Class 4: The Starfish (2014-2015)

START BAY! We are here!!!
Wednesday 15th June
First day at Start Bay and all is well! Team building games in the grounds
Evening walk!
Hot Chocolate followed by outdoor games until 2215!
Thursday 16th July
All the children were asleep last night (this morning!) by 0230, and up surprisingly early this morning all bright eyed and bushy tailed - adults needed coffee/tea and were then fine!
Breakfast, then outside to play before our morning activity.
Orienteering at Strete Gate.
Seashore adventures . . .
Back at the Centre - we had lots of visitors come to share our fun! Mr Crooks and Mr Yeomans came to play, then Mr Keenan, Gary, Lisa and Coyde came to share our BBQ (thanks Mr Hannaford!)
Water Fight!!
Fluffy Bunnies!
Mr Yeomans and Mr Crooks played fluffy bunnies, there should have been pics of Mr Crooks, but we were laughing so much we forgot! Sorry Mr Crooks.
Last game of the Night - Hat, scarves and gloves. We had such fun!
All children in bed asleep by 2330 - expect tired children tomorrow!
Friday 17th July
We have let the children have a lie in this morning,  no-one was stirring! Gently woken at 0745 - a bit bleary eyed this morning, but breakfast is getting livelier. Tidying, packing, stripping beds, then Low Ropes. See you later. 
Low Ropes Challenge (photos by William's Dad)
Start Bay Fundraising Update
Thank you all for your ongoing amazing support and hard work.
So far we have raised the impressive total of...£1106.18!!!!
This is a new record for Year 4 fundraising so well done everyone :)
Egyptian Day
Check out our Egyptian day pictures of the activities we did and how good we all looked!
Wednesday 17th June 
Jo's friend Suzie came to Yr 4 today, bringing with her some of her harps to play. Apart from the obvious link with, Music we were also able to link this to our History as Egyptians played musical instruments very similar to a harp and which would have sounded similar too. In Science we have been finding out about Sound, how we hear and how sounds can be transmitted. We were very interested to find out how when the harp is played, the vibrations from the sound made can be felt in the part of the harp that rests on your shoulder and also in the wooden part on the other side.                                       One of the harps Suzie bought with her was a Therapeutic Harp, which can be used for people in Hospitals, to help relax and calm them through not only through the calming, relaxing music produced by the harp, but this particular harp also been adapted to enable patients to 'feel' the music vibrations while it is being played too. 
Tuesday 16th June
This morning we went to Brixham Community College to find out about Healthy Eating. We learnt about the Eat Well Plate. We then drew our own.
We learnt more about the different food groups as we watched Miss Stuart make American Pancakes.
We then designed a fun and tasty topping as our pancakes cooked. They were yummy!! We are looking forward to next week already!
Monday 15th June
Ioana was awarded the KS2 MTA Award for being Helpful and Considerate. Well done Ioana!
Monday 15th June
Roma came to school today and told us all about her visit to Woolacombe. 
Wednesday 10th June
Our friends from Silver Bells came into Yr 4 today, they bought with them a fun game of equivalent fractions, which we all really enjoyed playing.
Tuesday 9th June
Our Science investigation today included Pond dipping and Food Chains. Mr Yeomans and Mr Crook led our lesson - we learnt lots while having fun!
Tuesday 2nd June
We have been investigating 3D shapes and their properties. We focussed on cones, square based pyramids and triangular based pyramids this week. We have linked this to our Egyptian topic. Today we were Egyptian Pyramid builders and tried using various apparatus to build each pyramid and the cone. We soon discovered which was easiest to build!
Science with Miss Tyrrell!
In Science we have been finding out about How we Hear, we took our learning outside and linked it to our Music learning, focussing on rhythm and tempo - such fun!
May 22nd 2015
Start Bay Fundraising update.
Total raised so far . . . . £703.18!!!
Well done and thank you to everyone - more events to come, watch this space.
Friday May 22nd
Some children have been bringing in their Egyptian Homework, well done! We still have another half term to go - looking forward to seeing what else comes in, we know some of you are still in the process of creating!
Wednesday 20th May
Today as part of our fundraising for Start Bay, some of us busked after school with Jo and her Band The Stargazy Pie.
We made musical instruments that we could play as percussion and as a class we learnt about rhythm and keeping time.
We raised over £33.00 - well done everyone!
Wednesday 20th May
Year 4 led the AOCW this afternoon. They had prepared a play about Pentecost, which is this Sunday 24th. We were joined in our AOCW by members of HMS Torbay.
Wednesday 13th May 2015
We were fortunate enough to visit the MusicLab in Brixham Town Centre today. Everyone had a fantastic time, learning about the different parts of an Orchestra and then having a go at playing different instruments as well as singing in a recording booth!
Enjoy the photos!
Tuesday 12th May
Today we went onto the BCC Sports field to play practise our throwing skills and have a game of Rounders. We had a great time and worked well in our pairs and then teams. Looking forward to our next session next week already!
Thursday 7th May 2015
