Culture of Respect

27th April 2018

Culture of Respect

This week we have been discussing, both in class and in Thinking Thursday assembly, our core value of respect. We talked about what respect looks, sounds and feels like – and children are working in their buddy groups today to make posters to display around the school to remind all members of our school family that we need to work together to create a culture of respect.

The children came up with some excellent examples of how we can show respect in school:

  •          By listening to each other – and acknowledging other people’s viewpoints.
  •          By wearing our school uniform to show that we are part of the school family.
  •          By celebrating diversity – recognising that we are all different and that’s a good thing!
  •          By working with others and recognising that we are good at different things - TEAMWORK!
  •          By helping people when they are hurt or unhappy.
  • By celebrating success.

Look out for posters around the school to illustrate our ideas.

Thank you to Georgia and Teagan who made their poster at lunchtime yesterday!