Class 1: The Dolphins (2014-2015)

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Ms Nicola Synnott

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Sam Roberts

Welcome to class 1's blog! Here you can find out about what we are learning about at school, look at photos of what we get up to and read class letters that have been sent home.
Sailing on the Vigilance...chapter two
Yesterday the second half of the class took to the open seas and sailed on the Vigilance. Again a huge thank you needs to go to the skipper, John, and the crew who made us feel welcome and taught us how to play the concertina, pull ropes, tie knots, ring the bell and steer the boat.
Sailing on the heritage trawler 'The Vigilance'
Today some of class one visited the heritage trawler, The Vigilance. We sailed out into Torbay and saw trawlers, cormorants, ferries and buoys. We steered the boat, learnt how to tie knots, pulled on ropes, rang the bell, explored down below, listened and sang some sea shanties and received a certificate. A huge thank you to our skipper Gerry and his crew for giving up their time. We had a fantastic day!
Festival of the Sea
Today class one walked down to All Saints Church for The Festival of the Sea. We had a fantastic time because we got to find out about different kinds of fish and learnt about beach safety. Thank you to Mark, John and Tom for showing us the fish and Bridget for organising our visit!
Sports Day
Have a look at some of our photos from Sports Day. We used lost of BLP (Building Learning Power) skills such as perseverance, resilience and reciprocity. Well done everyone and thank you to all the parents who turned up to show their support!
Victorian seaside holiday to Paignton
We had a fantastic time on our Victorian seaside holiday on Wednesday! We caught the steam train from Kingswear and arrived in Paignton for lunchtime. We were lucky that it didn't rain and we were able to have our lunch on the green by the sea. After that we enjoyed an ice cream. We also played on the Geopark play equipment because the sand was very wet on the beach. Thank you to everyone for making such a tremendous effort with their costumes and Victorian lunches. 
A visit to Brixham lifeboat station
To introduce our 'seaside' topic we have been out and about in Brixham. On Monday 15th June we went rock pooling at Shoalstone Beach. We also visited Brixham Lifebaot station on Wednesday 24th June. We met Mark and Will who gave us a tour of the offshore and inshore lifeboats and the station where all the action takes place. A huge thank you to Mark and Will for giving up their time!
Rock pooling at Shoalstone Beach
As part of our topic about 'the seaside' class one went rock pooling to discover what we could find on the rocky shore. We found an amazing number of crabs, limpets, winkles, butterfish, gobies and even a starfish! We will use what we learnt today to write an explanation about how a rock pool creature moves, eats or survives. Have a look at our photos!
Yoga and Rangoli patterns
Yesterday we had a yoga session in the hall with Kavita, Mukta and Rachna. It was very relaxing. They taught us how to breathe in through our nose and out through our mouth. In the afternoon they visited class one and created a gorgeous rangoli pattern on our steps. We all collaborated by taking turns and sharing.
Visitors from Silver Bells School, Ghaziabad
On Monday our very special Indian friends will be visiting us at school. Do you have any questions you might like to ask them?
Class visit to Brixham Library
Today we visited Brixham Library. We met Pam and Eleanor there who are two of the librarians. They read us some 'seaside' books which we loved! We also looked at which books they had and completed colouring sheets. We had lots of parents offer to walk down with us and it made it even more special to have them there. A hug thank you to the parents and to Pam and Eleanor for having us!
Can you recite The Owl and the Pussycat?
Today we began learning a poem called The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear. It is a nonsense poem and even contains a made up word! Can you remember what it is?
This afternoon we visited the MusicLab which was in the town centre carpark. It was fantastic! We learnt about what an orchestra was, got to play some of the instruments and also recorded our singing in a special 'sound booth'. Here are some photos to show how absorbed we were!
My favourite place and making medallions...
We had a chilly day at Forest School today but did glimpse the sunshine for a while in the afternoon. Last week we talked about our favourite place at Forest School and so we took some photos of the children's favourite places. Some children also used the bow saw to make a medallions. They had to concentrate and use perseverence because it gets quite hard work - enough to work up a sweat!
Worm hunt
This week at Forest School we went on the hunt for worms. In class we have been learning about how they move, eat and reproduce and even created our own wormery in our outdoor area!
We have worms!
Last week we collected some worms from the school compost bin to create our own wormery in our outdoor area. We put a layer of newspaper, sand, compost, worms, another layer of compost and then some food scraps and tea bags on top. I wonder what will happen? We also wrote some worm facts in our books and drew a picture of a worm using magnifying glasses.
Journey sticks, collaboration and a bit of sunshine...
Last Friday class one ambled on down to Forest School to find that things had grown a little since our last visit. Some of the children collected items to attach to a 'journey stick'. They then drew the journey they had taken on a map of the site. Others collaborated in a digging pit, supported each other on the tree swing and found that giving things a go is worthwhile. Mr Hannaford taught some children how to make bow and arrows and also taught us a chanting game using sticks. We even saw a bit of sunshine in the afternoon!
What is Talk Boost?
Jocelyn has introduced Talk Boost to class one! Eight children have been chosen to participate in a speaking and listening group that is held four times a week. Last week's focus was listening. On Froday morning, Jocelyn asked the Talk Boost group to play a game with the rest of class one. They had to model bad and then good listening while someone was talking. They did a brilliant job!
Class one are presenting Act of Worship tomorrow at 2:45pm. We will be performing the story of St George and the dragon. Please come along and learn more about being British!
As the weather is getting warmer, woohoo, children need to start bringing hats into school to wear at playtime and lunchtime. Please make sure their name is on their hat to avoid confusion.
Mini beast hunts, Andy Goldsworthy and perseverence...