Today in our AOCW the Lifeguards came to teach us how to stay safe on the beach and in the water. found it very interesting - ask us what we found out.
Wednesday 29th April
We all had an enjoyable time in Exeter today! 
First we went to the Museum to look at the Egyptian artefacts. We looked very carefully at some of the objects on display and read about them to find out more information.
We shall be writing our own Museum style information during English lessons! 
We were particularly interested in the highly decorated coffin and the mummified birds!
Exeter Museum is fantastic, it's free, if you have a spare day and don't know what to do - pop along with your children, they were all really impressed!
After the Museum we went to visit the Exeter Mosque. The gentlemen there were very helpful, answered all our questions. We looked around the washing (Wadu) area, and had the Wadu explained to us. We then went into the Prayer Hall, where further questions were answered and more information given. 
Finally we went back to the meeting room and were given orange juice and biscuits. The children enjoyed themselves, asked thoughtful questions and made us all extremely proud. Unfortunately, as this is a place of prayer, no photographs were allowed, however, there are some on the internet, should you wish to look at them with your child and talk more.
We then ate our lunch down by the Quay in the sunshine, managing to return to school in time for normal pick up!
Your children are a credit to you, they behaved very well indeed and we were delighted to be a part of their out of school learning.
Tuesday 21st April 2015
Today we all took part in a Sponsored Mini-Marathon on the BCC playing fields. Mr Burden is running in the London Marathon this weekend to raise money for MS. 
March 2015
Some photos of our Start Bay Fundraising afternoon - thank you to all who organised, helped, donated and bought!
Monday 23rd March
The Ethos Group attended A Celebration Of Easter Service at Exeter Cathedral. We had a very enjoyable day, all our pupil members looked smart and represented our School in a very responsible and respectful manner, thank you.
Red Nose Day Friday 13th March 2015
March 2015
We made these lovely Mothering Sunday Cards with Mrs Burden.
Well Done Luke!
Luke made this great example of the Solar System using his sewing machine at home - come and admire his handiwork!
Forest school 6th February
Despite a cold day Class 4 were full of busy. We began with a wake and shake warm up and work out. This week children were very keen to interview Forest school staff to gain further ideas and quotes for our Forest School Leaflets . Please enjoy the videos!
Our Science/Geography activity involved creating a 'volcano effect' using coke and mento mints. This was an activity the children had suggested .We created an experiment to test our predictions by testing full sugar and diet and making a fair test by adding the same number of mints. The children were very excited by the reaction we created. Once again please enjoy the video.
Other activities involved  building fires, playing rounders to keep warm, woodcraft, building dens and making charcoal. A fantastic day had by all.
Year 2 and Year 4 Co operative Learning
Year 2 and Year 4 came together to investigate using Cuisinaire Rods. Year 2 had  previously discovered that a yellow and a yellow rod equalled an orange (Y plus Y equals O). The children all investigated other combinations and created their own algebra equations. 
Thankyou to  Ioana for compiling our class adverb poem at Forest School.
Forest School 16.1.15
This week in Forest School we changed the state of chocolate by heating it on the fire. The children watched the chocolate spread to the sides of the bowl. There were  lots of discussions and they were able to enjoy dipping marshmallows into it! We love chocolate as much as we love Science!
Other activities included spreading chippings over muddy areas to make them safe, building dens, and music making including recorder playing and singing songs around the fire. We also created a class adverbial poem about our adventures at Forest School called 'How We Do It' which was compiled by Ioana Parkes. A fantastic day was had by all!
Year 4 and Year 6 maths morning 
On Thursday Year 6 joined Year 4 and we all enjoyed a successful maths session. The children worked cooperatively practicing their skills of addition and problem solving. Year 4 worked with a confident, positive attitude using BLP skills and Year 6 guided them with maturity. Their feedback was invaluable. Well done everyone!
Forest School Spring Term 
 Despite wild and windy weather Class 4 had a really enjoyable and busy time at Forest School. as part of our English theme, the children were given the challenge of persuading staff to give them a marshmallow to toast! We had fun videoing their responses. The children  also used  their BLP skills to collaberate and share good ideas or quietly writing their proposals in a den.We also enjoyed singing our new class song 'Ground Control to Major Tom' inspired by the recent planetarium visit and videos of astronauts singing in space! The afternoon was spent building dens, using and sawing wood, building fires and finally celebrating toasting marshmallows!
Our Spring Planning, letter to parents and Volcano homework letters have been added to the letters section. Please take time to read them if you have not already done so. Thank you
Wow! We made the THHN page on Facebook! Take a look! Fingers still crossed! Happy Christmas everyone - see you on Tuesday January 6th!
18th December 2014
