Children's Hospice South West

November 2018
After being nominated as Little Bridge House Ambassadors at the beginning of the Autumn Term Oscar, Matilda, Eva and Lyla (Year 5) got busy organising our first fundraising event of this year. Thank you to everyone who made cakes and donated for our Halloween Cake Sale .......This raised almost £100!
Added to £150 raised from various other events including busking and a Lego card raffle, we have donated £250 to Childrens Hospice South West this term. We should all feel very proud of our efforts.
In recognition of Leo Barber's on-going support to raise money he has been made up to the role of an Ambassador, the first pupil from Year 4 to receive this award. Well done Leo!
Looking ahead to the Spring Term, the Ambassadors will be busy organising our Annual Barn Dance. Watch this space for details....

22nd February 2018



Year 5 and Year 6 sent £205 to CHSW this week. This total was reached by auctioning off three lovely wooden reindeer just before the Christmas holiday - a big thank you to the generous winning bids from parents.

Three Year 5 boys (Louis, Alfie and Fraser) worked with Mr Hannaford to make the reindeers from wood they collected, as well as some impressive Christmas tree decorations. In addition, a cake sale was held on Friday 9th February which raised almost £50. Brilliant effort everyone!


Barn Dance

Our next fundraising event will take place on Friday 11th May in our school hall. Posters will be displayed around school after our Easter break, so please take time to read them. We hope as many families as possible will be able to come and support us. Last year’s Barn Dance was great fun and raised £300. Our Hospice Ambassadors will be working on the design of our posters during the week before the holiday.


September 2017
Our Year 5 Ambassadors for the coming year have been chosen; a difficult task as so many children wrote a letter in support of their application. Our Childrens Hospice Ambassadors are Fraser, Fifi and Evie C.
On Friday 22nd September we will be welcoming Eddie Farwell to our school. i know he is very much looking forward to visiting again after he came to see us last November. Eddie will be accompanied by Laura Board, Community Fundraiser for South Devon. They will be joining us for lunch and our Councillor Assembly where our outgoing Ambassadors will present a cheque for £547.50; this amazing total was raised in the summer term when our current Year 6 class organised a Mini Marathon.
Some smaller fundraising events (such as colouring competitions) which were organised over the summer term by various students raised just over £12 and, added to £160 raised over the summer holiday from busking in town, we will be presenting Eddie and Laura with just under £720.00
Year 6 Christmas Cards - December 2016
From Jo Castle ... I just wanted to say how delighted I am with the beautiful Christmas cards the children in Year 6 have made. In keeping with our school values of empathy and caring they have made these cards to send to the staff who work in the hospices over Christmas doing such a wonderful job looking after the sick children and their families. Have a look at a few examples below - 
Update - 7th December 2016 - from Jo Castle, Erin. Logan and Thomas (Year 5 - Little Bridge House Ambassadors)
On Friday 25th November at about 11.30am we welcomed some special visitors to out school. We invited Eddie and Erika Farwell to talk about Little Bridge House and the other two hospices in the South West (Charlton Farm, Somerset and Little Harbour, Cornwall). Eddie is the Chief Executive of Children's Hospice South West. They were delighted with the welcome signs we had made! After a short chat and refreshments in the library we took our visitors to be introduced to as many classes as possible, before lunchtime started. Our children were very interested to meet Eddie ad Erika and had lots of questions for them.  
After enjoying a delicious lunch in the dinner hall, during which our visitors were impressed with our wall display about the 25th anniversary of CHSW, they spent some time in the staff room meeting our teachers. 
Councillors Assembly was at 10.15pm as usual but on this day it was special because we had our important visitors with us. Eddie gave a presentation about the work of the hospices and showed us a short video of two sisters enjoying the sensory garden at Little Harbour in Cornwall. Over the past few months some children in various classes have raised money for LBH and it was lovely that Eddie was able to present them with a certificate to celebrate their achievement. As Year R-Year 4 left the hall we handed out some special silver badges that Eddie had brought with him, they were special ones to celebrate 25 years of the hospices. 
Years 5 and 6 stayed behind in the hall for a question and answer session and lots of children had so many interesting questions. Eddie had brought in his MBE medal which he had received in 2012 from the Queen at Buckingham Palace for his amazing fundraising efforts. It made us laugh when he said how disappointed he was that the Queen hadn't been wearing her crown! Despite feeling very proud of his award he said he felt undeserving of the honor. 
At the end of this session all the other children were given a badge and we had lots of photos taken including us presenting our cheque for £62. At the end of an exciting day it was sad to say goodbye to Eddie and Erika. We had enjoyed meeting them both so much. From the letter we received from them a few days later we know that they had enjoyed the visit as much as we had. 
We are hoping to meet Eddie again in the summer term when we visit LBH on a open day. In the meantime we will be busy organising our next big fundraising event, a Family Barn Dance which will take place on Friday 10th March, 5-7.30pm. Please make a note on your diary, more details will follow in the New Year. 
Written by Jo Castle, one of our Learning Support Assistants and Governors (October 2016) - 
Our three Little Bridge House Ambassadors from Year 5 are Erin, Thomas and Logan. It was difficult to choose as there were so many children who applied for the role, but it is nice to see these three wearing their badges with pride! I will be working with our Ambassadors over the next three terms to organise events to fundraise for our wonderful hospices in the South West. We will be keeping this page updated to let you know what's going on.
Our first task of this Autumn Term has been to send an invitation to Eddie Farwell - an inspirational man who has done so much amazing work in Devon, Somerset and Cornwall. We are delighted to report that Eddie has accepted our invitation and will be visiting us on Friday 25th November. We are looking forward to meeting him. 
In December we will be holding our Annual Tree Service where we will have our collection for Little Bridge House. Ideas for the Spring Term include a Barn Dance and in the Summer Term a sponsored canoe on the River Dart. Watch this space ... Thank you for your continued support. 
11th June 2018
On Monday, the Little Bridge House Ambassadors visited Little Bridge House, as it was one of their open days.  They were able to look around the hospice to see how the money we raise at school is spent.
This was an ideal opportunity for Jo to present a cheque, the proceeds of what was raised at the barn dance in May and for Millie to present some angels that she had made, which Eddie will use at their 'Remembering Day' later in the year.