Class 3: The Penguins

Some children have started to bring their homework to school. We have been VERY impressed so far! Well done! We are looking forward to seeing what else your children can do!
October Update.
Wow! We have been overwhelmed by the standard of homework which has come into class today after the half term break. Your children have explained to the class what they have done and are justifiably proud of all they have achieved. All homework is on display in the classroom, and photos are below. A big thank you from  the adults in the class for supporting your children in their learning.

December 2017

Wow‼ Buddy our Class Elf on the Shelf has gifted us some amazing presents, including adopting the class a penguin at Living Coasts! He also gave us a game and a toy penguin. Thank you so much Buddy! Merry Christmas everyone.

Friday 1st December
Today we experienced what it is like to pray as a Hindu at home, using the shrines they had previously made. Before we started we talked about being respectful at all times and that as we were not Hindus, it would be inappropriate to pray towards Hindu gods, though if they wished to pray to or reflect upon their own god that would be acceptable. 
We all had to remove our shoes and socks (and thought about why!), the girls and ladies then covered their heads.
We learnt that Puja involves using all our senses, can you remember what we had to do?
Although Hindus use incense as part of their prayer, we were mindful that some children may not like it, or it may not be appropriate for our class members with asthma - all children were able to choose whether they wanted to smell the incense afterwards, outside, not in the confines of the classroom.
Everyone enjoyed the experience, finding it very interesting and were respectful, learning at the same time. Afterwards, all children were able to discuss what they had learnt and to make comparisons with a Christian church service.
November 2017
We had great fun playing a range of different games today to help us learn our Multiplication tables!
Monday 27th November
Today we visited Kents Cavern. We had a very enjoyable day and found out lots of interesting information. As well as looking around the cavern, we were able to handle different artefacts and think about their purpose and what they were made of. We all held a genuine Stone age hand tool, which stone age people would have held and used! 
We were very interested to learn that one of our class members is related to one of the original discoverers and excavators of the cavern! Can you remember who?
We had a go at using brushes to uncover small gems in sand - we had to be very gentle and use our eyes carefully.
Outside we went on the Stone Age trail, looking for clues to unravel a word-search, learning as we went.
A most enjoyable day! 
Well done everyone - you represented our school excellently - we are, as always, proud of you all.
Wednesday 15th November
RE, Hinduism. Today, in our cooperative groups we decorated a box in the style of a home Hindu shrine. Later, we shall be finding out how they are used - watch this space!
Monday 13th November
Today as part of our music lesson Jo Castle and her friends from the Stargazey Band played lots of different musical instruments. We compared the different sounds and asked lots of interesting questions. After this we joined the rest of the school in the hall to listen to the band again and watch YrR perform the Broom dance - well done! It was amazing! We had a fun afternoon. Thank you to our visitors and to YrR.
Tuesday 7th November
Today the second half of the class had the opportunity to explore how Stone Age people may have moved the stones they used to build Stonehenge.
They also made and played musical instruments using natural materials, supported by Miss Foster, a music specialist.

Tuesday 31st October 2017

We are so very fortunate to have our fabulous Forest School opportunities. This enables us to take our in class learning outside, making excellent links with our creative curriculum.

This week, and next, your children have made cross curricular links with History and Science, exploring how Stone Age people may have moved stones over great distances, in order to build Stonehenge, before the invention of the wheel.

They tried to move a heavy log using string and by pulling it. They discovered it was easier to control using a shorter piece of string.

They also tried to move it using rollers made of smaller logs. They discovered this worked, but it was time consuming and the land needed to be prepared first – it had its own complications! They tried to move a round log and also a cut plank with a flat base, making comparisons as they worked.

We are lucky to have dedicated and experienced Forest School leaders, who question and challenge your children to make predictions and explain their reasoning as they work, while also encouraging the use of scientific language – thank you.

They also had the opportunity to 'Have a go' at starting a fire using flint, it was harder than they thought!

Great fun was had by all – as they ‘played’ while learning!