All the children have designed a Christmas card for a competition run by a local charity THHN, these have been safely delivered this morning - fingers crossed everyone - you all did a brilliant job!
Yesterday the beautiful painting generously donated by Lisa Walker raised a fabulous sum of £200! This combined with the tuneful Carol Singing, which raised a further £35, means we have made a fantastic start to our fundraising for Start Bay - thanks to everyone who has helped so far.
Tuesday 9th December
Firstly may we say a big thank you to all the parents and grandparents who did such a spendid job of dressing your children as Iron Age Britons! I am sure you will agree that they all looked fantastic!
We had a fabulous day, I hope you all went home tonight full of enthusiasm, new knowledge and a greater understanding of what life may have been like in Iron Age Britain and later under Roman rule.
We had some animated discussions about whether we should fight for our traditional way of life or accept Roman rule, you all had some very wise thoughts and suggestions.
Some highlights of our day included handling objects that were over 2000 years old, objects that real Iron Age People and Romans would have held and used in their day to day life, including among other things, pottery and a beautiful, intact glass perfume bottle.
We were able to wear replica armour (it was very heavy!) helmets and shields. 
We even smelt the famous Fish Sauce that we had heard so much about in the story Dorkius Maximus in Pompeii - it didn't smell very appetising!
Our day culminated in being trained to work together in a team as part of the Roman Army - the adults felt very threatened and intimidated by you, and were very surprised that we were unable to push you over when you worked together!
Of course, thanks also go to Oly Martin for a wonderful day.
Enjoy the photos . . . 
Tuesday 11th November 2014
This week we have been doing a lot of 'Remembering'. Four children from Year 4 took part today in a Memorial Service at St. Mary's Park where a new bench has been placed and dedicated to the memory of Brixham Soldiers who died in WW1. They had to take part in a two minute silence and place poppies in the ground. There were prayers and poems and quiet times to reflect. There were men from the Services present and the British Legion. Well done, we were proud of you. 
After some technical difficulties, the long awaited video clip of Year 4 performing their traditional folk dance for Mrs. Easter and Mrs Sethi during the last week of half term. (Thanks to Fiona for recording it and for putting it on the webpage). I am sure you will all be proud of what your children have achieved in a very short time and with not very much practise. We were all delighted with them. Thanks also to Mrs Brown, Jo on the recorder and Ellice and Charlie H on the Boran!
martes 4th noviembre 
Today, we have been practising how to ask someone's name and how we answer them, in Spanish.  We played the Identity Swap game, where we asked '¿Como te llamas? And answered 'Me llamo......' And took on the identity of the person we were talking to.  At the end of the game, we found out who's alternative identity everyone now had!
Class 4's Roman homework display board is full of fascinating facts! Please come and take a look!
Well done to Georgina and Luke for their amazing swimming achievements during a recent gala
at Brixham Pool.
Monday 13th October
Despite the rain, a great time was had by everyone - waterproofs and wellies make all the difference! All morning was spent swinging, den building, playing, and creating things. It was really good to see all the children out enjoying themselves in the rain, well done everyone :) In the afternoon we made fires, cooked bread on sticks, and Jeff finished our dough by baking it with cheese in an old biscuit tin - it was yummy. On the way home, we made the most of the wet weather gear by jumping in all the puddles!
Next Monday is our last Forest School until after Christmas.
Monday 6th October
Forest School adventures! In class before we left, we learnt the 8 points of a compass and looked at some maps. At Forest School Mr Hannaford taught us how to use compasses - it was very interesting. Some of us then used our knowledge to draw maps of Forest School in our sketch books. 
Tuesday 30th September
Forest School photos! We were very busy indeed. Den building, fire making, using tools to make wooden objects or cut firewood, crafting, Jeff taught us some knot tying, camp fire singing, we learnt a very strange but fun way of estimating the height of tall objects, and of course, generally enjoying the space and friendships.
Monday 29th September
Well done everyone for remembering Forest School is tomorrow!
We started our morning by making a class friendship web, can you remember what this showed us?
We spent this morning thinking hard about Bullying, Worrying and Being Brave, all themes linked to our play this afternoon, which we all really enjoyed. You can read more about it and look at the Theatre Group photos by following this link.
Mrs Easter has given us a beautiful bear called Dusty. If you are going somewhere for a couple of days, perhaps you would like to take him on your travels with you, take some photos, and we can track Dustys travels on a map! Jo took him to London with her - look where he has been!
Week beginning 22.9.14
Please find below a copy of class 4 spellings. We have been learning about homophones and this is our English half termly target. Please practice for a spelling challenge on Friday morning!

