part in a workshop and heard from a lady who lived in Brixham during World War 2! On Tuesday, we took part in a dance workshop by the Lindyhoppers. We found out lots of interesting information about the origins of each move. During the rest of the week we learnt about some of the countries involved in the war (including England, Germany, USA and Japan). In maths, we rescued 4000 men from the shores of Dunkirk during our Little Ships Rescue. On Friday, we invited our parents/ carers in to share our learning and taste some of the recipes we had made using rationed ingredients.
This is what some of our class had to say:
Welcome to the class 6 blog. This week we've been learning about the Lindy Hop, which was a dance from the 1940s. One of the moves was called the scarecrow where you bend down and put your arms out like a scarecrow. We also learnt about human and physical geography features using the atlases. 
by Corey
This week class 6 have been exploring World War 2. On Monday 16th October, we walked down to Brixham Museum. I think my classmates really enjoyed it and we learnt a lot about the war.
by Thomas
In the museum, class 6 learnt about how much food they would have had in the war. We had bread and jam to eat. We also dressed up in war clothes to feel like we were in the war. On Tuesday we did the Lindy Hop dance with two guests called Derek and Jane.
by Chloe
This week we have been problem solving in maths- using our knowledge of addition and subtraction to help us. We have also all been improving our times tables recall and speed. 
In English, we have used a description from James and the Giant Peach (by Roald Dahl) to help us to structure our own descriptions. Please have a read of some of our wonderful descriptions below! We also used drama to explore the feelings of the main character in our guided reading book, Rose. Our conscience alley helped us to decide what Rose should do next.
We have been enjoying our PE sessions with Miss Williams from Brixham College, where we have been working on improving our fitness. This week we learned how to take our pulse and work out our pulse rate per minute. 
"I have had fun this week in English and maths doing some writing and working with negative numbers," said Jordon.
"This week I really enjoyed lots of things, but mostly doing P.E. It was a lot of fun. I also liked reading as I am reading one of my favourite books. I really like the book we are reading as a class. The most exciting thing of all was going to the Velo-Park with my friends Koby, Finn, Corbyn, Connor and the rest of the class. I cant wait for Friday for choosing time," said Jack.
"This week in year 6, we were taken to the Velo Park to ride bikes in groups. It was real fun! In Maths we have been practising our times tables and listening to a story in English," said Jessica.
"This week our class went to the Velo Park and some of us did our Bike Ability test. In English we have been doing some more  writing in our diary entry and writing some short sentences for impact. In maths we have been working  on our times tables," said Chloe.
"I have enjoyed maths because we have been working out some really big numbers," said James.
"I liked maths this week, also going to the Velo Park and playing the games there. I wasn't too keen in English on hearing the air raids when we had to hide under the table," said Thomas.


Welcome to the school blog. All week we have been learning about weird and wonderful things . One of my favourites is ninja maths and I can explain what it is. So you probably think I’m mad but I’m not! It’s a sheet where you answer maths questions and there are belts that you get depending on how many questions you got right.        -Eleanor 

I loved learning about world war 2 and all about Jewish people. And going cycling at the Velo-Park and seeing my friends.     -Koby

This week in year 6 we started to learn the jitterbug stroll which was pretty fun  they used to do it in WWII. On Thursday we went cycling at  the Velo-Park .    -Finn 

I really enjoyed the Velo-park because I felt that I was a good teammate and in both races we got podium places 1st and 3rd . I also enjoyed learning hello in different languages. In Italy it’s ciao, in French it’s bonjour, in Spain it’s hola, in England it’s hello, in Turkish it’s merhaba and in Portugal it’s ola.            -Connor 


Classes 3, 4, 5 and 6 celebrated 'European Day of Languages' on Tuesday 26th September.  Each class had a variety of activities that they could do.  One of them was to learn how to say hello in 9 different languages.  They were able to practice saying hello in those languages and coloured it in using the colours of that country's flag.
This week we have begun writing a diary. We are writing from the perspective of a German Jewish child in World War 2, following the terrible event 'Kristallnacht'. Next week we will finish writing and editing these. We are also enjoying our guided reading text 'Rose Blanche' and our class reader 'Once'. 
In maths, we have been learning about using negative numbers in real life contexts and we have begun rounding numbers to the nearest million, hundred thousand, ten thousand etc. Take a look at the rounding rap we have been learning below!
We are also really enjoying our PE sessions with Miss Synnott, where we are learning 1930s and 40s era dances.
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21.09.17 Head Boy and Head Girl Hustings
Today, all those children that wanted to nominate themselves for the role of either head boy or head girl made a speech in front of the whole school family. Each person then had to cast their vote. Everyone was incredibly impressed with the speeches and were blown away by the values the children showed and talked about in their speeches. You can read more about this in the news section of the website.
Congratulations to Tom and Cheyenne, who were our worthy winners and well done to Connor and Jessie, who will be our deputies.


This week we have enjoyed making a start on our topic of World War 2. We have researched key questions and words using the laptops, such as ‘who was Adolf Hitler?’ and ‘when did the war start and finish?’

We have also been enjoying Friday times tables quizzes, and maths ninja quizzes after lunch.

What have we enjoyed this week?

Jessie ‘Everything!’

Megan ‘I’ve enjoyed learning about the war’

Edward ‘I’ve enjoyed reading’

06.09.17 Welcome Back!
Welcome back to school! During the autumn term we will be learning about World War 2. Please see the overview below.