Tuesday 17th October 2017
Yesterday Millie went home after school really interested about the red sun and eerie atmosphere. She found out why these had occurred. Millie wrote and illustrated an information sheet and told us all she had discovered. Well done Millie for showing such an interest, working independently and sharing information. It led to a very interesting discussion, we were proud that so many of you knew so much! 
Tuesday 17th October
This afternoon we were lucky enough to have been invited to the College for PE. We had great fun learning new skills and practicing skills we already had.
10.10.17 Forest School
In our guided reading yesterday we were very interested to find out that Stone Age people made bread with flour and water, cooking it over an open fire. Today at Forest School we made our own Stone Age bread! It was delicious!
10.10.17 Forest School
We have also been investigating seeds and seed dispersal. We found lots of different seeds at Forest School today!
Tuesday 3rd and 10th October 2017
We had fun exploring powder paints this afternoon - we started our Stonehenge art. 
Wednesday 11th October
We added black paper to create Stonehenge. They look great - well done everyone!
September and October Maths 201
One of the areas of Maths we have been investigating  this half term has been Place Value. A lot of our work is done practically in small groups. 
We have been adding and taking 10 and 100 from any number.
We have also been using dice to generate the winning 3 digit number with a partner.
We have been ordering numbers to 1000.
We have been using our Place Value  knowledge to solve problems.
Orienteering Session - Thursday 21st September
Year Three went to Berry Head for an orienteering session with Mrs Birchall and some of the P.E students from the college. We had fun looking at maps and trying to find clues in our cooperative table groups and then trying to piece them together. We had an hour to find as many as we could and some of us got nearly all of them, that were hidden in different places around Berry Head.
Forest School September 2017
At Forest School we have also been finding out how to make paint and paintbrushes using natural materials, again, linked to our topic of Stone Age. 
Forest School September 2017
At Forest School, we have been making Stone Age style clubs, linked to our topic. We took lots of photographs, which we then used in English, to help us write Instructions.
Forest School September 2017
Forest School is fabulous. We learn so much about ourselves and our peers. We have all kinds of wonderful opportunities.
Classes 3, 4, 5 and 6 celebrated 'European Day of Languages' on Tuesday 26th September.  Each class had a variety of activities that they could do.  One of them was to learn how to say hello in 9 different languages.  They were able to practice saying hello in those languages and coloured it in using the colours of that country's flag.
September 2017 Co-operative Maths
Some of us were busy finding a way to count a large number of objects quickly and efficiently. We also were looking for ways to record and  represent these numbers to help us.
Bar Model Maths - September 2017
Year Three have been learning about the Bar Model method and have been using it to solve some word challenges. They read the question, decided what they had to do and did a bar model to help them see what was missing or what to work out. We used some resources to help us!
Friday 8th September 2017
What a great first week we have had in Class 3!
A fantastic start and some great work done already, including: getting to know each other; writing about our 'Perfect Day'; multiplication tables practice and grids; and 'Our Class Rules'.
Also some fabulous displays for our walls, including our superb 'Penguin Wishes' display and also for 'Our Class Rules'.
Well Done to Henry B and Lexie, who the class chose as their Class Councillors for this year.
We really enjoyed our first choosing time Friday afternoon, after a fab few days back at school. Look how much fun we had...
Tuesday 3rd July
Still thinking of life in Iron Age times, after practicing our Celtic designs last week, today we drew a design onto a piece of card. These will be laminated and have a pin stuck on the back in the style of a brooch.  They are going to look fabulous, you've all tried really hard.
Tuesday 3rd July
As part of our English this half term we are writing a diary of a day in the life of an Iron Age child. We have been busy learning what life would probably have been like in Iron Age times. Today, to experience a little of what life may have been like, and so to support our writing, we have all made a clay pot, thinking of its purpose. We all had a really good time, some of us realising it might have been trickier than we first thought. Some of us commented at the end of it that they now knew what it felt like to be a potter! Well done.
Monday 2nd July
We are continuing to learn about time in Maths. Today, we challenged our partner to read and write the time from an analogue clock with Roman Numerals! Challenge successfully met. 
Monday 2nd July
The toucan chick is now in a brooder rather than an incubator. We are still hopefully that it will thrive. We have had an update from Mr. Smallbones and have decided on a name: SUNNY. Fingers crossed everyone!
Thursday 28th June 2018 - Tag Rugby Tournament
Today we went to the college to take part in a Year 3 Rugby Tournament. We enjoyed ourselves in the sun as we learnt the skills of Tag Rugby, before we took part in the Tournament. We split into three teams and played against the other teams from the other schools. We did very well and showed our perseverance and collaboration skills well.    
Wednesday 27th June
A baby toucan has been hatched at the Zoo. We are keeping our fingers crossed that it is OK, as it is being hand reared. 
We spent some time today, democratically choosing and voting for a name, We have sent the list of final choices to Mr. Smallbones. 
Watch this space!!
Wednesday 27th June
Thomas brought his Blue Peter badge to school today to show us. He was so proud! Ask him what he did in order to earn it!
Friday 22nd June 2018
This afternoon, linked to our Diary writing of an Iron Age child, some of the children chose to have a go at making 2 ply wool from cleaned wool. They found it tricky, but enjoyed the challenge!
Friday 22nd June 2018
In RE this term we have been thinking about Trust. How Noah had to trust God in order to leave home and build an Ark to look after and save the animals from a flood. Today, they were given several scenarios, and asked to talk about whether they would do certain things if someone they trusted had asked them to do something. It led to some careful thought and interesting answers. These have been recorded in our floor book. On our Open Afternoon, this will be available for you to look at if you wish to do so.
Tuesday 19th June 2018
Today in Science we have been thinking about skeletons and their purpose. We extended this by thinking about other parts of our body and their purpose too. We looked at a fish, then labelled what we thought it looked like inside, linking it and comparing it to our own bodies.
We then very carefully looked at the inside of a fish, noting what we saw, and comparing it to our own bodies.
After that we discussed skeletons, muscles and other organs, where they were and what they were for.

