Choir Inspire

20th September 2016
This term we are extremely fortunate to have the support of a choir leader working with our school.
Her name is Bernie Artuso and she will be with us for ten sessions through the Autumn term, with a view to an end of term performance.
Through working with her, our aims are to :
  • Support our choir leaders to develop their skills
  • Extend our school choir to include a balance of boys and girls
  • Reflect the whole primary age range through the choir
  • Perform our work to a variety of audiences
Our first session was a whole school assembly and the children enjoyed singing a range of songs and using body percussion!
Session Two!
After school on Monday 19th September, we held a taster session for our choir. This was led by Bernie, and supported by Ms Synnott, Mrs Perring, Mrs Akery and Mrs Reevell.
Over forty children, a balance of boys and girls representing the whole school age range, attended and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
They sounded wonderful, particularly singing 'Lean on Me', and we have high hopes for an excellent choir in the making!