here /hear
Good luck!

Message from Mrs Parker. Quite a few children have remembered that I asked them to write a few lines about a person who is 'inspirational' to them, explaining why - well done! Your work will be on display shortly in our Reflective Area. Come and have a read. Do you find these people inspirational too?

Tuesday 23rd September. 2nd Forest School! Last week some of the children picked some blackberries, we bought them back to school, Mrs Parker took them home, washed them and froze them and bought them back to school today. Jo worked with the 3 girls who had found them, together they made some very yummy blackberry pancakes! Thank you!
Everyone was busy having fun - even the grown ups!
Some of us used our Maths skills to sort and classify leaves. We worked very well with our friends.

Monday 22nd September
What an exciting day we have had today. The fabulous M&M Theatre Group came to school to perform the Wizard of Oz. Quite a few of the children had watched the film over the weekend and were able to tell the rest of the class all the important bits of the story. As the story is partly about friendship and working together, we started our day with a 'working together' game.
All the adults were very proud of how cooperatively all the children worked to create the yellow brick road and collages of the lion, tin man and scarecrow. 
We then thought of how brains, a heart and courage help us all every day. A lot of our ideas were based on our school values and our BLP skills! We added our ideas to our display.
We finished our day by watching the performance, look how engrossed we all were!
Monday 15th September
First Forest School! A very strange start to our Forest School time when we had 2 children stung by wasps - well done - you were both very brave, followed by 4 boys bitten by red ants - again, well done guys you were very brave too. All this happened in the first half hour, happily things improved after this and we all had an excellent time re-exploring our Forest School site. 
We made things from wood, cooked marshmallows over the fire, looked closely at some mini-beasts (we will be using information gathered in our Maths tomorrow and Wednesday), 4 of us wore socks over our shoes - ask us why!! All adults were proud of you all - you showed some excellent BLP skills today. 
Next Monday 22nd September, we will be in school to watch the performance of Wizard of Oz, Forest School will be on Tuesday 23rd.
Below are lots of photos of our day at Forest School.
Mrs Parker, Jo, Gary and Mr Hannaford
Friday 12th September
We have had a fun filled first week - hope you have enjoyed it too! We have made birthday cards, completed a shared whole class piece of work which looks great - well done everyone, started using our Science thinking heads, started finding out about the Romans, elected our class Councillors - well done Alisha and Charlie L! decorated a starfish, planned our Forest School wood object, thought about our class goals/rules, reminded ourselves all about our BLP skills, found out about the Stig Times Table Challenge, and so much more!

We have plenty to look forward to, Forest School begins on Monday 15th September. We also have 2 theatre productions. Lots going on this half term, we are going to have so much fun!!

Mrs Parker, Mrs Brown, Jo and Gary
September 5th 2014
Welcome to the Starfish Class,

We hope you have had a lovely, refreshing break and are looking forward to the next step of your school journey as much as we are!

You will be learning how to use this new website alongside us. You will be able to find challenges, topics, links to websites. letters, targets etc here.

Mrs Parker, Mrs Brown, Jo and Gary

Wow Fergus an amazing Roman Standard! This was completed as homework.
We had great fun when we visited Brixham College taking part in team building and problem solving activities with other local Primary Schools.
Class 4 were truely suprised when Boudicca came to visit on the 7.11.14! The children interviewed her which helped them to write amazing letters of complaint to the Romans.Well done Class 4. This has been a memorable day.
Copies of letters sent home . . . 

P4C = Philosophy for Children.

Each week the children are asked a question to provoke meaningful discussion and develop creative thinking skills. They have time to think and debate the question during a Circle Time session in the class. During Thursdays Act of Christian Worship, they further discuss the question within their Key Stage group, sharing their ideas and thoughts.
This weeks question is . . . 
w/b 16th March What is intelligence?
w/b 9th March What is beauty?
w/b 2nd March  Is it good to talk to yourself?
w/b 2nd February What are the 5 things you cherish most in life?            w/b 26th January    If you could offer advice to a newborn baby, what would it be?
w/b 19th January 2015
What things hold you back from doing the things that you really want to do?
w/b 12th January 2015
Should people care more about doing the right thing, or doing things right?
w/b 17th November 2014
Where does Bullying happen?
w/b 10th November 2014
What makes a respectable citizen?
w/b Monday 3rd November 2014                                              Why do people remember?
w/b 20th October 2014
When you close your eyes and think of peace, what do you see?
w/b 13th October  What does the word 'greed' mean to you?
Year 3/4 Spellings list
Here is a list of spellings your child will be learning in Yrs 3 and 4.
We are learning how to spell and use these as part of our English lessons.  Your child will know which spellings are being foccussed on at the beginning of each week.













































































































Here are some websites you might find useful . . .