Tuesday 12th June 2018

Today, we were lucky to be joined by Noah’s daddy, who came to talk to us about the Life Cycle of Birds as part of our Science. He shared lots of fascinating information with us, and we all learnt lots of interesting facts, which will be displayed on our walls next week. We had the opportunity to look at several different types of eggs, looking carefully at them, predicting which type of bird may have laid them. The range of colours and sizes fascinated us, also that some were speckled. We learnt that this may be a form of camouflage, rather than painted on by Noah’s dad!

Noah’s dad has gifted us the egg of a Lesser Rhea, along with a nest that we might find in our garden hedges for us to look at, it is amazing that birds build these intricate, delicate structures using only their beaks! We also have in class the nest of a Black Throated Warbler, the only one in the country, as Paignton Zoo are the only Zoo to have successfully bred them. They really are a structural marvel.

We are very excited; as a class, we can choose the name for a flamingo or toucan baby bird if one is born this year, thinking caps on and fingers crossed.


A massive thank you to Noah’s daddy, we all really enjoyed your visit, we hope you did too.

Wednesday 13th June 2018

Today in Maths, we continued investigating 3D shapes. We played some games; we also described shapes to our partner without using the name of a 2D shape. We had look very carefully at the shapes and then describe them using mathematical vocabulary for our partner to work out which shape we were describing. We all had great fun, using the vocabulary we have learnt.

Tuesday 12th June 2018

After looking at and learning the names and properties of some 3D shapes, todays Maths challenge was to create 3D shapes using construction materials. All children ‘had a go’ using Lego, Multilink, Sticklebricks, Plasticene and Klix. They discovered that some shapes were easier to make than others, and that Plasticene was the easiest material to make the shapes from, they were all able to explain why.

