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7th March 2019
World Book Day 2019
The children and staff very much enjoyed celebrating World Book Day today - there were some amazing costumes, fun activities and opportunities to share stories throughout the day.  Class Reception performed their story of Puff the Magic Dragon for us in our AoW yesterday, supported by Jo Castle on her guitar.
The children will bring home a World Book Day voucher which can be used to buy a free £1 book in participating bookshops, or to get £1 of any book or audiobook priced at £2.99 or more.
13th September 2018
Welcome back to school!
'We Can Save the Ocean' is our school library topic.
Twinkle twinkle little star,
time to clear up where you are.
Keep our beaches safe from harm,
never let it lose its charm.
Twinkle twinkle great big sea,
keep fish happy and litter free.
22nd February 2018
New Books!
Thank you so much to all my library friends, who helped me prepare our new books for the school to share and enjoy.
8th November 2017
A big thank you to my year 5 friends, who suggested the idea of a 'Dictionary Corner' in the library.  We have already added new words.
Have a look at our photos.
20th September 2017
The Summer Reading Challenge - September 2017
We welcomed Eleanor from Brixham Library who came and presented the certificates to all the children who completed the Summer Reading Challenge.
13th September 2017
Welcome back to school!
Our theme this term is 'Stick Man' and I would like to say a really big thank you to Lisa Walker who helped with the amazing library display.    Here are some photos.
5th January 2017
Welcome back!

Our theme this term is 'The Sound of Music' and I would like to say a really big thank you to Lisa Walker who helped with the amazing library display titled 'Climb Every Mountain'.  It is a working wall for children to add their favourite things, follow your dreams and how do you solve a problem?
1st December 2016
Library Bookmarks
Our talented and lovely library friend Joni Dan has designed the bookmarks below to sell in the library for a small donation on 2nd December 2016 at our schools Christmas Market.
If you would like a bookmark, Joni will personalise with a name or wording of your choice, please call into our school library.
Thank you so much Joni!

Monday 7th November 2016 – Author Visit from John Townsend

Years 5 and 6 were extremely lucky today as we had a very special visitor – an author – who came into school to talk about his books with us. John Townsend gave an outstanding presentation to the children and adults about fiction and non-fiction books, which every single person enjoyed thoroughly! We especially liked the props he used to make it even more exciting! We had the chance to look at some of the books John had written and to buy a signed a copy!

After a short break we all gathered in the classroom to hear a bit more about certain books that he had written and also to have an exclusive chat about his new book that will be released soon. Mr Townsend also had a little challenge for the children, as a fan of anagrams and palindromes he had a few slides that he wanted to share with us. We loved trying to work these out!

                                                                                                                                                                  The session was finished with a Q&A session, here are some of the questions the children asked:

Megan (5) What is your favourite book you have read?

John           I always say the same answer to this one … my next one!!

 Edward (5) Do you have any books about bikes?

John            Not yet, do you have any suggestions what I could base one on?

Edward       A road bike trip to China!

 Ricco (6)    Can we have a story about a video game?

John           How about a story where someone gets sucked into the game?

Mrs Parker  Year 5 have been writing their own “Legends” – some have used this as their theme!

 Ellie (5) A book about all sorts of dogs would be great?

John      I have been doing some research on dogs, I think they are amazing!

James (6) How about a book about wrestling?

John         Have you looked for any yet? Maybe I will look to get some inspiration.

 Ruby (6) What inspires you to write?

John       If you like hearing and telling stories it’s all there, I used to be a teacher and I once told                     uninterested teenagers a story about a haunted car and I ended up publishing it!

Koby (5) A book on all the evidence there is of Big Foot!

John       I have a couple of books already, I can show you?

 Finn (5) Have you written any books about myths?

John      I have done urban myths, are they real or are they not??

Thank you so much to John from all the adults and children who were in your presentation, you were fabulous and the children were engaged from start to finish! The children are continuing to enjoy and be enthusiastic about your books that were purchased for each class and they can’t wait for your next book to be published! Please take a look at our photos below :)


The Summer Reading Challenge - September 2016
We welcomed Eleanor from Brixham Library who came and presented the certificates to all the children who completed the Summer Reading Challenge. 
Welcome Back - September 2016
We hope you have enjoyed your summer holidays and are looking forward to the exciting reading opportunities at school. 
Our theme this term is Alice in Wonderland and we are looking forward to an visiting production company who will be performing the story for us this half term. Please visit the library to see our Alice in Wonderland display as we will keep adding to it. I would like to say a big thank you to Lisa Walker for her amazing help with our Alice in Wonderland working wall display.  Please see photos below.
Just a reminder that the Brixham Library Summer Reading Challenge finishes this Saturday (10th September) and we are looking forward to the annual visit from Eleanor at Brixham Library who will present the children's certificates. 
9th October 2018
The Last Dragon Chronicles - Chris D'Lacey
When David arrives at Wayward Crescent he has no idea what lurks inside the Pennykettle house.  Only when he's given his own special dragon does he begin to unlock their mysterious secrets, and to discover the fire within....
13th September 2018
The Adventures of Drifter and Scully
'The Pink Flamingo' - written by Ebb and Flow.  Illustrated by David Green
The sun is out
it's very hot.
Use cream for strawberries.
or should you not?

This tale will help your child to learn, without sun cream they may well burn!
It's humorous, all ends nicely, with a twist at the end so read and see!
22nd February 2018
Mr Biff the Boxer - Janet & Allan Ahlberg
Mr Biff and Mr Bop are famous boxers and famous rivals too.  Mr Bop is fit and lean, and Mr Biff ...  Well, Mr Biff likes a cream cake or two. 
Will he ever be able to toughen up in time for the BIG charity match? Gulp!
My favourite part was when Mr Biff and Mr Bop started boxing and they both won.
I recommend you read this book.
Fifi Keel
Year 5
 8th November 2017
One Magical Christmas - Alice Wood
It's Christmas Eve and Father Christmas is taking Dolly and Teddy on an exciting journey.  But oh no! Teddy loses his scarf, and when he chases after it, the sleigh leaves without them.  Stranded in the dark woods, Dolly and Teddy must find their own way to their new home...
With beautiful detailed illustrations, this story takes the reader on a wonderful adventure that sparkles with the magic of Christmas.
13th September 2017
Stick Man - Julia Donaldson
Stick Man lives in the family tree with his Stick Lady Love and their stick children three ...
November 2016
After our absolutely amazing author visit yesterday, we have chosen Crash Dive by John Townsend to be our Book of the Month.
Thomas' mum went into wake him up for school this morning and he was sat in bed reading his copy of Crash Dive.
Whilst in the library today Thomas excitedly said
"10/10 is what I give this book".
Click on the book below to go to John Townsend's webpage.
September 2016 - The BFG
Following on from this summers big hit film The BFG by Roald Dahl we have chosen this book to be our Book of the Month
Did you know that he would have been 100 years old this month?