Last Friday class visited Forest School. The weather was a little cloudy and we even had a few spots of rain in the afternoon! This week our focus was finding and describing mini beasts and collecting natural materials for Art on Tuesday. The children will be thinking about Andy Goldsworthy with Mrs Burden and will be creating their own outdoor sculpture. Well done Joshua, Ethan and Evie for collaborating on theirs! Also a special mention to Eddy and Kieran for persevering on the rope bridge. Fantastic!
Easter challenge!
Can you spell the days of the week? Your Easter holiday challenge is to practise spelling them. If you can spell them independently when we come back to school, you can have a dojo point. Can you already spell them? What about learning how to spell the months of the year, the colours of the rainbow or even numbers to 10 or 20. 
Partial solar eclipse
This morning we went out into the playground to see if the sky had got darker. This is because there was a partial solar eclipse. As it was cloudy, the sun wasn't visible. However we still turned our backs to the direction that the sun was in just in case it peeped out! We had a look at the solar system yesterday and saw how they orbited the sun. We found out that the moon orbited the Earth and partially blocked out the sun.
Do you know the seven continents of the world?
Last week in Geography, we learnt about what a continent is and that there were seven on Earth. Here is a link to video that will help you remember the names of them. Please remember to use the Interent safely and ask an adult. This link takes you to youtube.
Red Nose Day 2015
We had a fantastic day at school on Friday for Red Nose Day. The children dressed in their own clothes. We even had a dinosaur and a few superheroes! As a school we raised over £200 - thank you to all those that bought cakes at breaktime and paid a £1 for MUFTI. Even though it was a fundraising day, we still worked hard. In maths we used Jenson's red noses to solve missing number problems. We used our number bonds to help us solve problems such as 10 - ? = 7. Thank you Jenson!
Space: the final frontier
This half term our topic is space. This week we will be designing and building rockets and we have been learning the order of the planets. A letter will be sent out this week with further information.
Follow the link below to watch The Planets Song. I love it!
Learning about arrays...
In Maths this week we are learning about arrays. Arrays are a way of organising objects to make them easier to count. Think of an egg box! Click on the link below to watch a video about arrays around us in everyday life.
Erupting volcanoes...
Today we followed instructions to make an erupting volcano. It was awesome! Have a look at some of the photos. If you want to make your own at home, please click on the link on the right hand side of the page.
A sense of belonging...
Next week, 2nd February, we are going to learn about what it means to 'belong'. If your child belongs to a club or participates in any extra curricular activities, could they bring something in that shows they 'belong' to the club or organisation. For example; last week four girls in our class joined Rainbows. They could bring in their uniform to show they belong to the club.
Problem solving in maths
This week we have been learning about measurement. Our whole school maths target is to use collaboration and perseverence to solve real life problems so we wanted to answer the question 'Which is the longest dinosaur?'. First we used counters, cubes or mini cuboids to measure the length of our dinosaurs but we all ended up with different answers. So Josh suggested we use a ruler and measure in centimeters. This gave us an answer! We found that the longest model dinosaur was longer than 30 centimeters! We used collaboration skills such as listening, sharing and turn taking to solve our maths problem.
Mr Keenan's Calibre Award
On Friday 29th January, Kieran was the first child in year one to receive Mr Keenan's 'Calibre Award'. Kieran showed Mr Keenan his instructional writing this week on 'How to make a fossil'. Kieran was motivated and determined while writing and persevered when things got tricky. What a fantastic role model Kieran!
Chris Adey from Bistro 46
Today we had a visit from Chris, Lyla's Dad. He let us smell lots of delicious spices. He then used them in a fantastic curry which included onion, leek, sweet potato, aubergine, tomato puree, chopped tomatoes, celery and courgette. We also talked about sweet and and bitter tastes when eating meringues and dark chocolate and made and ate some popcorn. Thanks Chris - we really appreciate your time!
Children in Need
Today we dressed up as superheroes to raise money for Children in Need. Don't we look great? As a school we raised in excess of £200. Well done!
Remembrance trip 
Unfortunately we were unable to visit Brixham war memorial on Remembrance Day as it was raining. However, we stood in silence with the rest of the school at 11am and took our class wreaths to the front of the hall. We learnt a poem and filmed it on Remembrance Day which helps us to think about the soldiers who fought in the war. To enlarge the image please pause the video and click onto the two arrows pointing to each other underneath the right of the video. This will make the video full screen. To shrink it back again, click on the two arrows again.
Polly's story - The conch shell
Over half term, Polly wrote a story at home. We read it today at the end of the day. It was fantastic! Have a read of it yourself...
Espresso Coding with Miss Rice
During the past six weeks we have been learning how to code and create algorithms using Espresso Coding. This led to the children using all they had learnt to create their very first app! Bellow are some examples of what the children have created. Click on the characters and see what happens!
Our outdoor area...
Our outdoor area is finished! Last week Mr Keenan built us a mud kitchen and made our area look inviting and exciting. Thank you.
Celebrating Diwali
This week we have been celebrating Diwali. We learnt that Diwali is a Hindu celebration and that they ate sweets, let off firecrackers and fireworks and lit special lamps. We even had a visit from Mrs Sethi who lives in India. Today we made some Indian sweets. They contained condensed milk, sultantas, prunes and cocnut. They were delicious!
Class nature table...
This morning, Sam brought in a beautiful ruby red leaf from the tree outside the fire station. This prompted us to introduce a nature table into the classroom. Ms Synnott collected some specimens from her garden and we had a look at them. Be careful of the teasel - it is very spiky! If you would like to bring in something from your garden, the park or even the woods then you can. Have a go at trying to identify it and write a label for the nature table.
New interactive letter display...
Today the children were introduced to the 'ice cream letter matching game' where they have to match the lower case letter to the capital letter. Come in and have a go!
Hairy Maclary 'talking the text'