Monday 4th June 2018
Some of us have started to bring in our Celtic related homework. Well done!
Wednesday 6th June 2018
Today Mrs Parker told us she thought the number of sides in a 2D shape was equal to the internal angles. She challenged us to prove her wrong! We had great fun investigating this idea!
Tuesday 9th May 2018
In Maths we are learning about Fractions. 
Today we explored, made and wrote fractions using counters. Some of us also found and recognised equivalent fractions - well done everyone!
Wednesday 2nd May 2018
Today, we used the mathematical language we have been learning this week to play a game with our co-operative partners. they had to draw a picture, using straight lines and then describe their picture, line by line for us to draw! It was really tricky! We used the following vocabulary: vertical, horizontal, parallel, perpendicular, right angle, greater than a right angle, and smaller than a right angle. Bill said he found describing the drawing easier as he could say 'vertical' instead of 'a line that goes up, or down.' All the children really enjoyed this activity - maybe you could try it at home!
Tuesday 1st May

We are going to try again! Mrs Parker has found some different food colours that contain lots of e numbers.

Theory: Food colouring with e numbers will change the colours of flowers, showing us how plants use water.

What we did next: We repeated the experiment, using yellow and black food colouring containing e numbers.

What we hope will happen: The flowers will change colour. We predicted whether this experiment would succeed. Most people thought it would.

What did happen: The yellow food colouring changed the colour of the flower. The black food colouring made no change.


We wondered if the e numbers made any difference. We looked at the e numbers in the yellow and the black food colouring. Then we looked at the e numbers in blue and red food colouring. We noticed that the blue and the black food colouring contained exactly the same e numbers. The red food colouring had slightly different e numbers. We predicted that the red would change the colour of the flower, but that the blue would have no change.

Tuesday 1st May
Today in Maths we have been investigating vertical and horizontal lines, We searched around the classroom to find objects we could show as vertical or horizontal lines.
Monday 30th April 2018
In Maths today we have been investigating right angles, angles greater than a right angle and angles that are smaller than a right angle. We worked with out co-operative partner to see which kind of angle we could spot in the classroom. What can you see? Can you find any more at home?


L/O Make systematic and careful observations and where appropriate take accurate measurements using standard measurements and a range of equipment.

Tuesday 24th April 2018. 1445.                                                                                                    We would like to: Investigate the way in which water is transported within plants                                      Experiment: We have put a plant in red water, and some cut flowers in some blue water.                                    What we hope will happen: that the flowers on the plant will turn red and that the cut flowers will turn blue.                  What did happen: On Wednesday we noticed that the flowers had not changed colour. We had thought they might not as Shaunagh had said that now food colouring had the ‘e numbers’ removed they didn’t work as well. Mrs. P had bought some food colouring gel that had some ‘e numbers’ but we weren’t sure if they would work.                                                What we did next: We talked with our partners about how we could test this further.With Shaunagh, some of us went up to the stock room to see what we could find . . .

Wednesday 25th April 2018.                                                                                                Experiment 1:  We put a flower in water coloured by brilliant red powder paint.                                        Experiment 2:  We put a flower in water coloured by violet chromacryl textile paint.                                 Experiment 3:  We put a flower in water coloured by emerald gouache paint.                                          Experiment 4:  We put a flower in water coloured by crimson water colour paint.                                     Experiment 5:  We put a flower in water coloured by dark blue drawing ink.

 What we hope will happen: that the flowers will turn the colour of the water that is in the pot they are in. 




Monday 23rd April 2018
Last week we started to use the computers to type up our Newspaper report. After our school system update every child now has their own login. They have learnt how to create, use and most importantly save their work on Publisher.
This morning, they have all really impressed the adults in the room, by very quickly logging in, opening their work and getting down to work very sensibly and capably. Well done everyone!
Thursday 19th April 2018
This week we have been looking at the Bible, finding out what it contains. We found the Old Testament, the New Testament and learnt what each teaches us.
We also found out that the Bible is made up of lots of different books, that these books have chapters and verses.
We were challenged by Mrs P to find different parts of the Bible. She wrote things like 'N.T Matthew 6: 9-10', we can explain what this means and find the verses! We then challenged each other by writing our own versions for our friends to find!

wb March 26th 2018

This week we have been focussing on Easter activities. Everyone has really impressed us with their ability and interest in retelling the Easter story. Well done everyone!

