Class 3: The Penguins

September 2018
Congratulations to our new Year 3 class councillors! Following a democratic, secret vote, our new councillors are . . . .
Well done, we are confident you will be excellent representatives for both Year 3 and our school!
Class teachers -  Mrs Anne Parker, Miss Marie Tyrrell
Learning Support Assistants (LSA's) - Lucy Lucas, Cheryl Evans, Michele Rundle
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Monday 10th September 2018
Wow! Already someone has come to school with some homework! Well done!
Penguin Homework!
September 7th 2018
As a staff, we are delighted with how quickly your children have settled back into school. We recognise there are a few differences between KS1 and KS2, your children have adapted well so far.  We hope you are as pleased with them as we have been!
Here is to a successful Year 3, we look forward to working together with you and your children, to ensure we have a happy class, where children reach their full potential.
If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to knock on the classroom door before 0900, or to make an appointment with the office to speak with us. 
Please keep an eye on our Blog, we shall be updating it frequently, adding photos and information about your child's learning.
Autumn Term 1
This half term at Forest School we have been enhancing our learning experiences. We have made our own flour and bread at Forest School. We even made our own jam! As Oliver was poorly, and missed out on this, he made some Stone Age bread at home, bringing it into school when he was better to share with us all. It was delicious! Thank you Oliver.
Friday 21st December 2018
Today our elf on the shelf, Bubblegum, left us some clues in class to help us find some presents he had left for us. We had to use our maths skills and the alphabet to help decipher them and then used the clues to find the presents. It was good fun and we used our teamwork skills to help each other. He got us the book Geronimo by David Williams, as well as adopting the class a penguin from Living Coasts for a year!
We had a great last day, with lots of Christmas fun and activities.
Monday 1st December 2018
Today in RE we looked at Hindu prayer at home, using the shrines we decorated last week. At NO TIME were children asked to pray to Hindu gods, we talked about the importance of learning about and respecting other faiths. They were very interested and respectful at all times, learning through experience.  They learnt that the  5 senses are important to Hindu prayer, see if they can explain why!
Everyone had a most enjoyable learning time, we were very proud of them all. 
Wednesday 29th November
In our RE this term we have been finding out about the Hindu faith. Today, we have been making a home Hindu Prayer area. We worked exceedingly well in our cooperative groups to decorate a box. Everyone really worked hard, enjoying the task. The adults in the room have been particularly impressed with you all (and can't believe how quickly and how well you tidied up a very messy classroom!)
We talked about how Hindus might pray at home, and how next week, when we learn more about this, why it would be inappropriate for us to actually pray to a Hindu god. The adults were again impressed by the children's awareness and sensitivity. 
We are all looking forward to finding out more next week!
Wednesday 21st November
We have been continuing our science learning, investigating magnets. Today, we had to discover which kind of materials were and were not attracted by magnets. We were surprised that out magnets were not attracted to our coat pegs, most zips, and most door handles. This led to an interesting discussion of why this might be.
Wednesday 21st November
Lucy came up with a fun idea which all the children enjoyed today. They have decorated a biscuit, using either chocolate finger biscuits or fondant icing, in the style of a part of Stonehenge. They also enjoyed eating them afterwards!
Friday 16th November
Some of the children helped to decorate buns to sell today to help raise money for Children In Need. They decorated them with . . . SPOTS!
Wednesday 14th November
Today the fabulous Theatre Alibi came to school and performed their play 'Table Mates'. We thoroughly enjoyed it. If you would like more information about the play and Theatre Alibi, please click on the link!   Afterwards, we gathered the children's thoughts and opinions, we were very impressed with their deep thinking, interpretation and appreciation of what they had seen.
One of our follow up activities was to notice how use our facial expressions, and other non-verbal methods of communication to display various actions, thoughts and emotions.
They particularly enjoyed showing us how they felt when faced with an imaginary cake containing varying ingredients!
Monday 5th November
This half term we will be researching all about Stone Henge leading to writing a piece of Information text. 
In order to learn what what information text looks like, we looked carefully at different pieces of information writing to gather our class Information writing criteria.
Friday 2nd November 2018
Today in our English lesson in Year 3, we put all of our actions together for our story ‘The Stone Age Boy’ and practiced them ready to help us retell the story. 
Next, we thought about how we could change the story to make it our own version ready to start writing next week.
The children had some great ways of changing it, including the main character falling out of a tree he has climbed (Clayton), going to a museum and falling into a painting (Hedley) and going into a library and falling into a Stone Age book (Lola).
We can’t wait to start writing next week! 
Friday 19th October 2018
This afternoon in PE, it was our last week of dance sessions combining ‘The Stone Age Boy’ story.