On Monday afternoon, we filmed our version of Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy. Click on the black square below to watch it. To enlarge the image please pause the video and click onto the two arrows pointing to each other underneath the right of the video. This will make the video full screen. To shrink it back again, click on the two arrows again.
Number bond to 10 rhyme...

Last week we began learning about pairs of numbers that add up to make 10. These are called number bonds! We also began learning a rhyme to help us. Here it is...
Invitation to tomorrow's Act of Worship
Tomorrow Class one are singing a special Mother's Day song in our Act of Worship. It begins at 2:45pm and is held in the hall. Everyone is welcome!
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Philosophy for Children (P4C)
Question of the week
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What makes you clever?
Homework and spellings
Our school's homework policy has been updated! (Spring 2015)
Homework -
In year 1 we expect parents to read for at least 10 minutes everyday either with or to their child. This means that your bedtime story counts as homework! Occasionally your child will be asked to bring in something that helps us with our learning. For example; recently children brought something in to show that the belong to a club such as Rainbows or rugby. Our school also uses a fantastic website called My Maths. Login using your username and password and you can have a go at the activities that have been set. Have you lost your username and password? Ask an adult in class 1 who will help you! 
Homework last updated on My Maths on 26.6.15!
Spellings -
We practise writing everyday in year 1. This can be on the carpet during a teaching session, in small groups games or activities and independently on the writing table. We are focusing on high frequency words and tricky words because these are trickier to sound out. Check the front of your child's reading diary for a list. Next half term we will be sending out tricky words that your child needs to focus on. If they recognise all of the words on the list, we recommend the read a wide range of books, comics or magazines to extend their vocabulary.
Please ask if you need any support with homework or spellings!
Class councillors

Kitty and Oscar have been chosen by the children to represent them at Councillor's assembly every Friday afternoon. What a fantastic choice!
Useful links and games
New curriculum!
Did you know that the government introduced a new curriculum in September? There have been lots of changes to what your child will learn. Each week I will share a part of what is expected from your child in year 1. Watch this space!
Regular curriculum update:
Did you know that your child should be able to name and locate the seven continents and five oceans of the world? Have a go at this game to help you practise!