Everyone has decorated an Easter egg which was hung on a branch and taken into assembly on Thursday to form a school Easter tree. Easter trees are a tradition that is common throughout mainland Europe. They all made a good job of it, while having fun. Each egg looked different and beautiful. Together on the branch, and with the branches of the other classes they looked spectacular. This work was carried out in connection with Easter symbolism – ask your child what other symbols represent Easter and why.

As a small gift from the teachers, the children made and decorated a rice krispie Easter cake. Another highly enjoyable activity, with the added bonus that they had something nice to eat!

We also made an Easter Card, these looked very effective, made out of sticky backed ribbons. We hope you enjoyed receiving them on Easter Sunday!

Finally, in their co-operative groups, they designed and made some fabulous Eater Gardens to take into Assembly. This too was linked to our learning about the Easter Story. They put a great deal of effort, time and thinking into each garden, working co-operatively together. Well done.

May I also take this opportunity to thank all the LSA’s in the class, without whom this week’s work would never have happened – we are truly lucky to have such a fabulous Yr. 3 team.

We hope you have a relaxing, fun filled Easter break – with enough chocolate to keep everyone happy! See you on Tuesday 17th April.

Tuesday 27th March
This afternoon it was Year 3's turn to enjoy a Relax Kids session with Sophie. The class really enjoy this opportunity to learn some relaxation techniques, they really are very useful and valuable. 
wb 5.3.18 - Perimeter Maths 
This week in Maths with Miss T, we have been learning about measuring, specifically perimeter. We have learnt that perimeter means the edge or outside of the shape and to find the total perimeter we have to add all of the edges together. Miss Little set us the challenge to find the perimeter of the red rectangle on the playground, to find out how far we are running in one lap of the Golden Mile. We worked in our collaborative groups and measured the edges (in the rain!) and found that it was around 70 metres for one lap. Miss Little was very impressed with our perimeter knowledge! 
This term, we have had Miss Williams from BCC to come in and teach us some gymnastics. We have enjoyed our sessions and over the last two weeks we have been using the skills of travelling. balance. shapes and points on the equipment. Check out our moves!
Play times and Lunch times
During our play times and lunch times, we are now having more equipment out on the playground and use chalk to draw games like hopscotch on the playground for us to play. Can you see how much fun we are having whilst we are using our BLP skills of collaboration?
Science week! wb 05.03.18
We had a fun filled day of learning on Tuesday. Our Science focus was Light. We learnt all kinds of things, including: Why it is dangerous to look at the sun; that dark is the absence of light; that shadows are formed when something blocks light and so much more . . . 
Science Week
Shadows are formed when something blocks a light source.
Science Week
ALL objects reflect light. The children were amazed to notice this! It was a real source of awe and wonder!
Science Week
Light sensitive photography.
Using special light sensitive paper we made a photograph using natural objects. This also links in with our RE work, looking at things around us that are part of God's Creation.
We really enjoyed watching the magic of this process, the changes that took place and the beautiful pictures that are the end result. We will be doing it again next week to go on display in our class.
Science Week
Dark is the absence of light.
We played a game working in pairs to copy a structure made out of 3D blocks, while unable to see the structure we were copying. We all found it really tricky to do as we were in the dark (covering our faces with our coat hoods).
wb Mon 5th March
This week is Science Week! We have been taking our learning home and researching a famous scientist of our choosing. Our work will be on display in the hall on Friday.
Mon 5th March
As part of our English we are writing a Newspaper article about our trip to Living Coasts. We have written some questions about it. Today we 'interviewed' our partner.

February 2018                                                                        As part of our learning about statistics, we have been creating our own Block Chart, here we are gathering our data.

February 2018                                                                    Some of the class have brought in their homework to share. Well done, you have researched and presented your work to the class capably and confidently.

