Class 2: The Seahorses (2014-2015)

Class Teacher –  Mrs Akery 

Learning Support Assistants (LSA) – Jo Parkes

Welcome to Class 2′s page of our school website. Here you will be able to find copies of class letters, examples of our learning and useful links to websites to help with your learning.

Class Blog

MANSANDS 14.6.15
Today we went to Mansands and had an amzing time. We went rock-pooling and found lots of amazing creatures. It was lovely to see the children using their BLP skills to be resorceful to create beach art. A fun day was had by all.
Our visit to Brixham College.
We have been lucky enough to use the Design Technology department at Brixham College. We would like to thank Mr. Horn, Mr. Brookes and Mr. Taylor for all of their hard work and dedication in designing trains for us to build. The children each had to decorate and build their moving train. This linked with our local famous historical figure - Isambard Kingdom Brunel and the children had been researching about key engineering feats of this famous engineer. 
Class 2 have been using a variety of strategies to help them solve their subtraction number sentences. The children have been able to use a column grid to help them understand the value of each digit and what happens to it. Ask your child to explain and share what they have been doing.
Welcome Kavita, Rachna and Mukta to Year 2
11th June 2015
On Thursday we had very special visitors from Silver Bells. They joined our class to show us how to make Rangoli patterns and beautiful paper flowers. We had lots of fun and were all very eager to take part in all activities. Please come and see our beautiful Rangoli pattern just outside Year 2.
We have been learning how to read measurements using centimeters, millimeters, meters grams, kilograms and centigrade. We had fun using thermometers to find the temperature of the water.
April 2015
We have been toforest school and have been learning about habitats and food chains. We have had fun looking at habitats on site.  
Class 2 have been working with Miss Moss From Brixham College to perfect our gymnastic skills. We went over to the college to use their gym hall and their equipment. Here are some pictures of our amazing gymanstic skills. We were learning about making different shapes whilst we were airbourne. Can you spot some of the shapes?
We have been using two sticks to help us make music. We formed a band and shared our performances.
We have been looking at using our maths skills whilst working at Forest School. We spent time making a tally chart of the birds we had seen in different areas of Forest School.
Working together with Year 5 to solve Maths problems.
We used a new maths resource today; CUISENAIRE RODS. We had not used these before but had lots of fun working together with our partner to solve challenges we were given.
Working co-operatively with Year 5
We worked with Year 5 and they taught us how to use the programme Scratch. We learned how to record our voices to add to an animation. Thank you Year 5
Can you imagine a life without books?
We couldn't because we love to share a story with our friends or just sit and read on our own.
Reading with Mr Keenan.
Mr Keenan has been coming into Class 2 to listen to children read and also share his favourite stories.
FOREST SCHOOL 19.01.2015
We have been using our Maths skillls at Forest School to count how many birds we could see. We will use these to help us draw a block graph. We also used our BLP skills to help us with other challenges.
Working together on a Maths Challenge
In maths we have been working collaboratively to find lots of different ways to make the same total using different combinations of coins. Here are our money spiders to show you what we have done.
FOREST SCHOOL 12th January 2015
We had fun at forest school even thought the weather was wet and windy. We used our BLP skils to help us with our activities.
Our visit from the Planetarium. 
We had fun looking at the solar system and the stars. We also held a very precious object. It is called a meteorite. 
This is Our Christmas Show. We worked with Year 1 and linked our topic of the Wizard of Oz to Christmas. Here are some photo's. We hope you enjoyed the show.
Here are Class 2's Children in Need Superheroes
Play the Great Fire of London Game.
Click the link below
After half-term we are going to be finding out about 'The Great Fire of London'
We are very proud of our classroom. What do you think?
We like to use our outside area to help us with our learning.
This half term we have beeing using The Wizard of Oz as our inspiration to help us write the story. Here is our display. Please come and look at our display.

The children will have the opportunity to 'Show and Tell' on a Thursday afternoon within a small group.
Here are the dates:
Dorothy - 25th September
Toto - 2nd October
Wizard - 9th October
Munchkins - 16th October
Scarecrow - 23rd October
27th- 31st October HALF TERM
Lion - 6th November
Tinman 13th November
Here are our Literacy and Maths targets. We will be putting in more information to their reading diaries to help with their targets. Our Literacy target is linked to reading, spelling and writing words we have used. In maths we are looking at number and linking what we already know. We are enocouraging the children to use and apply number facts to help them find other facts for mulitiplication and division. Examples of derived facts:

If I know that 2 x 6 is 12, then I know that 12 ÷ 2 is 6 and 12 ÷ 6 is 2. I also know that 20 x 6 is 120.

Our topic this term is ‘Sowing the Seed’
A little reminder – we are swimming every Thursday afternoon

We hope that you have had enjoyed your first week back at school and we would like to take this opportunity to explain what will be happening within Class 2. First we would like to explain who is in class and when.

Monday – Mrs Akery and Jo Parkes and Andi Lynes

Tuesday - Mrs Akery and Jo Parkes and Andi Lynes

Wednesday – Mrs Akery and Jo Parkes Andi Lynes

Thursday – Mrs Akery, Mrs Burden (Art) and Jo Parkes Andi Lynes

Friday – Mrs Akery and Jo Parkes and Andi Lynes

Please ensure that your child comes to school with their book bag and reading diary as we will need to write in when we have heard them read during a guided session or when they have read with someone within the classroom. You can change your child’s book regularly from the book stand at the back of the class when you come in at the beginning of the day.
Welcome back. We hope you have had a lovely break and are looking forward to learning about lots of new things. Miss Tyrrell, Mrs Akery and Jo Parkes