Class 3: The Penguins

                 Year 3 - The Penguins                 

Class Teacher -  Ms Synnott

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs J Barwood
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Class 3 
w/b 4.1.21
Home Learning
Class 3 
w/b 13.7.20

Dear Children,

This week I have created your class blog home learning page with Mrs Matthews, your teacher for next year.

Mrs Matthews is really excited to meet you in your Zoom meeting on Tuesday 14th July at 5:30 p.m.   

I am also looking forward to seeing you in our last Zoom meeting on Monday 13th July at 4:30 p.m.

I hope that you have a wonderful summer holiday. We are all very excited to see you all in September.

Miss Tyrrell

Miss T Reads 'The Minpins' by Roald Dahl!
Resources for Year 3
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Fractions of a number song
Sing as a listen and repeat army style song...
1) Listen = If you want to know,                            Repeat = If you want to know,
2) Listen = the fraction of a number,                    Repeat = the fraction of a number,
3) Listen = divide -:- by the bottom number,         Repeat = divide -:- by the bottom number,
4) Listen = then multiply x by the top,                  Repeat =  then multiply x by the top,
W/B 18.5.20
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Weekly Class Blogs
Friday 22.11.19
This week we have been improving our descriptive sentences about the Brixham Coastline, part of our Learning Experience challenge linked to Why the people of Brixham respect the sea, and were learning about similes and adding them to our sentences to paint an even better picture for the reader. 

We have also been sharing our Socratic questions with our families and sharing the answers in class ready to write about why we think the people of Brixham respect the sea. It has been interesting learning about our local area and sharing our knowledge, as well as thinking about why people respect the sea and it’s importance to local people.
In Maths, we have started learning about subtraction of a 1,2 or 3-digit number from a 3-digit number, using resources, but particularly focusing on the formal method of column subtraction. We have used the following rhyme to help us remember what to do if the digit at the top in the ones or tens column is lower than the bottom digit.
More on the floor (bottom), go next door and exchange 10 or 100 more.
Over the last few weeks we have been learning about addition, particularly focusing on adding 1,2 or 3-digit numbers to a 3-digit number. We have learnt how to layout a column addition using a 4-step success criteria...
1- The big number at the top,
2 - The small number at the bottom
3 - Always start in the ones column!
4 - The top number add the bottom number
Everyone has used this to help them answer addition number sentences and we are starting to use it to help us with numbers that cross the 10s or 100s. We have learnt to put the extra 10 or 100 under the ‘doorstep’ of the next column, but we must remember to add it on again...
If you make an extra 100 o10, 
put it under the next doorstep then,
Remember to add it on again!
Our second Learning Experience - Why do the people of Brixham respect the sea?
Our new Learning Experience is linked to Geography and Citizenship and the big question is, Why do the people of Brixham respect the sea? We talked about why we felt Brixham and it’s people are special and have been learning about where Brixham is in the world. We learnt about the seven continents and that Brixham is in the continent Europe, then about the different oceans and know that the ocean it is nearest is the Atlantic Ocean. Next, we learnt about which country Brixham is in, whilst learning about the United Kingdom and a Great Britain and the differences. Finally we learnt that Brixham is in the county Devon and the area of Torbay. 
In class we looked at maps to help us and then did a walk of our local area, visiting important parts of Brixham that are linked to the sea. See the photos below to see where we visited.
At each place, we thought of nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs in that area so we can write a descriptive paragraph about the Brixham coastline, one of our challenges. In class, we have been using these to help us create expanded noun phrases and sentences about the coastline. 

Maths - Place Value
This half term we have been learning about place value, focusing particularly on 3-digit numbers. We have spent time learning what a 3-digit number is, what the different digits represent, how to represent these using place value counters or base 10, as well as comparing and ordering them and adding and subtracting 1, 10 or 100 to them and seeing how they change. We we soon be learning about writing them on numbered and blank number lines, as well as learning how to count in 50s and 100s.
Our first Learning Experience - What is the Earth’s Crust made up of?
This half term, we have been working hard on finding out about our first learning experience big question, which is What is the Earth’s Crust made up of? We have been doing lots of research into our big question and have created a video (below) about the three different types of rocks, to help show you what we have been finding out.
We started off learning about non-chronological reports, looking at some good examples and finding out what their features are. We created some hand movements to help us remember the features so ask your child what a non-chronological report should include and you will be impressed!
Also we have been learning about different sentence types to help us write our findings into a non-chronological report and have been learning about compound and complex sentences, so please ask your child about FANBOYS and I SAW A WABUB and all will be explained!
Soon we will add on our non-chronological reports for you to see the answer to our question.
September 2019
Year 3 - The Penguins, have had a great start to the year. We have been busy settling into our new class, getting to know each other and the routines of the class, choosing our new individual and class reading books and winning the tag rugby tournament at the college! What a great start!
We had a great time at the We are the Curious Museum in Bristol! We really enjoyed the hands on Science experiments and the great sessions.