Wednesday 28th February
Of course everyone was extra excited today, children and adults alike! The joy and fun your children had, showed on their faces, it is an honour and a delight to have the privilege of being a part of their fun.
Enjoy the photos, as much as we all enjoyed the snow!
Some of the children's comments:
Archie: 'I've made my first snowball!'
Lois: 'I never want to go back in!'
Thomas: 'It's actually real snow!'
Rebecca: 'It's a Winter Wonderland!'
Alissa: 'It's a Winter Wonderland - that's alliteration!'
Cameron: 'This is the best day of my life!'
Tuesday 20th February
Living Coasts Trip!
What a fabulous day! We hope your children came home excited and full of information about our fun day out. We were very lucky with the weather - the sun shone and most of the time it was nice and warm.
We watched the penguin feed, the puffin feed, the seal feed, and the otter feed - though at that time, the otters were inside their home as the fence was being fixed - we did see them outside later.
We had the opportunity to ask the keepers the questions we had thought of yesterday. They were very impressed with the thought that had gone into your children's questions, some of which they struggled to answer!
We were really lucky to be given the opportunity to choose which Macaroni Penguin we wanted to have as our adopted penguin. We were given the choice of 3. We chose Mikado, because she is a young female who may start thinking of beginning a family soon, which is quite exciting. Some of the photos of her are here. She is the Macaroni Penguin with an orange clip on her right wing - see if you can spot her!
If you go as a family to Living Coasts, look out for her!
Your children all behaved beautifully - as we would expect them to. They are a real credit to you and to the school. The staff and public all had positive things to say about them - thank you. It is a delight to be able to take our class out and about, knowing they are a wonderful way to represent our fabulous school!

February 2018

To celebrate the Winter Olympics this year, we were given the challenge to create a luge run for a Lego man. It had to stand at least 10cm off the table, be at least 1m long and we had to ‘pay’ for all the materials we used, without going over the budget of £5.

February 2018

Today in Music Jo invited one of her friends to come to school to play her flute for us. Class Reception joined us for some of the time. Jo’s recorder group also played for us too. We asked some interesting and thoughtful questions. Thank you everyone.

February 2018

Relax Kids                                                                         We had a lovely time working with Sophie today, learning out how we can help ourselves to relax. We all found it very useful and are looking forward to our next session!

February 2018

We have been looking at Traditional Tales as part of our English this half term. To help us remember and retell some Traditional Tales we worked cooperatively to complete some jigsaws, retelling the story as we worked.

Dr Watters, one of our school governors and 'rock expert', visited us in class this week to kick start our new topic, 'Rocks'. He told us how rocks were formed and he brought some fascinating examples of rock with him for us to look at. He also took the time to look at some of the pieces the children had brought in from home. But that's not all, later in the term we will visit one of our local beaches with Dr Watters, where he will tell us about the geology of our local area!  

February 2018

One of the areas we have been working on in Maths this half term has been money. We have been finding ways to make an amount of money using different coins.

English - Fairy Tales
This week we have been continuing with the theme of fairy tales. Having looked at lots of examples of both traditional and modern fairy tales, we found there were similar features throughout. 
We selected, by democratic vote, our three favourite stories: Rumpelstiltskin, Sleeping Beauty and Hansel & Gretel. The children then chose which of the three stories they would like to base their fairy tale on. Working with an adult, they looked at the main features of that story and noted important phrases and details. This information was then used to write a story map, which the children used to retell the story with actions. The next stage will be for the children to rewrite their own version of the story ... so stay tuned! 
Children in Need 
Well done to Lexie who raised an astonishing amount of money for the recent Children in Need Appeal. Her making and selling of loom band accessories raised £315 for this very worthy cause! Lexie proudly presented her certificate and letter that she received from the Children in Need team! 
Last week, we attended the Archery Festival at Brixham College. Everyone participated and really enjoyed themselves. The children needed their perseverance, resilience and reflection skills for this activity!
It seems we have some budding archers amongst us! 
Measuring - January 2018
In our Maths session, we have been measuring each other and then using the measurements to answer questions about the difference between heights. We used the Bar Model to help us workout the answers.

January 2018

In Maths we have been finding out about different methods to multiply increasingly larger numbers

January 2018

We had great fun today learning about and exploring the properties of magnets.

January 2018

Our Geography focus this half term is Countries, Continents and Oceans. We worked in our Co-operative table groups to complete a large jigsaw map of the world. We then used globes to find countries, continents and oceans on both the jigsaw and the globe.