Over the last 5 weeks, we have been listening to a piece of music and trying to retell ‘The Stone Age Boy’ story through our actions and movements in time with the music. The music has some changes in tempo and in the mood it sets and we used this to help us retell the story we are leaning about in English. 
We had been working on our facial expressions and exaggerated body movements and took pictures of some of these as we did our final performance of part of the story.
Friday 19th October 2018
Today in Maths we were working in our Co-operative pairs to learn how to do Column Addition of 2 and 3- digit numbers. We took it in turns to do one with our partner, one doing the talking through of the method and the other doing the writing. When we worked with a partner some of us found it easier to see and hear the method and found we were able to get much better at knowing what to do if we made an extra ten or a hundred.
Thursday 18th October
Today we have been very lucky indeed. We had visitors from Torquay Museum come into our class, they brought with them lots of fascinating objects from the Stone Age, and some items similar to things the Stone Age people would have used.
We found out that in Stone Age times there would have been Woolly mammoths, bears, and other large animals living in Brixham and Torquay, We held some teeth from these animals that were found in Kent's Cavern.
What else did we learn? Ask your children to tell you!
Our class were very involved in their discoveries and learning, asking thoughtful questions and responding carefully to questions.
They all learnt a lot through this experience. A massive thank you to both Kate and Heather for engaging our class so well.
Wednesday 17th October
As part of our Geography this half term we have been looking at Maps and Atlases to find Oceans, Continents and Countries.  We have focused on the UK, finding places we know, cities, mountains, lakes and rivers. We have learnt how to read maps and designed some maps of our own, using a key. As a fun way to complete this part of our learning, we worked cooperatively to complete a world jigsaw. We had fun and knew where countries should go on a world map. Next half term we shall look at why and where Stone Age people chose to live. We shall also be writing about places we have been to.
wb 15th October
We are starting to prepare and plant our class flower beds. Last week some of us tidied up the planters at the front of our classroom. This week a group of us planted one of our planters. I think you will agree that it looks lovely. A big thank you to Lucy, who has provided everything to go in it. Look closely, you will notice that the decorative stones represent our Christian Values. Lucy will be helping the children over the coming weeks to plant our other planter, then empty and prepare our larger class flower bed for over wintering.
Autumn Term 1
This half term in Science we have been investigating the Life Cycle of a plant. We found out about seed dispersal as part of our learning, this learning was reinforced at Forest School. Some children have been on the hunt for examples of seeds out and about in Torbay and have then brought their discoveries into class to share with us all.
Monday 5th November
Place Value. Today we have been adding and taking 10 from any number, using our prior knowledge, and place value counters, to help us find missing numbers.
Friday 11th October 2018
In Maths today we were learning about column addition of 2 and 3-digit numbers and used the MyMaths programme to help us understand the methods. We worked in pairs and took turns to workout the answers or worked through them together. 
Monday 24th September
Today we had fun while we learnt. We worked in pairs, playing a game to consolidate our understanding of place value. Ask your child what they had to do. This is a fun game, that you could also play at home!
Friday 21st September 2018
Today in Maths, we were using the dice to create 2/3-digit numbers and then looking at adding 1, 10 and 100 to a number using counters to help see what columns changed and how. We worked in pairs or groups and were able to find patterns when we added 1, 10 or 100.
Wednesday 12th September
In Maths we have been finding different ways to represent numbers. Today, we worked in our co-operative pairs to record as many different ways as we could.
Tuesday 11th September
First day at Forest School for half of the class!
This term we are going to be extending our learning in our fabulous Forest School grounds. Today, linked to our topic Stone Age, we have been making paint and paintbrushes using natural resources. We shall be taking our learning back to the classroom, using what we have done today, to write a piece of Instruction Writing text. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to learn in this way.
The other half of the class will be doing this next week ~ something to look forward to!
June/July 2019 Maths
This half term we have been learning about Division using short division (the bus stop method). The children have been great and we have worked together to create phrases and rhymes, along with hand movements, to help us remember the rules of the bus stop method and what division means. 
Division means...'How many of the second number go into the first number.'
The bus stop method for division...'The first number is the total number and it goes inside the bus stop. The second number is the total of groups and it goes outside the bus stop.'
Check out our videos we have created to help teach the parents how to use the bus stop method for division...
June 2019
As part of our PSHE sessions, we have been talking about Climate Change and Pollution.
We are all very interested in it, because it is about our world, and have been doing research on the computers about what Climate Change is and how we can help to reduce our carbon footprint. 
We have watched some of David Attenborough's Climate Change programme to help us understand the impact of Climate Change around the world. The children were quite shocked by the impact on the Earth's weather (extreme storms, hurricanes, floods, etc), as well as the impact not only on humans in other countries but also the animals too. They couldn't believe because of what we are doing today, one day some of the animals we know and love may become extinct due to loss of habitats.
Then we read the story Carbon Monster, about George's carbon monster that keeps growing and growing and how he stopped him from growing bigger and finally made him get smaller by reducing, reusing and recycling! We then discussed what this book was about and Hedley was amazing at being able to explain that there wasn't really a carbon monster, but actually that it stood for the carbon footprint we are all making (with the rubbish we don't recycle or reuse and the electricity and other waste we produce and how we should reduce this) and how we are creating it.
As a class we are making posters about Climate Change, to put around school, to help people realise what we are doing to our world and how we can help! 
 April 2019
In year 3, we have been learning about rocks, soils and fossils. To help start off our topic we were lucky enough to have Dr Watters come in to class and talk to us about rocks and show us some rock samples.
April 2019
In year 3, we have been learning about being an estate agent and how to persuade people to 
buy a house, using descriptive and persuasive words. We have also been learning about Skara Brae and created some property details for one of the houses there (back in the Stone Age times).
Clare Powlesland, one of our mums and an estate agent, came in to teach us about property details and give us some ideas so we could write our own details. We learnt lots and can’t wait to write them soon!
Tuesday 2nd April 2019
Today we decorated a biscuit for Easter, then we ate it! Yum yum!
Monday March 25th
Working with our co-operative partner we found fractions of objects using practical equipment. 
Thursday 21st March 2019
After class discussion and voting, we decided what we would like to plant in our Class plot. This afternoon we got busy in the garden and poly-tunnel! We have prepared our plot and planted lots of seeds in pots in the poly-tunnel. Massive thank you to Lucy who is our gardening expert. Now we just need to wait for our seeds to grow and some warmer weather ~ watch this space!
Tuesday 12th March
Today in Art/DT, as part of our topic Stone/Iron Age, we learnt how to make a coil pot and a pinch pot. We then used air drying clay to create our own pot. We chose if we wanted to decorate it in Iron Age style. We shall use this sensory experience to help us write our Iron Age Diary entry in our English lesson.
Spanish - Wednesday 6th March
This week in Spanish, we have been learning numbers 1 to 14.  We listened to this song and had to listen carefully to the numbers and hold the number card that we were holding, when we heard that number.  We also had fun singing along!  You can sing-a-long again,by clicking on the link above.
Thursday 14th February
Today we went to BCC to take part in a Netball Festival. As always, we had great fun while learning new skills.
Tuesday 12th February
Today was our final Gymnastics lesson. Look what we can do! Well done everyone. What a fabulous achievement, all of you.
Monday 4th February
We always have fun while we are learning Spanish. What did you learn today?
Thursday 1st February
Quiet PSHE/BLP lesson this afternoon, discussion followed by thoughtful, reflective time while colouring in a poster to remind us of our learning.
Tuesday 29th January 2019
Yay! Today is the day we have been waiting for! Our Class trip to Living Coasts!
We had thought of some incredible questions that we wanted to ask - today we our chance to learn the answers!
We really did have an incredible day. All children were impeccably behaved, engaged, enthusiastic, interested. It really was a joy spending the day out with them all. A massive thank you to Tom, who taught us so much during all the animal feeds. To all the Living Coast staff, who patiently, and knowledgeably answered so many questions, we all thank you! 
This half term, the children will now be researching and writing about a penguin species of their choice with Miss T. With Mrs P, they will be writing about our trip in the form of a recount. 
Wednesday 23rd January 2019
In Maths this half term, one of the areas we are learning about, is Statistics. We are working in pairs to create our own Bar Chart. Today, we have been collecting our data.
Tuesday 22nd January 2019
We concluded our learning about magnets by finding a way to answer the question, "Which is the strongest magnet".
We were amazed by the imagination of the children! They worked collaboratively with a partner to find a way to investigate and compare the strength of their magnets. Then they had to think of a way to record their findings. 
All children worked well together, managing to answer the question, with some surprises along the way!
Tuesday 22nd January 2019
This half term, Tuesday morning PE focus, is Gymnastics. The emphasis being on balance, strength, our core, and presentation. Look what we can do!
Thursday 17th January 2019
This Thursday we went to Brixham Community College to take part in an archery session.
For some of us it was the first time we had ever done archery, but we had fun and persevered. 
There were lots of different activities and targets to aim for and the BCC children helped and taught us.
We had great fun, check out the pictures.
Tuesday 8th January 2019
What a great start to 2019 in class 3 today!
We were talking about our new topic, Penguins, and thought about what we already know and what question we would like the answer to. 
Then we thought about where penguins live and worked in our new cooperative groups to create these world  maps to find out.